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Nyto Hawkeye

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Nyto Hawkeye
Full name Nyto Hawkeye
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN (), JP ()
Chibi animation

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A variant of the Nyto Black.

“An elite Nyto that is mass-produced by Avernus. She uses a sniper rifle as a primary weapon and can accurately strike fatal blows on her opponents' weaknesses from extremely long distances.”


Introduced in Fixed Point.


This rifle-wielding Nyto Black has high accuracy and uses the Silencing skill to launch a charged attack at the enemy unit with the highest HP. This attack is guaranteed to hit and pierce through the target. Moves backward after losing a certain amount of HP.

Nyto Hawkeyes are a terrifying presence on the battlefield. They are quite similar to a Jaeger (SWAP) with their long range, frail nature, accurate, hard-hitting attacks and charge shots that aim at 8 seconds, fired 1 second later. The two major differences are the piercing nature of the charge shots, which will severely injure both the tank and the DPS units behind them, and the Hawkeye's ability to leap backward whenever they lose a link, often out of range of the echelon.

Avoid startling Hawkeyes as you draw them in as close as possible, as Hawkeyes will gain extended range against their current target should they leap back. Then, strike back with retargeting ARs such as AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB  and AR QBZ-191Thumb button.pngQBZ-191 . ARs are preferred, as they have enough movement speed to chase after Hawkeyes in the event some do escape. QBZ-191 in particular excels at combating the Hawkeye, as her Silencing skill disables both the charge shot and their ability to leap backward.