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Florence Story Profile Quotes
Full name Florence
Index 1018
Rarity 3
Class Medic
Affinity Recover
Affiliation/Company Ultilife
Birthday 12-May
Voice actor M.A.O
Artist 山药
Released on CN (芙洛伦), EN, TW, KR, JP
Arma Inscripta Sweetheart Aphrodisiac (CN, EN)

Playable character in Project: Neural Cloud.

    For the corresponding character in Girls' Frontline, see PA-15.


This unit is available in Advanced Search some time after its introduction banner, some Targeted Search (banners marked as "Limited") and some Exclusive Search. It may be the rate-up unit in certain Targeted Search banners (marked as "Limited"). It can also be unlocked from its index page by gathering 90 Neural Fragments during events.

Stats / Data[edit]

Initial stats scaling[edit]

Type Rating
Attack Growth C
Hashrate Growth A
HP Growth C
Physical DEF Growth C
Operand DEF Growth C

Stats (for CN server)[edit]

How to use
Max HP Crit Rate
Attack Crit Damage
Hashrate Physical Penetration
Physical Defense Operand Penetration
Operand Defense Dodge Rate
Attack Speed Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm Slots[edit]

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

Icon PNC Algorithm Offense.png Offense Icon PNC Algorithm Stability.png Stability Icon PNC Algorithm Special.png Special

Preferred and Disliked Gifts[edit]

  • Preferred
    • Item Afternoon Tea.png Afternoon Tea
    • Item Strawberry Cake.png Strawberry Cake
    • Item Honey.png Honey
  • Disliked
    • Item A Basket of Buns.png A Basket of Buns
    • Item Spaceship in a Bottle.png Spaceship in a Bottle
    • Item Digital Toy Brick.png Digital Toy Brick

Background info[edit]

A Ultilife UL-NURSE model for patient care. Thanks to the War, the need for medical personnel throughout the world has increased day by day. The UL-NURSE series of medical care Dolls was created in response to this trend. After numerous reshufflings of the design team, the UL-NURSE's role went from a cost-effective product to a high-end Doll. In addition to the necessary knowledge for medical personnel, they can also provide psychological care and counseling. A certain UL-NURSE unit went into service in Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital. Rumors say her personality is quite "exceptional"... "Hehe... That kid looks fun to bully, I'll let him experience a nurse's special care~"[1][2]



Main artworks

Alternative artwork

Alternate expressions


  • Florence is the original name of HG PA-15Thumb button.pngPA-15  from Girls' Frontline.[3]
  • Shanyao often hides references and jokes in his illustrations, especially the artist's trademark yam with a cartoon face:
    • In her Honey Dearest series costume, ads for Kuro's streams and a graphics card named XTX 19090TI can be seen on the background, along with a Willow sticker on her suitcase. Another obscured ad is a cartoon reproduction of the 2020 photograph of Yuzhong doing a V-sign while suffering from food poisoning at the time of the Girls' Frontline 4th Anniversary festival.
    • In her Jumping Into Spring series costume, Kuro appears again on a book titled “Is This a Pigeon”. PA-15's name also appear on a box, and a set of gold characters 拾伍 also reference the number 15. The vinyl records are branded 中国唱片 in reference to China Record Corporation.
    • Willow appears in her Turquoise Silver Bell series costume, as well as a “PA-15” inscription and a yam face on the water tank.
  • In early marketing materials, Florence was said to work in Paris Saint-Pierre Hospital in France, but this was changed to Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital in the final game.