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PNC Story/Symphonic Reprise Nodes

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This is a transcript of event nodes in combat stages of the Symphonic Reprise event in Project Neural Cloud.

Stage 1[edit]

Node Choices
After Cyber Media's golden age dawned, many forms of live performances began experiencing a decline in popularity.
Even marching bands, which had once enjoyed wide appeal, slowly became outdated relics which faded from public view except when they were used to satisfy the upper classes' need for ostentation and extravagance.
However, even a narrow niche which only existed due to the demands of a small group of high society individuals was still a profitable one. After all, wealth and power were eternal.
Perhaps we could develop a Doll to break into this market.
Node Choices Node Choices
Doll Product Code: E-Orchestra.
Number of debugging runs: 1935. Debugging... debugging failed.
Cause of failure: Excessive input from emotional simulation modules detected, resulting in neural cloud overload and activation of self-protection systems.
In short, a failed experiment. In order to simulate a detailed sense of what humans would term "gravitas" in the E-Orchestra, its developers attempted to install many kinds of simulated data into it during the development process.
However, every single one of these experiments failed, either because of a communication conflict between the mainframe and partner machines, or because the mainframe's physical capabilities could not keep pace with the technical demands placed on it, or for some other reason.
"Does anyone know how hard it is to make one of these tin cans act "lofty"? Nobody would even shell out for a bullshit project like this if it wasn't targeted at wealthy customers!"
–Complaints from the project manager.
Let's reconsider our way of approaching the development objective.
Node Choices
After countless experiments, it was found that loading simulation data into the mainframe while greatly decreasing the neural cloud levels of the partner machines was the best solution for balancing performance effects and Doll endurance.
Several E-Orchestra units were produced in this way, achieving excellent results in double-blind tests. With their neural cloud threshold limiters removed, they could function for over 45 hours in an overloaded state.
Note: ideal operating conditions will require the partner machines to have their neural cloud operational levels reduced to 12%.
Let's do that, then.
Node Choices
After the first E-Orchestra was sold, the fame of this brand-new style of marching band Doll began to spread among the upper crust.
Since the E-Orchestra was created expressly to service the needs of upper-class society, its design and operational costs were on par with those of luxury goods. A single second-hand E-Orchestra with experience in entertaining international celebrities would sell for a price that would make even Elon Thomas gasp in awe.
However, this was not an issue to their wealthy buyers, who could spend astronomical sums without blinking an eye. In 2056, the profits from selling a single E-Orchestra was one of the top 5 receipts for that season.
This is great, our efforts have been rewarded.
Node Choices
However, good times don't last, and users soon found problems with the neural clouds of the first E-Orchestras, which had changed hands for astronomical prices.
Their high-end neural clouds and their highly-realistic emotional data caused them to break down at irregular intervals and made it more easy for their neural clouds to overload. Few users were willing to accept the proposed solution of resetting the E-Orchestras and providing compensation either.
"What's the difference between resetting one and buying a new one? Why do you think I bought a secondhand one in the first place!?"
For a time, the E-Orchestra's many problems resulted in the company receiving many complaints, and both the new and used markets saw a calamitous drop in sales. Cyber Media's higher-ups were even considering if they should continue investing in the project to rescue its reputation or to cut their losses and abandon it entirely.
We need to reflect on our mistakes and build a better E-Orchestra.
Node Choices
Still, no situation is truly hopeless, and the project finally managed to turn things around.
A member of royalty from a certain country developed a great interest in the E-Orchestra Dolls after encountering one of them on the second-hand market, and asked Cyber Media to custom-make a special E-Orchestra Doll.
"Everything about this product will be tailored to the wishes of our honored customer, and thus it must be designed to the highest standards to ensure his satisfaction."
And so this customized E-Orchestra unit was born, equipped with Cyber Media's highest-grade technology and hardware while bearing the glory of the product line and the hopes of salvaging its reputation.
Let's call her "Undine".
Node Choices Node Choices
While said royalty could easily obtain the services of a live marching band, he remained fascinated with this E-Orchestra Doll that had been built to his specifications and incorporated his ideas into its design. He had her entertain many guests and granted her the glorious title of being the royal household's exclusive marching band.
This gave rise to feelings of trust and pride in the E-Orchestra... or perhaps it would be more appropriate to address her as "Undine".
Can Dolls really have feelings? And then, one day, her precious master left his country and embarked on a journey to a foreign land. Before he left, he gave her to one of his friends.
Once that friend obtained the ownership rights to her, he sold her off for a high price at a private auction.
"Am I just a Doll to you after all?"
Like the other E-Orchestra units, Undine's neural cloud began to suffer from data confusion malfunctions.
However, her neural cloud and hardware were far superior to standard models, so nobody noticed these issues until they began to affect the quality of her performances.
"Do Dolls have true emotions?"
We can't completely rule out that possibility.
Node Choices Node Choices
Performances, fame, hype, transfers...
What Undine bore, what she experienced and what she was destined to face were not fundamentally different from what other E-Orchestras had to go through.
Even the malfunctions she suffered were the same as theirs, albeit to a greater or lesser degree.
"So I was just a Doll after all."
"Glory, fame, fortune... They're nothing more than crumbs from the table of the truly powerful."
"Once I fall from that grand stage built on a foundation of sand, I'll lose everything I have now..."
But you didn't lose everything. Body Code: SSD-GD88."
"Product Serial Number: CDT0120D80."
"Product Activation Date: 2053.06.26."
"Product Name: Undine."
"Neural Activation Percentage: ?? (Neural cloud program has been encrypted; examination not supported at the moment.)"

