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Full name Tarantula
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Small Armored Machine type Sangvis Ferri units.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Armored Machine
  • Damage: Very high
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Attack range: Short
  • Health: Low
  • Armor value: Low ~ Very High
  • Evasion: N/A
  • Movement speed: Moderate fast


Tarantula units usually appear during midnight chapters, with occasional encounters possible during day time. They typically adopt swarm tactics, operating in large groups.


Tarantulas are essentially armored versions of Dinergate units, behaving in a very similar manner to their lighter cousins. Tarantulas have low individual health and armor values; as a result of their armor, they also suffer from low default evasion values. Their short attack range is compensated by their moderately fast movement speed and high damage, with individual attacks capable of quickly incapacitating even armored SG type T-dolls.

Tarantula swarms can be difficult to deal with for low rate-of-fire RF type T-dolls. In a SG/MG formation, if MG T-dolls do not have sufficient ammo capacity to finish off the wave and are forced to reload, the Tarantulas may be able to close the distance and devastate the frontal SG units. Tarantulas can also prove to be a difficult challenge if player's AR type T-dolls do not have sufficient damage output to penetrate their armor threshold.

The most effective way to combat Tarantula units is deploy SG/MG formations with ample ammo capacity and armor piercing capability, the MG's armor piercing rounds and fast rate-of-fire making short work of the Tarantulas. Alternatively, AR and SMG type T-dolls can penetrate the armor threshold with sufficient damage output and/or with area-of-effect armor-piercing skills such as explosive or incendiary grenades. If available, airstrike fairies can quickly defeat Tarantula swarms due to the robots' low individual HP.

Lore / Story involvement

Tarantula are an armored variant of Dinergate, a small armored mechanical automaton of Sangvis Ferri origin, with a visual appearance similar to a small quadruped animal. Tarantula units can be identified by their large frontal ocular sensor. Compared to Dinergates, Tarantulas do not have access to any other form of movement other than their quadrupedal mechanical legs, their added armor mass likely preventing Tarantulas from moving via air or water.

Tarantulas are likely used in similar roles as Dinergates, but as Tarantulas are considered higher grade units, they are more typically employed by professional military units rather than by the private sector. Within their military roles, Tarantulas are likely used for security guarding, sector monitoring, or search & rescue operations.

After the Butterfly event and the Sangvis Ferri command chain overhaul, all Tarantulas in current production now serve under Mastermind as combat units. Tarantula units rarely see service with Sangvis Ferri humanoid-type android units, instead they typically are found as part of Sangvis Ferri's armored divisions. As opposed to their Dinergate predecessors, Tarantulas are not equipped with any forms of weaponry, capitalizing on their hardened armored carapaces to bludgeon enemies with powerful physical attacks.


  • Tarantulas are often addressed as 'armored dogs' by the player base.