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Florentine's Gift Fullstamp.png
As Christmas approaches, the Dolls are getting busy again. This year, they'll be planting the most beautiful Christmas tree at Griffin as a Christmas present for everyone. It will also become a memory that all Dolls will cherish for the rest of their lives...

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Number of Collection Reward Image Details
3 X'mas Sock Full of Presents

Furniture (Wall Decoration)
Florentine's Gift Reward1.png A modest-looking X'mas Sock that contains the well wishes and kindness of countless people - "Which makes this a perfectly safe place to hide," thinks a certain dinergate infiltrating Griffin. Hopefully it will deliver the presents successfully.
5 Vixen User Manual

Furniture (Wall Decoration)
Florentine's Gift Reward2.png A manual for "Vixen", a mech built especially for Christmas... Even though it can't soar through the sky, it can still deliver your presents! It's really hardworking!
6 Smile of the Mistletoe

Avatar Icon
Florentine's Gift Reward3.png The beautiful legend about the girl who's pure as snow guarding the mistletoe - in the merciless cold of winter, other than a hot bowl of soup//c the girl's smile can also warm you right up.
7 Florentine's X'mas Tree

ID Card
Florentine's Gift Reward4.png The joy of Christmas isn't about any person, it's about the Christmas tree that was planted to make everyone smile happily... That's the most charming thing about Christmas Night!