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Full name Wisdom
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

Wisdom is an Intermediate Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud. During Chapter 5, she is initially an ally but becomes infected by the Entropy virus and becomes an enemy called Entropic Wisdom.

Stats / Data[edit]

Wisdom is classified as Ranged, Single-target, True DMG.

  • Ruinous Rounds - Normal Attacks have a 60% chance to fire a [HEAT Warhead] that ignores Physical DEF and deals 150% more damage.
  • Bloody Baptism - Resets the cooldown of [Final Redemption] after defeating an enemy.
  • Final Redemption (10s) - Charges for 2 seconds, dealing True Damage equal to 600% ATK on the enemy with the lowest HP percentage.


Wisdom is a common mini-boss in story missions and resource collection. She also appears as an ally in Chapter 5.

Lore / Story involvement

Wisdom is the most cognitively advanced and self-aware of the Intermediate Sanctifiers, which also means that she fears being killed and reset and forgetting everything she learned. She also hates Entropics because they act on instincts rather than reason and can infect other agents to rob them of their intelligence.[1]

After the local Watchtower detected an Entropics outbreak in Sector Pierides, Eosphorous deployed Wisdom alone to deal with the matter in order to train her.[2] While she prepared for the mission, she got into an argument with Love after calling her Refactors “tin cans”.[3] Wisdom collaborated with the Exiles in Pierides but became Entropized and had to be defeated by Eosphorous, who took her back to the Reverse Tower to attempt treatment.[4] Her fellow Intermediate Sanctifiers were still unclear on her status during the disturbance in Sector Burbank.[5]