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Santa Claus Hunt Fullstamp.png
Griffin is about to celebrate its first Christmas, and while everyone is busy with the feast and entertainment program, several dangerous T-Dolls are hatching a crazy plan…

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Memorabilia Collected Reward Image Description
3 Christmas Snow Pixie

Avatar Icon
Santa Claus Hunt Reward1.png A Christmas moment from Miss Suomi, though nobody is entirely sure what happened. "I bet you anything her skirt got flipped," said AK-47, "Though I don't know what's so embarrassing about it. It's just us, plus an extra commander." "That's what you'd call A+ acting," snickered Makarov.
5 Kvass Tank

Furniture (Floor)
Santa Claus Hunt Reward2.png Authentic kvass. Only those who will drink it to their heart's content deserve its delicious taste.
7 The Feast on Christmas Eve

Furniture (Poster)
Santa Claus Hunt Reward3.png A precious photo taken before the feast on Christmas Eve. Precious because both the T-Dolls and the food were in ghastly state after the feast had started.
9 Christmas Eve Lodge

Base Background
Santa Claus Hunt Reward4.png Although they say Christmas and presents are should still leave some room to walk through.