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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Full name Hydra
Affiliation KCCO
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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"Hydra" model military-grade armoured unit

A military-grade armoured unit. Like their Sangvis Ferri-captured cousins, the "Manticore" models, they are equipped with state of the art assault weapons, and possess astounding ranged damage output as well as outstanding defensive capability. Its undercarriage cannon is now supported by two smaller guns mounted on the top of the machine and its armor is sign however, they are not as mobile as their SF counterparts and possess no evasion. Like other military units, it is named after a Greek mythological creature, the Learnaean Hydra.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Armoured Machine
  • Damage: High ~ Extreme
  • Accuracy: High
  • Attack range: Short ~ Moderate
  • Health: Very High ~ Extreme
  • Armor value: Extreme
  • Evasion: N/A
  • Movement speed: Slow


Hydra's make their first appearance in Chapter 10-4E and throughout Singularity


Second only to the Typhon in devastating firepower within the military ranks, the Hydra represents some of the toughest enemies in the game, with armor values exceeding 200 and individual units having health comparable to mid game bosses. Every attack can be expected to annihilate an unlucky dummy link and fighting these titans is a feat reserved for experienced commanders with very specific setups. In addition, Hydras possess a devastating grenade salvo skill that will trigger on the off chance that anything survives long enough against them. These units are often given extremely predictable movement patterns on the map, usually serving as more as obstacles to be avoided (or, in some cases, baited around) than enemies to be fought.

In the event a fight with these is inevitable, an RF HG team with fully upgraded AP ammo is highly recommended. Kiting (moving your dolls around to delay the enemy) is usually required. In the event your RFs cannot deal damage fast enough, expect heavy casualties. Good luck.

Lore / Story involvement



Received a seasonal chibi swap during the Unheard Legends of Azure Seas seasonal event, turning it into a weaponized... hermit... crab... doesn't that sound familiar?