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The Shop, found at the bottom of the Main Screen, is a store that allows Commanders to purchase in-game Items, such as Item Oath Certificate.png Oath Certificates, Item Token.png Tokens, Item T-Doll Contract.pngItem Equipment Contract.png Item Quick Production Contract.png Contracts, etc, as well as, exchange real world money for in-game currency in the form of Icon gem.png Gems. Additionally, Commanders may exchange Icon gem.png Gems for Extra Echelons, Extra Dorms, Limited-Time Bundles, and a plethora of other in game features.

The Shop itself is run by Kalina, the Commander's main logistics officer and most trusted human adjutant. Actively collecting Hearts from Kalina will increase her Affection, trigger her dialogue quotes, and unlock several of her costumes. In order to swap to one of these outfits, players may tap the Costume button located in the upper-right corner of the shop, and swap to the desired outfit.

The Shop itself consists of six categories (occasionally a seventh Event category will appear during Seasonal, Annual, Collaborative, and Major events) and a second section located at the top center of the shop designated to selling outfits for the Commanders' Wardrobe.


Consider that these are optional purchases, and are meant to increase the progression speed of the player, in which revenue supports the game and developers.

  • Commanders may purchase additional Gems via in-app purchases to get additional Gems using real-world currency.
  • The first purchase of every Gem Package (excluding monthly card) will grant additional bonus gems doubling the total amount, indicator text shown in-game as (Includes extra gifts: 60 Gems)
  • Examplar- The first purchase of the $4.99 will grant 600 gems total. (300 base + 300 bonus) The last time bonus reset was EN 2019 Anniversary.
Icon gem.png 60 Gems $0.99 Icon gem.png 3280 Gems $49.99
Icon gem.png 300 Gems $4.99 Icon gem.png 6480 Gems $99.99
Icon gem.png 680 Gems $9.99 Monthly Gems Card $3.99 Info Below
Icon gem.png 1680 Gems $25.99 Monthly Auto-Battle Card $3.99 Info Below

  • 60 Gems - $0.99 Grants 120 Gems on first-time purchase.
  • 300 Gems - $4.99 Grants 600 Gems on first-time purchase.
  • 680 Gems - $9.99 Grants 1360 Gems on first-time purchase.
  • 1680 Gems - $25.99 Grants 3360 Gems on first time purchase.
  • 3280 Gems - $49.99 Grants 6560 Gems on first-time purchase.
  • 6480 Gems - $99.99 Grants 12960 Gems on first-time purchase.
  • Monthly Gems Card - $3.99
The player will receive 30 Gems daily for the next 30 days, totaling to 900 Gems. Some events time-frame may double the amount of gems received.
  • Monthly Auto-Battle Card - $3.99 Last for 30 days
Increases Auto-Battle batch-run limit to 5 consecutive battles. Default = 3
Allows 2 Auto-Battle to be carried out simultaneously. Default = 1
Allows for deployment of only a singular echelon for each Auto-Battle. Default = 2
Increases EXP gained from Auto-Battle by 50%.


  • Bundles are purchasable packages that give a wide variety of items and resources within a singular package for varying price of gems.
  • Some Bundles possess purchase limit, Monthly bundles will limit the player to buying them once a day.
  • Event Bundles are dependent on occurring events and will generally last for the duration of the event before being taken off the store. (Costume bundles during Events will limit the player to 1 purchase only.)


Players can exchange Gems for resources. Spare Parts will give 1/3 the amount of what any other resources offer.

Item Manpower.png

  • Manpower x1500 - Icon gem.png180 Gems
  • Manpower x4500 - Icon gem.png480 Gems

Item Rations.png

  • Rations x1500 - Icon gem.png180 Gems
  • Rations x4500 - Icon gem.png480 Gems

Item Ammo.png

  • Ammo x1500 - Icon gem.png180 Gems
  • Ammo x4500 - Icon gem.png480 Gems

Item Parts.png

  • Spare Parts x500 - Icon gem.png180 Gems
  • Spare parts x1500 - Icon gem.png480 Gems


The player can purchase a wide variety of contracts, including Oath Certificates. Some offers are daily limited and cost less compared to the original offer.