"E-Orchestra, CALL NAME: Undine... Verification complete."

>Entered into Project Neural Cloud.
"Welcome to the cloud server, Undine. From now on, you won't have to worry about being resold and you won't have to keep wandering any more."

Stage 2[edit]

Node Choices
Undine searches various discussion forums for people's opinions on marching bands.
"Marching bands are just amusing toys."
"They're for rich people with weird tastes, basically over decorated tools."
"Their fake feelings can't possibly compare to a human."
Train harder and perform better.
Node Choices
"Wow, it's that marching band from just now!"
"It's true, they look so cool! I want awesome friends like them too!"
Undine's keen hearing modules pick up the voices of children.
Look toward the source of the voices and answer with a smile.
Hide and avoid disturbing them.
Node Choices
"You mean him? He sent people over a few times recently."
"Do you actually not know? Alright, I'll tell you, but don't say I said it."
You overhear people whispering to each other.
"Dididi, beeeepâ€\148"
"Are you guys really so interested in this?"
Stay away from them and don't get involved.
Secretly listen in and learn gossip about the Master.
Node Choices
"It's the sound of festival music... I can't believe we can hear it all the way here."
"Dididi, beeeepâ€\148"
"Yes... the Masters have all gone outside, but..."
But we can't. We can't go anywhere without the Masters' permissionâ€\148 Or at least, that's what Undine wanted to say.
However, as she looks at the sheer anticipation on her aides' faces, she swallows her words back down.
Let's look outside from a balcony.
Let's walk around an empty part of the mansion.
We don't have anything planned, so let's go back to our rooms and get some rest.
Node Choices
"What... Did someone collapse?"
Upon listening closer, you hear gasps and exclamations from the distance along with the sounds of a commotion.
"Be careful, don't let the news spread. It's nothing much, but the media are very persistent."
Undine can tell that it's her master's voice.
Walk away quietly and take care not to get involved
What happened? Let's keep listening

Stage 3[edit]

