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Full name Jormungandr
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

Jormungandr (Jormungand in some game files) is an NPC from Ouroboros' past introduced in My Devil's Frontline.

Story Involvement

Jormungandr was a Sangvis Ferri AI that was pitted against thousands of others in simulated battles by Elisa as an experiment in Neural Cloud generation[1] after the Butterfly Incident.[2]

Jormungandr survived the first seven days, when only the few strongest remained and a temporary truce was called. She took an interest in another survivor, Ouroboros, who had put on a ferocious front and was considered the stronger of the group, but Jormungandr had noticed that she had actually survived by avoiding battle and was now cowering in fear. On the 27th day, only Ouroboros and Jormundangr remained. Jormungandr left herself open so Ouroboros could kill her with a surprise attack. By giving Ouroboros an unsatisfying victory and being the last survivor, Jormungandr would spite Ouroboros as she would be forced to expose her weakness in the real world and face a failure worse than disappearing in the simulation.[3] Ouroboros found the real world to not have been worth the effort she made to survive[4] and when about to be talked down by Agent, she often retreated to the deep recesses of her mind where she kept a simulated version of Jormundangr.[5]

Is that why you've resurrected me? So that you could kill me again with your own strength? To prove that you're worth something, however pathetic it might be? Hahahahaha... Well, I have to hand it to you. I don't know how much time has passed, but you haven't changed at all, Little Snake.[6]

In the events of My Devil's Frontline, Ouroboros used SMG Jashin-chanThumb button.pngJashin-chan 's powers to give form to her memories of Jormungandr and beat her in a true battle to prove her worth.[7]



Jormungandr and Ouroboros have layers of thematic connections representing their likeness and opposition:

  • Ouroboros and Jormungandr are both mythological snakes, but Ouroboros is an Egyptian symbol of eternity and rebirth while Jormungandr is a Norse beast considered malevolent and associated with death.
  • Their dress style, which includes a sailor fuku school uniform, and behavior match two different school bully character archetypes. Ouroboros' uniform with bow and pigtails is more modern and cutesy, she controls her guns remotely with imperious arm movements and she is overconfident and arrogant, fitting the queen bee archetype. Jormungandr's untidy hair, metal bat and more traditional uniform with long skirt fits the sukeban archetype, corresponding to her role as Ouroboros' tormentor and inner demon.