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Full name Dactyl
Affiliation KCCO
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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"Dactyl" model minelayer drone

A military-grade remote-controlled minelayer. Dactyl drones are the fastest enemies in the game by far, and will charge straight ahead, dropping explosive mines directly in front of advancing enemy troops. Unlike other military units, which are named after Greek mythological creatures, Dactyl is a English word derived from Greek daktylos, meaning "finger".

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Armoured Machine
  • Damage: High
  • Accuracy: N/A
  • Attack range: N/A
  • Health: Very Low ~ Moderate
  • Armor value: Moderate
  • Evasion: N/A
  • Movement speed: Extreme


Dactyls make their appearance throughout Singularity


Dactyls are unique compared to other enemies in that they ignore dolls entirely, stopping only to drop a mine behind them. When they hit the edge of the screen, they die instead of forcing your dolls to retreat. Mines do a large amount of damage when stepped on but are stationary hazards and can be easily avoided. Do be cautious, as Dactyls are currently the fastest enemy unit in the game and may catch some players off-guard by how quick they are. Blink and you'll miss it.

MG dolls and AR dolls can easily kill Dactyls.