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M2HB Quotes
Gun Information
Full name Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, HB
Country of origin United States
Manufacturer various
Game Information
Faction Griffin & Kryuger
Manufactured /
Revised by
Voice actor Iwamatsu Izumi
Artist 15K (Original Artist);

染羽 (Blazing Tarmac)

Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi Animation

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How to obtain[edit]

NORMALHEAVY Timer 6:10:00. See T-Doll Production for details.

DROP Can be obtained from many battle stages from Chapter 3-2E onward.

REWARD Not obtained as a reward

Exclusive Equipment[edit]

There is no exclusive equipment for this T-Doll.

Stats / Data[edit]

108(x1)215(x1) / 1075(x5) 40(x1) / 140(x5) 30(x1) / 90(x5)
42 102
3 16
3 18
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
72 100
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Clip Size
 Clip Size
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon HP Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png

Affects shotguns
Increases damage by 22%

Weapon Background[edit]

The M2 Machine Gun (Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, Ma Deuce) is a heavy machine gun designed towards the end of World War I by John Browning. It was nicknamed Ma Deuce by US troops or simply called "fifty-cal" in reference to its caliber. The design has had many specific designations; the official designation for the infantry type is Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, HB, Flexible.

The Browning .50 machine gun has been used extensively as a vehicle weapon and for aircraft armament by the United States from the 1920s to the present day. It was heavily used during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, as well as during operations in Iraq in the 1990s and 2000s. It is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO countries, and has been used by many other countries. It is still in use today. It was very similar in design to the smaller M1919 Browning machine gun .30-06 Springfield.[1]

The Browning M2 is the most produced Heavy Machine Gun, of which 3 million units were manufactured.


Main artwork

Gallery consisting of artworks used primarily in-game.

Alternative artwork

Alternate gallery consisting of artworks with slight alterations as well as miscellaneous artworks.


  • The Browning M2 has 2 variants: Ground and Aircraft, which both proved effective in various roles.
    • The Ground Version of the M2, known as M2HB (Heavy Barrel) has increased barrel thickness and a perforated barrel jacket to facilitate air-cooling with a rate of fire of 450-575 RPM. During World War II, the M2HB proved its effectiveness when using AP and API rounds: the round could penetrate the engine blocks of low-flying aircraft, effectively burning the engine and forcing the plane out of the sky. The M2HB can also be compared to WWI's M1897 trench gun, in that German troops hated and feared the weapon. There are reports of Wehrmacht units breaking off from engagements once they heard the distinct noise of the M2HB returning fire.
    • The Aircraft Version of the M2, dubbed M2LB (Light Barrel) or properly designated AN/M2, had a lighter barrel and no cooling jacket. It also had a higher rate of fire (around 800 RPM) than the M2HB. The AN/M2 was favored by many USAF pilots and crews, due to its effectiveness at damaging enemy aircraft. This, and a massive ammo reserve, led to the AN/M2 becoming a primary armament for most U.S. aircraft. From the P-26 Peashooter to the F-80 Shooting Star, the AN/M2 .50 cal was used in early jet fighters until it was replaced by the more effective, faster-firing, and harder-hitting 20mm rotary cannon.
    • M2 was also became main defensive weapon for U.S medium and heavy bombers, from B-34 Ventura to B-29 Super Fortress.
  • In 1967, the famous sniper, Carlos Norman Hathcock, using an attached 10x Unertl Scope on an M2HB instead of his Winchester M70, set the record for the longest confirmed kill at 2,500 yards. This record was not broken until 2002. Though it has been quite some time since anyone went sniping with an M2HB, .50BMG continues to be pressed into long-range sniping roles out of anti-materiel rifles such as the Barrett M82A1 and PGM Hecate II.[2]
    • There are photos of US soldiers during the Korean War using M2HBs with scopes attached, similar to the setup Hathcock would later use for his longest kill.[3]
  • Before .50 BMG Anti-Material Rifles became standard in the 80s, the US Cavalry experimented with deploying the M2 as a semi-automatic heavy rifle, known as the M2 "Anti-Mechanization Weapon". Unlike the standard M2, the M2 AMW consists of a spring-loaded shoulder pad, pistol grip with trigger, and T3 Prismatic Optic Sight. Though the weapon could be broken down into two pieces for transport, it was still excessively heavy, with the heavier of the two parts weighing 77lbs. Development of the M2 AMW was halted shortly before the US entered WWII.[4]
  • The Soviet equivalent of the M2HB was the DShK, chambered in 12x108mm. This weapon was used by the USSR in anti-air and infantry support roles throughout WWII and the Cold War. Though the it was replaced by the NSV and Kord 6P50, the DShK is still used by separatists and rebels in conflicts today. These days, both M2HBs and DShKs can be seen mounted on technical trucks and several Main Battle Tanks.
  • The M3 Browning was an improvement of the M2HB announced during WWII. It features an electronically feeding belt mechanism, a modified barrel extension, and a lightened bolt that increases its Rate of Fire to 1200 RPM. Like the M2HB, the M3 comes in a fixed version intended for fighter plane armament and a flexible version which can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as door gunning in a helicopter. Generally, M3 parts are cheaper and come in better condition than M2 parts.
  • During WWII, M3 Half-Tracks were converted into Mobile Anti-Aircraft emplacements by putting an M45 Quadmount (4 M2HBs which can be operated by single person, known as the M16A2 MGMC), popularly dubbed the 'Krautmower' or 'Meat Chopper'. The 4-gun setup was chosen because the fire rate of the M2HB (450-575 RPM) was considered too slow to reliably hit German dive bombers. The M45 Quadmount became less effective against high-speed fighters and jet-powered bombers during the Cold War, however they were still useful for suppressing enemy infantry in combat. Each gun held 200 rounds in M2 "Tombstone" ammo boxes.[5]
  • M2HB considered as an oldest heavy machine gun that still being in service at US Army, while 2nd as an oldest firearms which still being used in the world after M1911.
  • M2HB is the first and only MG with a "big-bore" (larger than .375) caliber in GFL. Appropriately, she has a highest base damage out of all MGs.