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Full name Reverence
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

Reverence is an Intermediate Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

This enemy is available as a Spirit.

Stats / Data[edit]

Reverence is classified as Melee, AoE, Physical DMG.

  • Earthshattering Slam - Normal Attacks have a 60% chance to Stun the target in the center of Skill range for 1 second, dealing Physical Damage equal to 200% ATK to said target and Physical Damage equal to 75% ATK to nearby enemies within 1 tile.
  • Wrath of Nryana - Reverence's ATK is increased by 40% fer every unit she defeats.
  • Spiral Rend (12s) - Deals Physical Damage equal to 400% to all nearby enemies within 1 tile while Stunning the target (cannot attack, interrupts skill release and halts Auto Skill recharge) and knocking them back for 3 seconds. Reverence will need to reorganize for 2 seconds after this and will not be able to perform attacks.


Reverence is a common mini-boss in story missions and resource collection.

Reverence is the main antagonist and mini-boss in the Livestreaming story event.