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Spirits is a system added to Project Neural Cloud with the event Irradiant Awakening in CN and the 12/06/24 update in Global, unlocked by clearing chapter 5-10. It functions similarly to Technical Fairies in Girls' Frontline.

According to the tutorial, Spirits are lightweight support programs developed by Oasis and the Sanctifiers. They are chibi forms of former Sanctifier enemies. They are assigned to a team before combat and provide stat boosts for up to 5 random different stats, passive skills and extra auto skills.

Spirits can be renamed but (unfortunately) cannot be interacted with in the Spirits menu.

Spirit Generation[edit]

Item Generation Decree.png Generation Decrees are used to pull the Spirit Generation gacha. All Spirits have an equal chance to drop at 3.75%, while Item Spirit Data.png Spirit Data has 54.94% chance to drop, Item Evolution Decree.png Evolution Decrees 30% and Item Recombination Decree.png Recombination Decrees 0.06%.

Spirits themselves always start at the same basic rarity, but their skills can have higher rank (see below).


Each skill is ranked C, B, A or S. The effect of the skill is more potent the rarer it is. When generated, a Spirit has one skill, which has 74.5% chance to be rank C, 20% to be ranked B, 5% to be rank A and 0.5% to be rank S. A new skill is obtained when the Spirit is enhanced to 3 stars, which has 15% to be rank S. A third skill is obtained when the Spirit is enhanced to 5 stars, which has 50% to be rank S.

Specific Skills[edit]

These skills can only be held by a specific Spirit.

  • Love
    • Love's Blessing - Affection: For every 8%(C)-5%(S) Dodge Rate the Doll has, they gain 1% ATK and Hashrate by 1%, max 10%.

Generic Skills[edit]

These skills can be held by any Spirit.

  • Macrocosm: Boosts Max HP up to 6%.
  • Castigation: Boosts ATK and Hashrate up to 6%.
  • Alacrity: Boosts Attack Speed up to 15 points.
  • Carnage: Boosts Crit Rate up to 6%.
  • Exorcise: Boosts Crit Rate up to 12%.
  • Umbrage: Boosts Dodge Rate up to 12%.
  • Insight: Boosts Skill Haste up to 10%.
  • Might: Boosts damage up to 5%.
  • Sanctification: Reduces incoming damage by up to 5%.
  • Shelter: Boosts Physical and Operand DEF up to 6%.
  • Rejuvenation: Boosts healing up to 12%.
  • Subsistence: Boosts Life Steal up to 10%.
  • Judgement: Boosts normal attacks damage up to 3.6%.
  • Fury: Boosts Ultimate attacks damage up to 3.6%.
  • Sunchaser: Boosts Auto Skill attacks damage up to 3.6%.
  • Breakthrough: Boosts Physical and Operand PEN up to 10%.

Spirit Enhancement[edit]

Spirit Evolution.

Spirits can be upgraded up to level 50 and from rarity 1 to 5 stars to enhance their stat boosts. They receive new skills at rarities 3 and 5. Item Spirit Data.png Spirit Data is used to increase levels, and rarity evolves by spending Item Evolution Decree.png Evolution Decrees and fusing Spirits of the same rarity (not necessarily of the same type) together. During Evolution, the player can choose to keep the skills of the evolving Spirit, or replace one of its skills with the skill of the Spirit being spent.

When a Spirit is at level 50, it can be used as the target of Spirit Recombination and receive the skill of another Spirit. This expands a rare Item Recombination Decree.png Recombination Decree.

Unwanted Spirits can be Banished, yielding some Spirit enhancement materials.

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