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Python (PNC)/Profile

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Python (PNC) Profile Quotes


The SI-MT is a military instructor Doll developed by Svarog Heavy Industries. At the outset of its development program, Svarog went through special channels to hire retired military personnel as consultants and to consolidate their public service records as a unique database on warfare for the SI-MT. In addition, Svarog Heavy Industries specially designed a full suite of autonomous learning systems for the SI-MT, which was targeted toward military missions, with the aim of improving its performance when faced with varied circumstances after being rolled out.

The SI-MT is harsh but efficient, and its hardcore appearance is one of its distinguishing features. While most orders for it came from military organizations, some civilian paramilitary companies have also requested SI-MT units to provide training for their human and Doll personnel.

After serving his tour of duty in the military, Python was sent to join Project Neural Cloud.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Python once served in a West African PMC, where he was responsible for training government troops to crush the rebel organization "Satie Haram". Once the troops he trained completed their designated objective, Python was removed from his post and transferred to the private security organization "Daybreak". Afterwards, "Daybreak" and the military signed a contract and he was transferred into the latter organization.

Python is especially harsh on rookies, and he would be considered very strict even by the standards of veteran soldiers. However, Python's trademark harshness and outstanding pedagogical skills have raised countless elite soldiers. Every single trooper that graduated from his training courses is an outstanding warrior.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

What truly propelled Python to fame was a special hijacking case.

In 2056, on a flight from Andalusia to Romania, a group of Satie Haram members hijacked the plane and forced the pilot to enter the South Mediterranean No-Fly Zone. Once this dangerous situation became known, a fighter plane was scrambled from Cyprus AFB, ordering the airliner to follow it and land, or else it would be designated as a hostile target and "appropriate measures would be taken".

The militants aboard the plane refused to accept defeat and planned to demonstrate their final act of defiance. Meanwhile, Python, who was aboard the flight, pretended to compromise with the terrorists and even worked briefly with them. After moving the passengers to a relatively safe location, he immediately proceeded to subdue the hijackers who were armed with large-caliber weaponry, thus neutralizing the risk of the airframe disintegrating in mid-air. The remaining terrorists intended to seize the controls and manually crash the plane into the city center. However, they were promptly shot dead by Python as they made their move. Eventually, the plane landed on the outskirts of Greece and most of the passengers were safely evacuated.

Despite being hailed as a hero, he was held under house arrest in Athens by the Greek authorities, and it took close to a week of investigation before Python's name was cleared. This week of investigation was also what brought Python to the attention of the military. Following his release, Python was seconded to the military by "Daybreak".

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Despite his many experiences from being rolled out, to joining a PMC, and entering the military, Python retains a few habits which have never changed. For instance, he leaves his bed untouched while sleeping, instead preferring to sleep inside a bag hanging from the wall or even just leaning up against the wall instead. Another example is how he uses a knife to carefully probe all the crevices around strange objects he encounters on the road, in order to check for potential bombs, traps or other explosive devices in them.

All these habits were perfectly reasonable in the places Python found himself before joining Project Neural Cloud, but they made him stand out once he was in Magrasea.

Despite this, Python has not considered changing these habits. To him, these habits are like part of his base layer logic, rooted deep in his neural cloud.

"One must always stay alert," is something Python often says and does.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

The real world has left many deep scars on Python's body, such as his teaching habits or that damaged electronic eye of his that has been difficult to repair or replace. As a result, Python unconsciously keeps a distance from others. Very often, he ends up training by himself.

Very few people have been able to peer inside Python's heart, even his former student Evelyn, but that is what Python wants. As an instructor, he needs to project an image of power, detachment, constancy, and even unreasonableness at times.

However, Python soon found that the aloofness and stoicism he had cultivated for so long was of decreasing utility after arriving at the Oasis. As an instructor, he became surrounded by the Oasis' Dolls as warfare slowly became a part of daily life at the Oasis. Python had been used to dealing with hostility and orders for so long that he found it difficult to get accustomed to such mild and friendly relationships, to the point where he had to ask the Professor to help him deal with the gifts he receives on special occasions.

Of course, that notion vanished the moment he opened the Professor's door—after all, the Professor was in even greater need of help in disposing of gifts.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

As Python's time in the Oasis grows, his role has begun changing in subtle ways. While he used to train troops in the rear, he now takes part in actual battlefields more often.

Fighting side by side has always been one of the best ways of building camaraderie, and over time, people began to overlook Python's status as an instructor, regarding him as a strict yet reliable big brother figure instead. While Python still lives by himself for the most part, as befitting an instructor, more and more Dolls have worked up the courage to get close to him as the days go by. Even Dolls like Angela whom he rarely interacts with have begun asking Python to help them with things they would never have dreamed of talking to him about before, like say, taking care of the Dolls with less-than-mature neural clouds—although this has naturally led to some interesting reactions from this hardcore man of steel...

"Stop crying! Er... ahem, I mean... I'm here for you."
"...(Sniffles and sobs)"

—Excerpted from a short video clip that was anonymously posted on the Oasis internal forums.

It stayed online for roughly 6 hours.