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Ouroboros Elite

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Ouroboros Elite
Full name SP24WR "Ouroboros" Elite
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Ookubo Rumi
Released on CN (), TW, KR (), EN, JP ()
Chibi animation

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The Elite version of Ouroboros, appearing in Operation Cube Plus.

“A high-spec elite Sangvis Doll adept at combat and tactical simulations. With extremely good performance in every aspect, she is an all-rounder on the battlefield. Having acquired a myriad of combat data, her capabilities have improved even further. She is very self-assured and conceited...but has little actual combat experience and is too unpredictable even for her allies, so having her join the fray comes with its own risks.”


Operation Cube Plus E2-4


Ouroboros's elite version, encountered in E2-4, now has Armor Piercing capabilities and greater Evasion. In addition, her skill covers a wider area upon activation and is much more dangerous. Despite her upgrades, however, your strategy for dealing with this Ringleader will remain mostly the same: avoid bringing slow T-Dolls into combat with her, and be sure to kite your units to avoid her missile salvos.

Sangvis Tactics - Ouroboros

Open the rear ends of her round floating cannons, then fire four guided missiles at the flagged locations, doing a total of 2x damage to characters on those tiles.

Weaver's Missile Salvo

Lock onto the 4 most distant enemies deal unavoidable damage.

Lore / Story involvement

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