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Mayling Shen

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Mayling Shen
Mayling Shen
Full name Mayling Shen
Affiliation Unknown/None
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

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Character appearing in Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium.

Character Info

A fan of Tetris and alcohol to blow off some steam after another day of being overworked.[1]

Story Involvement

Born in the Neo-Soviet Union in 2053, Mayling Shen's parents were demolition workers who died from ELID shortly after her birth due to their unsafe working conditions during reconstruction efforts. After passing from foster home to foster home, she joined a small mechanical repair workshop at age eight, where she gained mechanical skills until four years later when the workshop was attacked and destroyed by Varjager bandits, leaving her alone once again. She was then found and cared for by the Commander. She now serves as general mechanic and logistics officer in the Amos, replacing the position once filled by Kalina.