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Groove Profile Quotes
MDJ model "Groove"
Full name MDJ model "Groove"
Index 1021
Rarity 1
Class Specialist
Affinity Supporter
Affiliation/Company Cyber Media
Birthday 8-Dec
Voice actor Kuroki Honoka
Artist Unknown
Released on CN (音流), EN, TW, KR, JP
Arma Inscripta "Pulsating Soundwave" (CN, EN)

Playable character in Project: Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Initial stats scaling[edit]

Type Rating
Attack Growth C
Hashrate Growth C
HP Growth C
Physical DEF Growth C
Operand DEF Growth C


How to use
Max HP Crit Rate
Attack Crit Damage
Hashrate Physical Penetration
Physical Defense Operand Penetration
Operand Defense Dodge Rate
Attack Speed Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm Slots[edit]

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

Icon PNC Algorithm Offense.png Offense Icon PNC Algorithm Stability.png Stability Icon PNC Algorithm Special.png Special

Preferred and Disliked Gifts[edit]

  • Preferred gifts
    • Item Coffee.png Coffee
    • Item Chocolate Sundae.png Chocolate Sundae
    • Item Oden.png Oden
  • Disliked gifts
    • Item Teddy Bear.png Teddy Bear
    • Item Cartoon Doll.png Cartoon Doll
    • Item Plushie Charm.png Plushie Charm

Background info[edit]

The MDJ model by Cyber Media comprises radio and club music disk jockey dolls. They are popular due to their ability to master a variety of genres and even have a degree of creativity. One story about MDJs recounts that the Doll bad ZIGGY once received a demo tape from an artist called Heartbeat. ZIGGY adopted the track "Stardust", which became an instant hit. ZIGGY confirmed that an MDJ Doll had created the song but wouldn't reveal her name. "Let your restless heartbeat dance to the rhythm of the music, becoming one with this sleepless starry night!"[1]



Main artworks

Alternative artwork

Alternate expressions


The loudspeakers in Groove's Neural Expansion artworks are branded “SOAIY”, and form a shape suspiciously similar to the electronics brand “SONY”.