Isomer Black

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Isomer Black
Full name Nyto Isomer
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi animation

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Makes their appearance in Major Event Shattered Connexion.


This battle is not fought like normal, instead you and M4 are taken to the field of Epiphyllums and you'll engage Isomer in a Bullet-Hell styled mini-game. Players are strongly advised to stay calm when playing this mini-game and dont feel bad if you fail the first time, Trial and Error will eventually lead to success. So dont pelt your phones, laptops, tablets, or whatever you're using to play the game out the window.

Basic controls:

  • Joystick on the left moves M4 across the battlefield. M4 will shoot towards the right of the screen at all times.
  • Skill 1 - M4 uses her Inherited Weapon Arsenal, lowering her ROF and greatly increasing her DMG which she then starts firing at Isomer and locks onto her automatically. 25s CD
  • Skill 2 - OGAS will summon a force shield around M4, protecting her from all forms of damage for a few seconds. 15s CD
  • Skill 3 - M4 increases her DMG, MS and ROF for few seconds. 12s CD
  • Note: M4 only has 1760 HP, so make sure you dont take too much damage, otherwise you'll have to start over again.

Below is a list of firing patterns Isomer will do:

  • Shoots a short volley of bullets towards M4.
  • Summons a ring of bullets around Isomer that shoots outwards. Isomer will sometimes summon a secondary ring around her which will also shoot outwards.
  • After a brief wind up, pelts a Chakram into the ground at M4, this attack is very fast, so be cautious.
  • Summons Afterimages which will dash towards M4 dealing high damage, will occasionally summon a second set following the first set.
  • Summons a wall of afterimages which occupy half the top lane and with the second set occupying the lower half, both sets will dash towards M4.
  • Summons enemy Isomers which advance into the field.
  • Upon reaching 80% and 10% HP, Isomer will move to the center of her field and bring forth a barrage of bullets expanding in a ring pattern, you'll need to pay attention to open gaps to get past safely, as she's about to end her barrage she'll shoot a small volley of bullets towards M4 before teleporting away, Requiring M4 to advance to engage her again.
  • Upon reaching 50% HP, Isomer will move to the center of her field and bring forth a barrage of bullets, the barrage starts of with several bullets expanding in random directions in a very slowly, after she finishes this, she'll start sending out bullets in a semi-circle pattern covering the top half of the screen as well as the lower half, this part requires quick thinking so pay attention, as she's about to end that barrage she'll start sending forth a large barrage of bullets expanding in a clockwise spiral motion, this pattern is very difficult to dodge and requires precise movements to come out unscathed, if you panic, dont hesitate to activate your force shield and find a location within the spiral where you wont get hurt, once you find that, sit still and you'll be fine.



  • Upon first glance, one might notice Isomer's clothing resembles Nimogen's dress, you're not wrong in assuming this and there is an explanation. Isomer's body is not originally hers, following her failure in Major Event Isomer, William sent Nimogen to Tallin, thinking she was a chosen one due to having a name of her own and not being labelled as a Nyto, Isomer found her body to serve as a perfect host, so she connected with Nimogen's digimind, shouldering her despair and took over her body and uses it as a host for Isomer's Hivemind.