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Fail (Boss)
Full name Fail (Boss)
Affiliation Collaboration Events
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Stats / Data

Glory Day's

Fail (Boss)
link= Health Health 38000(x1)
link= Damage Damage 26 link= Evasion Evasion 7
link= Accuracy Accuracy 46 link= Rate of Fire Rate of Fire 45
link= Movement Speed Move Speed 50 link= Armor Armor 0
link= Armor Penetration Armor Pen. 10 Range 7
Boss of E2-3 (End of the Moonlight)
Fail (Boss)
link= Health Health 280000(x1)
link= Damage Damage 70 link= Evasion Evasion 15
link= Accuracy Accuracy 68 link= Rate of Fire Rate of Fire 120
link= Movement Speed Move Speed 50 link= Armor Armor 0
link= Armor Penetration Armor Pen. 40 Range 8
Boss of E4-3 (End of the Moonlight EX)


The boss of the Glory Day collaboration as well as obtainable EXTRA Doll, a rather bizarre boss when compared to previous ones but a challenging one none the less. Fail comes in 2 versions, the ones which you'll encounter on the final maps of E2-3 and E4-3 and the "Special" versions you'll encounter on a few of the maps.

The Boss version of Fail is an interesting boss with how you combat her, the biggest threat on the field isn't Fail herself, its her escorts, what makes Fail difficult is her huge sums of HP and large waves of Striker's which she'll continuously send at you, resulting in death by thousand cuts if you're not careful, Fail's only skill in the battle is "Oblivion", after a brief windup and immunity state, Fail will highlight 2 random tiles on our side of the field, what do these do? well... they buff us... for some reason. The frontline will receive a Yellow spotlight occupying one of the 3 frontline tiles which will grant a persistent and substantial EVA buff to the T-doll present under that spotlight. while the Red spotlight will occupy one of the random middle and backline tiles granting whoever is under that spotlight and persistent and substantial DMG buff.

Recommended echelons should consist of an RFHG echelon with an SMG tank though you may need to occasionally move both your RF's to reset their targeting to defeat incoming Strikers so that you minimise damage done to your tanking SMG, or an ARSMG echelon using certain ARs. Due to the nature of this battle, you're strongly advised to move one of your tanking SMG's onto the yellow spotlights as soon as you see Fail readying her skill. As for recommended dolls, movement speed modifying dolls such as HG P30Thumb button.pngP30 , SMG MP7Thumb button.pngMP7  and RF Hanyang Type 88Thumb button.pngHanyang Type 88  MOD3 are very useful in this battle as they'll be able to move themselves onto highlighted tiles with ease and capitalise on the buffs given. AR's such as AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB , AR AUGThumb button.pngAUG  and AR SAR-21Thumb button.pngSAR-21  are also ideal to bring into this battle as their skills can adjust their targeting without having to move the doll and minimise DPS.

Lastly, the battle against Fail is a battle of attrition, as long as your girls can out-last Fail, you win. When you get Fail below 10% HP, all summoned Striker units who are still in their advancing motion, will be killed off.

Now for the other version of Fail, in a few of the maps, you may see Fail sitting behind a one-way route. As you progress through the event, you'll step on the information nodes and they all advise you to bring HG ClearThumb button.pngClear  before engaging this version of Fail. They're not wrong on this statement, as this Fail has a force shield active blocking all forms of damage, meaning she cannot be killed if you dont have Clear in your echelon, so save yourself a headache and bring Clear, you dont even need to train her, just one attack from Clear will destroy Fail's shield allowing our echelon to defeat her, alternatively... should players who have obtained HG Desert EagleThumb button.pngDesert Eagle  during a certain Major Event... you can bring her to defeat Fail if you want, her passive bypasses all shielding types. Upon defeating her one of the members of ATK will turn to our side, if you end your turn here, they'll engage the other member and you'll be brought into the DJ MAX mini-game. A Rhythm game with 4 corridors requiring you to tap to the beat of the song and in time with incoming notes, this might be slightly difficult if you're playing the game via emulator, so you may wish to setup some keybindings beforehand just for this mini-game, its really fun.