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Weirder Things Fullstamp.png
Halloween is coming. Behind the fanciful and mysterious costume party lurks the undercurrent of horror. Will the Commander be able to identify the culprits in time and defuse the crisis that is to befall the parade event?

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Memorabilia Collected Reward Image Description
3 Zombie Homebody

Avatar Icon
Weirder Things Reward1.png A photo of Miss Halloween G11 taken during a certain moment. According to M99's recountal, "I don't know what happened. G11 was already like this when I came to." As for what happened to G11 before M99 regained consciousness may be the biggest mystery of this Halloween.
5 Kitty Party

Furniture (Poster)
Weirder Things Reward2.png A photo of Miss Halloween Vector taken during a certain moment. "No one besides the Commander has seen this photo. Of course, there could've been others that were spirited away, so I'm the first tooo~..." The note next to the photo was interrupted here. The last bit of unfinished handwriting is evidence of what may be the scariest tragedy tonight.
7 Spooky Kitty

Weirder Things Reward3.png A kitty of unknown origins, or perhaps someone dressed it up to the point of being an unrecognizable little monster. It likes to jump onto people as if it is in search of something... It's probably better to not investigate too deeply into this.
9 Halloween Fright

Furniture (Poster)
Weirder Things Reward4.png A precious photograph taken at a party on a Halloween night. After the lively party was over, G11 who was totally asleep was left there for the night.