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Baba Lyuba

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Baba Lyuba
Full name Baba Lyuba
Artist LIN+[1][2]
Affiliation Vory v Zakone
Released on CN (柳芭老妈), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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“A boss of the Vory. She may be past the age of 50, but she is still spirited and mighty in battle. Dual wielding shotguns and driving her high-speed wheelchair, she can nimbly dodge obstacles in her way and make savage attacks on both her enemies and their wallets.”


Longitudinal Strain (“Ghost” deathstack boss)


  • Berserk: Deal 3 instances of damage to random enemy units, firing 10 times in total. Berserk state becomes permanent when this unit's HP falls below 50%.
  • Robbery: Each attack that hits a target grants self a shield.

Lore / Story involvement


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  • As their 2023 April Fools, Sunborn announced Baba Lyuba would be their next Protocol Assimilation unit.
  • According to LIN+, Baba Lyuba was originally planned to use a modified sprite of Elia, but the characters were too different and LIN+ used his “ability to draw old characters fast” to produce a new illustration.[2]