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Full name Uhlan
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR (울란), EN, JP (ウーラン)
Chibi animation

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"Uhlan" model Infantry Fighting Vehicle

A modern IFV used by Paradeus. Unlike Typhons, Uhlans are lightly equipped with an autocannon and what appears to be an anti-tank guided missile. Like many of Paradeus's regular forces, it is named after a type of postmedieval warrior, the Polish Uhlan cavalry.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Armoured Machine
  • Damage: Very High ~ Extreme
  • Accuracy: Moderate ~ High
  • Attack range: Long
  • Health: Very High
  • Armor value: Moderate ~ High
  • Evasion: N/A
  • Movement speed: Moderate


Uhlan's make their first appearances in E2 of Continuum Turbulence and pose a massive threat in Chapter 11


A challenging Paradeus enemy that often acts as a miniboss. Usually comes in pairs. Uhlans attack by firing their main cannon and missiles; when all else fails, they will move at full speed to ram their opponent, dealing massive damage. The main cannon is the least of the three threats, whereas the missile deals explosive damage and the ram attack will deal heavy damage to anything within the warning zone. Much like Doppelsoldners, they almost always come with a strong Paradeus force shield that negates damage unless broken by Fire Support Teams.

Lore / Story involvement

...A fearsome heavily-armored tank also equipped with a force field generator. Its only long-range weaponry is an autocannon, but it can charge into the forefront and make short work of enemy formations.