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Marlohe Quotes
Full name Marlohe
Affiliation German Democratic Republic's Ministry for State Security
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Chibi animation

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Marlohe is K's loyal Doll servant. While she looks like an A-Doll, she is heavily and illegally modified with concealed blades and top of the line electronic warfare defenses.[1]

Story Involvement

After Griffin was sent in Belgrade by Statesec and searched for their informant K, AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  found their first lead by finding video footage of Marlohe purposefully avoiding public cameras and defeating thieves with CQC.[2] Identifying Marlohe's pursuers, SOP-II and SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  hacked them, but Marlohe ran away instead of approaching them. After catching up to her and asking her about the informant, Marlohe attacked them, but was overpowered by SOP-II. Marlohe wouldn't believe they were friendlies until she accessed the Commander's identification, but she tried to run away as soon as SOP-II released her from her grip.[3]

At the same time, K was forced to erase all trace of his presence after his safe house was discovered by Paradeus, and he remotely initiated a self-destruct sequence on Marlohe's neural cloud and body, leaving only a picture of his safe house for Griffin to find him.[1] At the abandoned safe house, RO accessed a server where a copy of Marlohe's neural cloud gave her access to the secret passage in the city's sewers to find K.[4] After SOP-II and RO defeated the Paradeus troops pursuing K, a replacement body of Marlohe helped K gather samples from their remains.[5]

After Marlohe guided the Griffin troops to their safe house, Kalina tried to get her to share information about K, but she would only confirmed his dedication to fighting Paradeus.[6] She later brought K and the truck to evacuate Gilda Ulrich from the city, but disappeared after the convoy crashed.[7]