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Full name Love
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Medic
Artist Unknown

Love is an Intermediate Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

This enemy is available as a Spirit.

Stats / Data[edit]

Love is classified as Ranged, Heal, Operand DMG.

  • Glorious Sacrifice - When an ally unit takes lethal damage, Love loses 10% of her Max HP to heal said ally by the same amount. Triggers once per battle.
  • Condensed Devotion - For every ally unit present on the battlefield, Skill Haste is boosted by 20%.
  • Vast Brilliance (20s) - Cast [Brilliance] on random enemies and ally units within 2 tiles 7 times, dealing Operand Damage equal to 100% Hashrate to enemies and healing allies for 100% Hashrate.


Love is a common mini-boss in story missions and resource collection. She is also the final boss of Level 1 Vulnerability Check.

Lore / Story involvement


"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Love promotes caring relations between the Sanctifiers and Sector Agents and the measured usage of force, in line with Lord Eosphorous' ideals.

At some point before Eosphorous deployed Wisdom in Sector Pierides, Love got into an argument with her after she called her Refactors “tin cans”.[1] An Entropic hallucination of Love appeared in Wisdom's Tertiary Layer when she became infected by Entropy in Chapter 5, and she tried to used Wisdom's fear of death to entice her into submitting to the Entropy.[2] The real Love treated the infected Sanctifiers at the Baptismal Fonts of the Reverse Tower after the incident in Pierides, while Eosphorous attempted to cure Wisdom's infection himself.

After learning of the disturbance in Sector Copley due to the emergence of Demiurge, Eosphorous sent Love to deal with the Entropics as training.[3] Love led Sanctifier forces en masse,[4] utterly eradicating the Entropic menace with raw firepower and tried to capture Demiurge.[5] She then took back Copley's administration authorizations from the Exiles and let them go before purging the sector.[6]