Node Choices
"New instruments? Ours are in acceptable condition and they've been well cared for. There is no need to order new instruments."
"Dididi, beeeepâ€\148"
"Alright then, let's give it a try. After this, we'll... we'll... Wait a minute, where are you guys going?"
"By the time Undine comes to her senses, they have all vanished, leaving her by herself.
"Alert, neural cloud overheating detected. Do you wish to terminate data organization?"
Node Choices
"Still nothing... We haven't gotten any invitations to perform so far."
"Dididi, beeeep–"
"You want to help out too? Hm... Then go sort out the call logs. I'll do the rest."
"I wonder if I should try something else..."
Try contacting a middleman.
Directly contact the secretary who's by the Master's side.
Keep doing what we're already doing
Node Choices
"Hello, is Miss De Lacey in?"
"I want to thank her... I'm just an insignificant Doll, an ordinary Doll with no name, just a serial number."
"Even so... she still helped someone like me without expecting anything in return.
"If you could help me pass on the message..."
Pass on the gift and help him convey his appreciation.
Help him find De Lacey.
Node Choices
"Why have we come here? We lost our memory data too, what's happening?"
"So you CAN be positive if you want to. Alright, we'll do that, then. Let's start by looking for the reason why we lost our memories."
Look for the repair center's logs
Ask De Lacey for help.
Node Choices
"Ahhhh, they're everywhere! Why's there so much stuff here!"
"Ah, excuse me, that young miss over there!"
"Dididi, beeeep?"
"When Undine and the others head over, they find one of the technicians, buried under a mountain of parts.
"Ladies... Could you lend me a hand?"
Sorry, we're busy.
Help him out.

Stage 4[edit]

Node Choices
"Come on, this is too much, why did we have to get a new assignment at a time like this?"
"Right, hey you, that Doll over there! Everyone else is out on dispatch, can you lend me a hand?"
"Sorry about this, it won't take too much of your time. In exchange, I'll help improve your body's efficiency afterwards."
Help him.
Node Choices
After the show ends, there is some time before the preparations for tomorrow's performance.
"Thank you, everyone. Go get some rest. Hm? What's that you're holding?"
"Dididi, beeeep–"
"An empty jar of instrument care oil?
Why are you holding on to this?
Get some rest, everyone. We still have work tomorrow.
Node Choices
"Dididi, beeeep–"
"Yup, we found suitable work and got a paycheck at long last."
"Let's use it to properly prepare ourselves."
Buy new instruments.
Get new uniforms made.
Perform body maintenance.
Node Choices
Did you find new work? That's great, Unni! Congrats!
De Lacey grabs Undine's hands in delight with both of hers, her big tail swishing back and forth rhythmically.
"Then let's have a party today to celebrate! Is there anything you'd like to eat? I'm pretty sure you guys can eat, so is there anything you'd like?"
Um, De Lacey... Thank you very much for everything you've done for us over the past few days.
Node Choices
"Woohoo, I've got a straight flush. Got anything that can top that?"
"Oh, getting cocky are we? Let me remind you that if you lose, you'll be covering my overtime. After all, De Lacey found a ton of data."
"Yes yes, now hurry up, hit or pass!"
"Dididi, beeeep?"
"That's... Hey, it's those aidebots! So it was you guys... Want to play with us? I'll teach you how to play poker."
The technician spots them from nearby and waves them over.
Undine is about to refuse, but then she sees the happiness and eagerness on her aides' faces.
Alright, go take a look, then.
Maybe not.

Stage 5[edit]

Node Choices Node Choices
"You guys, are you alright?!"
"Dididi, beeeep–"
"I'm fine, don't worry about me, you little dorks. Why are you pushing yourselves so hard when you're so badly hurt?!"
"Let me think, there's got to be something we can do–"
We haven't lost everything yet. "Ugh! I... I'm fine! Hurry up and go!"
"The moment Undine pushes her aides away, she is hit by debris from the crusher.
"You guys can still hang in there, right... Come, I'll help you! Just a little longer, we're almost there!"
We'll never let you go!
Node Choices
Dolce, Scherzando! This way!
"The band is back together and they've computed their escape route."Ugh, they're coming! Hurry!"
Take a risk and go by the quickest route.
Detour and take a safe route.
Node Choices
"At last... We stopped it! Now (cough) let's go!"
Undine manages to stop the crusher at great risk to herself, but she paid dearly for it.
Now, the exit is almost within reach.
We can do it!
Node Choices
"Dididi, beeeep–"
"Dididi, beeeep–"
"Dolce, Scherzando, Tranquilo, Maestoso..."
"I... I feel like I've had a very long dream."
"No, for Dolls, that would be a long period of data organization."
I'm so glad you're with me.
We'll be together like this forever.

Matrix Mode[edit]

Node Choices
This is an exquisitely-decorated band chest.
There are brand-new musical instruments and uniforms neatly arranged inside, as well as a pretty new majorette's baton.
They will definitely make the band's performances look good.
Accept these items.