Quill of Patmos

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Quill of Patmos
Full name Quill of Patmos
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Normal Machines
  • Damage: Low ~ Moderate
  • Accuracy: Low ~ Moderate
  • Attack range: Medium
  • Health: Moderate
  • Armor: N/A
  • Evasion: Low ~ Moderate
  • Movement speed: Low


Mirror Stage


Support units that stays in the back of enemy formations and applies buffs and debuffs. Disruption B (blue) removes buffs (including shields) and decreases damage by 10% for all player units (ICD 8s, CD 10s). Disruption Y (yellow) removes debuffs and adds a shield of 10% health for all enemy units (ICD 4s, CD 10s).


  • John of Patmos is the name given to the author of the Bible's Book of Revelation. This enemy is called Visjnoe in game files.