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PNC Story/Quenching Operation/Nodes

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This is a transcript of all event nodes in combat stages of the Quenching Operation event in Project Neural Cloud.

Stage 1[edit]

Node Choices Node Choices

The inspiration for the military instructor Doll came from a decommissioned military Doll. That Doll became a technical verification model for the SI-MT series, testing the rigidity and damage resistance of the framework.

Use military Dolls to test. When testing first started, problems arose nearly everyday. If its joints weren't leaking oil, then its limbs were just suddenly falling off when it moved. It even sprayed oil onto the tech lead's face. Continue producing the SI-MT.
Node Choices Node Choices

The engineers may understand technology, but they do not understand war. Some of them haven't even held a gun in their lives.

Maybe we should hire a consultant who has actually experienced war. We invited retired Special Forces member Captain John Worth to come serve as a development consultant, and ensure the SI-MT fits our customer's military needs. Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Maybe we should give the engineers real guns. Once they got their hands on real guns, the engineers clamored for veterans of battle to instruct them. We brought in retired special forces member Captain John Worth to help with this. In just one day, he let the engineers feel the iron fist of the military.
Node Choices Node Choices

Whether it's a blessing or not is unknown to me, but that bonnie-hat-wearing Captain Worth is as stubborn as a Spanish ox. He's easily irritated and dead set in his ways.

Listen to what he has to say. "This piece of rotten iron is as soft as bread left in the soup pot. How could it possibly used to train soldiers?!" Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Ignore his complaint. Fortunately, no one really cared to listen to his rants. His experience brought in results and that was enough.
Node Choices Node Choices

"Its current performance just barely grazes the standard qualifications for a normal soldier. The idea of it serving as an military instructor is laughable. I don't believe a Doll who can only do this much is qualified to train soldiers." "But this will dramatically increase the speed of wear and tear on the joints. The increased maintenance costs... well, it's akin to designing and building a brand new set of limbs in totality."

"Then I'll just start all over." "Before the final product makes it to the customers, ensure that there are no issues." Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Node Choices Node Choices

The technical department was unable to persuade Captain Worth otherwise, and so his habit of always having a smoke in hand was added to the then just completed SI-MT.

Try out the function. "While on the outside it may look like just an ordinary cigar, the instant it's connected to the SI-MT, the output limiter on the dampener can be unlocked for a short period" Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Node Choices Node Choices

"The project is finally on the right track!" Through the silver tongues of our agents, Svarog Heavy Industries was able to persuade many countries' legislatures and defense departments, as well as some large security companies, to come inspect our products.

Accept the inspection. "General Shepherd was very satisfied, and afterwards, he sent someone over to discuss ordering 20 mass-produced models from the first batch." Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Node Choices Node Choices

"We debated endlessly over the appearance for the SI-MT models." "In the end, four prototypes were made and, after polling votes, we decided to go with the third model: A calm, sturdy, and reliable-looking male figure."

Determine the appearance of the SI-MT series. "This design caters to the preferences to those from military backgrounds. From his appearance to his habits, he received high marks from the military during the test." Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Node Choices Node Choices

"We thought up several names for the upcoming 50th SI-MT: Viper, Mamba, Cobra...there was even a proposal to call it Fischer..."

"Just call it Python." "Why are all of the proposed names based on snakes?"

"It's supposed to be a tribute to a video game. The protagonist specialises in covert operations, is an invincible warrior, and is a good friend to cardboard boxes...huh? Cardboard boxes?"

Proceed with producing SI-MTs.
Node Choices Node Choices
"Product Code: SI-MT"

"Body Code: SST (Tactical)-B6" "Product Serial Number: UX4EJ00050" "Product Activation Time: 2055.03.01" "Product Name: Python" "Neural Activation Percent: 0%"

"SI-MT, CALL NAME: Python... Neural Activation Complete, Authentication Complete, Sensors Activated and in Standby State. Please transmit the first command through external media, such as voice, or touch."

"Call me Sir." "Yes sir." SI-MT production completed.