Item Oath Certificate.png

  • Oath Certificate x1 - Icon gem.png580 Gems

Item T-Doll Contract.png

  • T-Doll Contract x1 - Icon gem.png30 Gems Daily Purchase Limit: 1
  • T-Doll Contract x1 - Icon gem.png60 Gems
  • T-Doll Contract x10 - Icon gem.png480 Gems

Item Equipment Contract.png

  • Equipment Contract x1 - Icon gem.png30 Gems Daily Purchase Limit: 1
  • Equipment Contract x1 - Icon gem.png60 Gems
  • Equipment Contract x10 - Icon gem.png240 Gems

Item Quick Production Contract.png

  • Quick Production Contract x1 - Icon gem.png50 Gems
  • Quick Production Contract x10 - Icon gem.png380 Gems

Item Quick Restoration Contract.png

  • Quick Repair Contract x1 - Icon gem.png50 Gems
  • Quick Repair Contract x10 - Icon gem.png380 Gems

Item Quick Training Contract.png

  • Quick Training Contract x1 - Icon gem.png250 Gems
  • Quick Training Contract x5 - Icon gem.png980 Gems


Players can exchange gems for permanent upgrades, ranging from another echelon to more space to hold T-Dolls. Some offers cost less if it's the player's first time purchasing that upgrade.

  • Echelon Limit +1 - Icon gem.png880 Gems
First-time purchase - Icon gem.png480 Gems
  • T-Doll Production Slot +1 - Icon gem.png680 Gems
First-time purchase - Icon gem.png380 Gems
  • Repair Slot +1 - Icon gem.png680 Gems
First-time purchase - Icon gem.png380 Gems
  • T-Doll Slots +10 - Icon gem.png280 Gems
  • Echelon Preset +1 - Icon gem.png380 Gems
  • Equipment Storage +20 - Icon gem.png120 Gems
  • Equipment Production Slot +1 - Icon gem.png380 Gems
First-time purchase - Icon gem.png180 Gems
  • Dorm Limit +1 - Icon gem.png680 Gems
First-time purchase - Icon gem.png380 Gems
  • Fairy Slots +10 -Icon gem.png280 Gems
  • Research Slot +1 - Icon gem.png680 Gems


Item Token.png

  • Token x10 - Icon gem.png80 Gems
  • Token x100 - Icon gem.png680 Gems

Item Dress Up Random Coloring.png

  • Infinite Surprise Dye x1 - Icon gem.png98 Gems
  • Infinite Surprise Dye x10 - Icon gem.png980 Gems

  • SF Energy x3 - Icon gem.png20 Gems

  • SF Capture Ticket x1 - Icon gem.png160 Gems
  • SF Capture Ticket x10 - Icon gem.png1600 Gems

Item Superconducting Energy.png

  • Combat Simulation Extra Energy x3 - Icon gem.png20 Gems
Limit to 10x Daily | 30x Daily Max
Subsequent purchases of Extra energy will increase the price by 20 gems, this resets daily.

Clothes Shop[edit]

The Clothes Shop is the section of the main Shop that contains all currently purchasable Commander Costumes.

  • All Clothing pieces Cost Icon gem.png 500 Gems .
    • Newly Released Costume sets are given a limited-time Promotion cutting the costs of all apparel by 20% or Icon gem.png 100 Gems for approximately a month from initial release.
  • Clothing sets come in collections of 2 Heads, 1 Headwear, 2 Tops, 1 Accessory, and 2 Bottoms.
    • This means 8 Pieces of Clothing per set, costing roughly Icon gem.png 4000 Gems for an entire set at base price.

For more information regarding Commander Costumes see: Commander Customization

Purchasable Sets

Griffin Summer Activities
Summer Night Moonlight
[[|thumb||400px|right|I'm Not a Delinquent]]
[[|thumb||400px|right|Journey in the Auspicious Snow]]
Luck and Good Fortune

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

  • Griffin Summer Activities
  • Summer Night Moonlight
  • I'm Not a Delinquent
  • Journey in the Auspicious Snow
  • Luck and Good Fortune
  • Defender

Purchasable One-Pieces

Halloween Headwear

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

  • Blood Moon on Halloween Legendary Headpieces