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Full name Angelus
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

Angelus is a Greater Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]


Angelus is the boss of Chapter 4 - Enigma and is fought in Stage 4-15. She is also the final boss of Vulnerability Check Tier 4.

Lore / Story involvement

Angelus is a hard-liner against Daemons belonging to the Hesperus Faction of Sanctifiers.[1]

After Eucharist opposed her in the Enigma Sector to help the Exiles, Angelus asked Eosphorous to punish her. Eosphorous revoked Eucharist's privilege to leave the Reverse Tower in order to put her actions on trial.[2] After the emergence of Entropics in Sector Pierides, Angelus planned to intervene but Eosphorous sent her with Raven to reinforce Hesperus on the border battlefront instead, leaving Pierides to Wisdom and Crime.[3]



  • Called "Gabriel" in game files, after the Biblical angel. This name also appears in the PRJ_Sanctifier_PID image on the file “stf_gavri’el draft”. Formerly mistakenly called "Messenger" in some screens.