Stage 2[edit]

Node Choices Node Choices Node Choices
"You're going on your first mission since your activation. See this motley crew?"

"Look at their blank stares, slack jaws, and lackluster conduct. Even standing straight is beyond them. They're no better than spineless monkeys. Whip them into shape and turn them into real soldiers!"

Recall your first command upon activation "The new military instructor Doll? Heh, he's nothing more than a hunk of scrap metal. How long you figure he'll last? Half a year? Three months?"

"One month seems like a good guess. I'll teach you what a real soldier is like."

Continue into the memories. "Training's over. Might I assume you seeking me means that you desire more of it?"

"Don't even think for a damn second that Dolls can rise above humans. I'll commit your so-called 'lessons' to memory. Pray we don't meet again after this, 'Instructor Python'."

Go further down the rabbit hole.
Node Choices
"It's been four hours! Ugh, this guy, is he even the least bit tired?"

"Did you forget? He's a Doll! It'd be even stranger for an iron lump to get tired!"

Let them rest for now
Urge them
Node Choices
"Next Project: Combat Simulation Training. Begin!" Start the drill!
Node Choices
Watching the soldiers discuss their cigars, Python recalled the first time he tried to use his cigar-shaped inhibitor deactivator. He hadn't been able to properly manage the timings, and his body exploded when the output went over the threshold. Go on with the recollection
Shake head
Node Choices
"Dolls are only fit to eat batteries!" the humans shouted as they attacked the Dolls.

This activated the Doll's self defense programs and an all-out melee battle broke out in the cafeteria.

Stop the chaos!
Node Choices
Under the pretense of giving them a preparatory area, Erwin arranged an abandoned warehouse for the Dolls. Teach Erwin a lesson
Placate Evelyn

Stage 3[edit]

Node Choices
The Garbage Recyclers encountered the Python-led military unit. Fight!
Avoid Combat.
Node Choices
During the exercise, soldiers found intact ammo boxes.

Could it be a trap? The top layer, at least, looks fine...

Open the First Layer
Take a chance and open the second layer.
Node Choices
Erwin and Evelyn attempted to cooperate and the two drew up detailed plans.

However, when it came to deciding which one to use, an argument flared up once more.

Stop the Quarrel
Ignore their Quarrel
Node Choices
The Garbage Recyclers encountered the Python-led military unit. Fight!
Avoid Combat
Node Choices
During the exercises, the soldiers found empty areas they could use to rest.

How could they best use these spaces?

Node Choices
During the offensive and defensive drills, Erwin was targeted by the Doll soldiers.

Under their brutal melee assault, he couldn't muster enough resistance before he was soundly defeated.

Record Failure.
Node Choices
During the offensive and defensive drills, Evelyn was specifically targeted by the human soldiers.

Under sniper fire, she was defeated much faster than expected.

Record Failure.

Stage 4[edit]

Node Choices
During the training process, both humans and Dolls utilized the Sandbox to practice.

The humans found that the Dolls were aware of every existing strategy, but struggled to put them into practice.

Let Dolls Try the Strategy
Node Choices
A human scout from the Garbage Recyclers reported an abnormal movement.

After examination, it was found that the source of the movement was a rabbit.

Extra Meal
Set Free
Node Choices
A Doll scout from the Garbage Recyclers scout reported abnormal movements.

After examination, it was found to be bait set by Python.

Start the Battle!
Leave to Conserve your Strength.
Node Choices
After achieving victory against Python's team, the Garbage Recyclers earned an afternoon off. Celebrate with Wine
Move Freely

Stage 5[edit]

Node Choices
Discovered a Nanheng squad Start the battle and collect their gear
Node Choices
The Nanheng soldiers activated Balmung's strengthening module. Stop them!
Node Choices
The Doll rescued the human beside them.

Their injuries were not serious, but it is nevertheless a burden to carry on with wounded soldiers whose functions are far below that of Dolls.

