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T-Doll skin (or costume, or cosplay) is a form of T-Doll customization and belong to the cosmetic part of the game. The main source to obtain skins is through limited procurement pool on Dormitory or buying it directly from Shop by using Item Gems.png or even real currency. However, many limited events can also reward T-Doll skin for free.

Obtained skins will be stored in dormitory warehouse until given to T-Doll. Gifting the skin will not only unlock the skin but also reward a poster of corresponding skin that can be used to decorate the dorm. Gifting duplicated skin will turn it into Item Black Card.pngblack card that can be used to exchange any desired skin as long as it is available in the black card shop.

Often, skins from certain batch come with cafe story. Springfield's cafe is the place to read them, and piece of memorabilia will be obtained after reading. They will be stored in the Notebook, and collecting certain number of it will reward the Commander various items.

Skin List[edit]

  • This page lists all skins that are available in the game in categorical view, along with their cost.
  • The lists were made based on progress on CN server, so there might be slight alteration when it comes to foreign servers.
Skin Catalogue
2016 Halloween Casual 1 Casual 2 Christmas
2017 Lunar New Year Valentine White Day School Uniform
Anniversary Children Day Summer Yukata
Waitress Halloween Princes Frontline Christmas
2018 Phantom Thief Lunar New Year White Day Oriental
Anniversary Children Day Maid Training Summer
Metal Band Halloween Idol Christmas
2019 New Year Lunar New Year White Day Darkest Dungeon
Anniversary Children Day Summer Yukata
School Uniform Halloween Race Queen Christmas
2020 New Year Lunar New Year White Day Pajama Party
Anniversary Carnival Children Day Summer
Knightress Edo Era Halloween Tacticool
2021 New Year Lunar New Year White Day Anniversary
Marching Band 1 Detective Children Day Summer
Marching Band 2 Furry Dating Outfit Halloween
Mecha Christmas
2022 New Year Lunar New Year
Miscellaneous Special & Promotional
Collaboration Guilty Gear x BlazBlue GunGirlZ DJMax Respect Va-11 Ha11-A
Gunslinger Girl The Division Jashin-chan Dropkick