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Armor-Piercing Ammo

M118LR is an obtainable equipment in the game.


Usable only by RF XM3Thumb button.pngXM3 .


CN: XM3爱用的军用狙击弹,在长距离作战上有着惊异的准确度和优秀的杀伤力。

EN: XM3's go-to military-grade sniper rounds. They have remarkable precision and lethality in long-range battles.

Obtained by reaching Stage 3 of XM3's Digimind Upgrade.

Minimum level requirement: Lvl 115

Game Data[edit]

Icon slot Magazine.png
Icon HG 2star.png
Icon SMG 2star.png
Icon AR 2star.png
Icon MG 2star.png
Icon RF 2star.png
Icon SG 2star.png
Armour Piercing +110~120
Damage +2~4
Accuracy +3~5
Craft Time

Enhancement values
Stat +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Armour Piercing +110~120 +115~126(1.05x) +121~132(1.1x) +126~138(1.15x) +132~144(1.2x) +137~150(1.25x) +143~156(1.3x) +148~162(1.35x) +154~168(1.4x) +159~174(1.45x) +165~180(1.5x)
Damage +2~4 +2~4(1.05x) +2~4(1.1x) +2~4(1.15x) +2~4(1.2x) +2~5(1.25x) +2~5(1.3x) +2~5(1.35x) +2~5(1.4x) +2~5(1.45x) +3~6(1.5x)
Accuracy +3~5   +3~5


  • The M118 Special Ball Long Range cartridge is the current standard issue Sniper Ammunition used in the US Army. It is mostly associated with the KAC SR-25, otherwise known as the M110, as the firearm was developed around the cartridge, similar to the Finnish with the M39 Mosin and the D166 cartridge during the 2° World War.[1]
  • The cartridge was mostly used in desert environments, and during its tour of duty in the Middle East, soldiers identified some flaws of the M118 Special Ball Long Range:
    • There was a great amount of sensitivity to temperature change: alterations in temperature would lead to alterations in the rate that the powder burned, affecting the consistency of every shot.
    • Muzzle flash generated by the cartridge was severe, posing a risk to a soldier in low light conditions. [1]
  • The M118LR was updated to address these problems. This improved version is designated as the Mk316. Currently, the Mk316 is manufactured by the Federal Cartridge Company. [1]
  • The iteration of the M118LR used by XM3 precedes the creation of the Mk316, and has the following statistics: a 175 Grain (11.34 Grams) Sierra Match King bullet, launched by 44 grains (2.85 Grams) of WC 750 smokeless powder deflagrated by a press fit, non-staked primer No. 43, all contained in a match-grade case. [1]
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