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Full name Acheron
Affiliation KCCO
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi animation

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Stats / Data

  • Classification: Machine
  • Damage: None
  • Accuracy: None
  • Attack range: None
  • Health: Low
  • Armor value: None
  • Evasion: None
  • Movement speed: Stationary


Makes their appearance in Major Event Polarized Light.


A stationary enemy unit which is deployed several tiles away in their respective formations. Although it possess no offensive stats or any forms of damage, its primarily a support unit and will provide HP shields to all enemy units.

They dont possess much HP and can be taken out with ease, RF's and dolls which are able to change their targeting are also effective in taking it out immediately. As its a sole 1x dummy linked unit, explosives is not recommended against formations that has one present, due to the HP shields the enemy grants, it will greatly hinder your Grenades effectiveness, Molotovs can still work for their DoT damage, otherwise focus on using high DPS or burst echelons such as ARSMG or echelons with MGs present.