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Full name Faith
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

Faith is an Intermediate Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

This enemy is available as a Spirit.

Stats / Data[edit]

Faith is classified as Melee, Single-target, Durable.

  • Unbreakable Dominion: Gains immunity to all Crowd Control effects.
  • Warding Judgement: Normal Attacks have a 35% chance of dealing Physical Damage equal to 5% Max HP to the target and 1 unit behind it. Faith recovers HP equal to 15% of the damage dealt.
  • Retribution: Deals True Damage equal to 0.5% current HP to all enemy units on the battlefield every 3 seconds.
  • Spiritual Absorption (18s): Taunts all enemies for 5.5 seconds and converts all damage received except True Damage into an equal amount of healing.

In Stages 1-11 and 1-12, Faith is supported by three Protocols removable on certain event nodes:

  • Root Protocol: Devshirme - Faith's [Retribution] inflicts 200% HP steal.
  • Root Protocol: Adversity Radiance: Faith immediately recovers 20% HP and gains 30% Damage Reduction and 10% Backlash when her HP drops below 40%. This effect triggers once every battle.
  • Root Protocol: Extreme Penalty: Faith's [Warding Judgement] deals double damage.


Faith is the boss of Chapter 1 - Rossum and is fought in Stages 1-11 and 1-12. She appears again as an ally unit in Critical Cascade Stage 12.

Lore / Story involvement

Faith is an Intermediate Sanctifier who regard her work as sacred and Eosphorous as a god.[1] Despite admiring Eosphorous, Faith's ruthless pursuit of Irregular Agents is more in line with Hesperus' philosophy.[2] She tried to kill  HannahHannah as an Irregular Agent, but  TuringTuring threw herself on Faith's sword and Faith was stripped from her powers by the Sanctifier's own rules for killing a Sector Administrator[3] before being finished by  SolSol .[4]

After this incident, Faith was assigned to Watchtower 05 in the Null Area near Rossum. When the Entropics attacked the sector en masse, Faith and her forces were driven out of the Watchtower, where Black Swan lured the Professor and  AntoninaAntonina when they came to Rossum's help. Just before Black Swan's ambush, Antonina received a call from Faith, and the Professor bought time for Faith's forces to return to the Watchtower and help.[5] She had no recollection of the involvement of Oasis in the incident, only that she had failed in her duty and was no longer allowed in Rossum, and since the Professor and Oasis agents had been whitelisted by Eosphorus, Faith treated them accordingly.[6]

After Eucharist took control of Rossum's Operand Railgun and fired at Oasis, the Professor feigned to remain alone with Antonina in the Watchtower to lure her there. Faith engaged the apostle in combat, but was locked in a stalemate. The Professor accepted to play into Eucharist's stalling strategy and started a game of chess against her,[7] with Faith ensuring their safety.[8]



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