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Notebook/Year of Memories

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Year of Memories Fullstamp.png
When the Eastern T-Dolls are out of the base, how can those left behind at Griffin recreate an authentic celebration of the magnificent Spring Festival? After unexpected commotions, the new year will surely be better... Probably.

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Number of Collection Reward Image Details
3 The Smile of the Goddess of Red Packets

Avatar Icon
Year of Memories Reward1.png Those who received a red packet were very happy,and Miss DSR-50 also received a new nickname.
5 Spring Festival Bar

Base Background
Year of Memories Reward2.png The elaborately decorated banquet hall by M590 on Chinese New Year's Eve features an Oriental-style bar.
7 Epitome of Femininity

ID Card
Year of Memories Reward3.png Blooming only after the rest withers, it is revered as the empress of flowers. Praised for its unparalleled splendor, it is the first to bestow the worldly realm with its fragrant savor.