Advance with Human Soldiers
Place the Human Soldiers Somewhere Safe
The human soldier rescued the Doll next to them.

But the Doll was already in no condition to fight. Before shutting down, they handed over their equipment to their temporary comrade.

Node Choices
Encountered electronic interference from the Nanheng soldiers. Fight!
Node Choices
An unusual fog floated into the battlefield, obstructing vision. Make Use of the Fog.
Clear the Fog.

Challenge Stage[edit]

Node Choices
[DATA CODE: #0012]

[System Login Complete. Reading Files.] "The SI-MT... is named Python, right? Impressive, despite such a long service record, he's never been absent from duty, not even once." "Not even once? I can't believe that he's never been injured on a mission." "As long as the schedule says he's on duty at 6, you'd definitely see him standing at attention at 5:30, no matter how injured he was the day before." "...That's a little hard to imagine." "Consider; does your alarm clock ring later just because it's broken? It's no different for Python. He's a machine, after all."

Python's steeled body and iron will have gotten him far on the battlefield.
Node Choices
[DATA CODE: #0019]

[System Login Complete. Reading Files.] "This guy can't help but be cautious. Even when picking up an empty water bottle off the ground, he'll probe the gap a few times with his knife. Is all that really necessary?" "Seems it's some kind of habit he picked up from the battlefield. Some guerrillas will hide IEDs under garbage or corpses, and if they're moved carelessly, well, that's all she wrote. That's probably why he's missing his right eye." "That's damn cruel." "Python and the other SI-MTs were born for these cruel realities. They constantly train soldiers to learn to face such situations."

"On the battlefield, iron and blood is the truth, courage and fearlessness are nothing before them."
Node Choices
[DATA CODE: #0039]

[System Login Complete. Reading Files.] "We were reviewing the test footage and discovered that when Python encounters a military dog, his Neural System will undergo strange fluctuations. The other SI-MTs don't experience anything of the sort./q "Is it like the fear that a human feels when seeing a fierce dog?" "You could think of it like that... hold on, I found a maintenance record." "How is that in any way related?" "Last quarter, during a training exercise, Python had his arm torn off by a military dog in a surprise attack. Fortunately, he was able to subdue it in the end." "I see. I can totes imagine that. But if that happened to a human, there's no way that the footage would make it on TV."

No wonder Python always brings an extra suit of armor with him when going to battle with Abigail.
Node Choices
[DATA CODE: #0121]

[System Login Complete. Reading Files.] "To fulfill Captain Worth's request, we imprinted a smoking habit into SI-MT's Neural Cloud." "That's totally useless, even as a passing curiosity." "We know that a Doll can't really smoke, so we made a power bank that he can pretend to smoke." "He can't really smoke, so why does he collect all these lighters? Is it fun to just have them lying around? Wait just a second... a 1930 Karl Wieden? How in the world did he get this?"

Maybe these rare lighters can boost one's combat ability?
Node Choices
[DATA CODE: #0493]

[System Login Complete. Reading Files.] "The guy with the mohawk completed the CQB test in 18 seconds. Another wearing a skull mask completed it in 17 seconds." "That's just about the limits of human training, now let's see what Python can do!" "..." [Bang Bang! Crash! Bang!] "I couldn't even see what he was doing, the targets just fell down. Then, he jumped down from the second floor platform and used his ice axe to cut down the last target." "16.2 seconds. Almost a second faster than the skull mask."

Don't know why, but there's a saying recorded in the SI-MT's battle think tank that states: "In combat, speed rules."
Node Choices

[OASIS Database Login Complete, Play Recording] "The instructor...? He is both serious and reliable. I don't think anyone here has had any real disputes with him." "He can be pretty harsh, but this is the military we're talking about. I don't think there's much discussion about whether such behavior is right or wrong." "I didn't expect to see him here again. Even here, in this... I don't even know what to call this world. His aura, nevertheless remains the same." "Ever since that farewell, he must have experienced many, many things."

Past experience enriches the fullness of our lives.