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Minor Characters

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This article covers characters with minor roles in Girls' Frontline media.

Girls' Frontline[edit]

57th Guards Division, 3rd Platoon[edit]

The 3rd Platoon of the 57th Guards Division of the Neo-Soviet Union was a small recon unit active during World War Three. In 2051, they were led by Junior Lieutenant Anna Tsoi, a fresh graduate from Command College, during a mission in the Southwest Pacific when every member except for Tsoi were killed by Paradeus. There were three known members in the Platoon:

  • Alexander: a veteran soldier who considered the military his last home after the death of his wife. He was the only one to respect Tsoi's position despite her young age.
  • Wiktor: a gruff soldier who distrusted Tsoi due to her age and ambition. His corpse was captured by Paradeus for their experiments.
  • Pan: a young soldier who wanted to be a poet.

Whether or not 3rd Platoon and its members really existed in 2051 is unsure, because when RPK-16 manipulated Anna's memories, she disguised herself as Alexander to try and manipulate her.[1]


A service robot from HG MakarovMakarovMakarov's Neural Upgrade story. Makarov uses it to run an experiment on the ability of AIs to choose their own fate. Her name (艾莉塔) is derived from the main character of Tolstoy's novel Aelita, or The Decline of Mars.


Miss Passadou's servant Doll from Butterfly in a Cocoon, an old model. She met a tragic fate to please her owner.


Armin Ismailovich Ibrahimov (艾赫明•易卜拉欣莫夫, tentatively transcribed Арми́н Ибрагимов Исмаилович) is one of the two sons of Ismaili Ibrahimov,[2] the older brother of Ramzan Ibrahimov and the adoptive brother of Anna Tsoi. When Ismaili adopted Anna, he explained to Ramzan that their role as her older brothers was to always protect her, a mission that Ramzan always attempted to see through despite clashing with Anna.[3]

During the massacre of American residents of Beslan by the local Guard Regiment in Operation Eternal Flame in 2047, Armin opposed the Guard and shielded Martha Meitner and her daughter Sana with his body. When the Guard accused him of protecting the enemy of the Motherland, Armin replied that they merely pretending to be strong by killing women and children. Since Armin wouldn't budge, Ramzan had no choice but to betray the Guard to protect his older brother.[4] Despite his courage, Armin was killed by a bullet to the head during the terrorist attack on Beslan[3] in 2050.[2] To honor his promise to Armin, Ramzan protected Anna first by forbidding her to join the military (which she did regardless),[3] then sacrificed himself to protect her when they attempted to capture Meitner in 2051.[5] When Meitner resurrected Ramzan under the name Ganglati and manipulated his memories, she convinced him that Anna was the one who had killed Armin in cold blood.[3]

The near totality of information about Armin come from Slow Shock Part 1, which is told through unreliable narration.[6] As such, details of his biography should be considered with caution until confirmed by other sources. Though his first name is unconfirmed, his existence is proven in the second Confidential Files, which mention that Ismaili Ibrahimov had two sons of 15 at the time of Anna's adoption.[2]

Valeriy Belenko[edit]

A famous chess-player who fell into obscurity, tutored XM8 and died during World War Three. During her Neural Upgrade story, AR XM8XM8XM8 discovers his farewell message to her.

Catherine Ponzi[edit]

A Doll making a living with scams along with her partner Maggie. Also spelled “Katherine” in Eclipses & Saros and Colt Walker's quotes. She is the same rare doll model as SMG MP41MP41MP41[7] and her appearance reuses MP41's sprite, with just a different hat, long sleeves and no gun, armband, tie and shoulder insignia.

Under the name Miss Poker, she was initially trained during World War Three by Miss Catherine the Fox Sisterhood to be an expert cheater at poker, but due to the betting scene shifting online she was about to be sold and scrapped until Miss Séance, another Doll of working for the Sisterhood, hired her to add effects to her séances with her card tricks.[8] Because she feared being abandoned, Miss Poker became interested in Miss Séance's supposed immunity among the Sisterhood, and learned that she was running electronic tasks the others couldn't. Because Miss Séance could crash due to her workload, Miss Poker had Séance hire her as her bodyguard to get a secure job.[9]

When the Fox Sisterhood disappeared in the chaotic times after the end of World War Three, Séance and Poker were among the last of their Dolls to leave and try to survive by themselves, but Miss Poker ended up alone after Miss Tourguide was attacked and torn apart by thugs and Séance crashed for an entire year from the trauma of seeing her death.[10] Miss Poker continued protecting her and, in a twist of fate, managed to make a profit off the revival of physical poker gambling by selling her cheating modules for a high price. After Séance awakened, they agreed to become con artists and to take the names of their former owners for themselves: Miss Séance became Maggie Ponzi, and Miss Poker became Catherine Ponzi.[11]

In 2062, Maggie was forced to associate with Nikolai Vasilyevich[12] and the Dolls attempted to run with his money, not expecting Nikolai to be a member of the Vory v Zakone. Catherine was captured and cast in cement by the gangsters, but Maggie managed to free her by taking a blind contract with Paradeus, who were associated with the Vory.[13] Paradeus modified Maggie's neural cloud and had her and Catherine run a virtual black market operation aboard the Intercontinental Railway called the “Colt Express”, which enabled Paradeus' Bee Sting surveillance system to monitor the railway.[14] Aboard the Colt Express, Maggie used the identifier Queen of Hearts while Catherine used the King of Hearts, since Maggie felt Catherine was the true genius scammer of their duo.[15]

In the later months of 2064, Catherine sold tickets to the Colt Express to Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Pavel Marmontov and Erma Hume.[16] During the Vory's armed robbery, Baba Lyuba's right hand Danil attempted to destroy Catherine as she protected Maggie but Maggie saved her and Catherine was shot in the leg instead.[14] Because she could not move after the KCCO attacked the train, she volunteered to trap Tareus in her neural space for ten minutes, buying enough time for Lyudmila to call an air bombardment and eliminate the attackers.[17] Erma later noticed that her signal was gone,[15] but it is unlikely Catherine truly disappeared since she kept 80 backups of her neural cloud at all times.[13]

At some point, Catherine and Quimby also sold a black market Doll to Cheryl.[18]


An young and mercurial author living in Berlin, Germany.

During the Berlin Metropolitan School kidnapping incident of 1st December 2050, Cheryl suffered temporary blindness after receiving a blow to the head and was left behind during evacuation. A Doll from Daybreak Squad, using the nickname “Big Sis” to conceal her identity, took her to safety and distracted her while waiting for the operation to end by talking about her job as a special ops soldier. “Big Sis” gave Cheryl a spent ammo casing to remember her by.[19][20]

Inspired by the 2050 incident, Cheryl became a thrillers author.[19] In late 2064, Cheryl met “Samo”, a Doll over a decade old she received instead of a black market domestic Doll from Catherine and Quimby. Since Quimby only gave her a two-person trip to Frankfurt in compensation, Cheryl begrudgingly took Samo with her on the trip.[18] Samo proved unexpectedly helpful despite the lethargy caused by her weak batteries and protected Cheryl during an attack on the train station. They found a bomb in the restroom where they took refuge, but Cheryl had prepared a liquid nitrogen gun among her paranoiac preparations and neutralized it.[21]

After Samo left hurriedly to throw off her sister who was pursuing her,[22] Cheryl recognized the type of ammo she used and believed she had been reunited with her “Big Sis”.[19] Samo explained that she hosted the memories of most of her team and couldn't say if she was the one who had saved Cheryl that day. Cheryl outfitted her with a new battery and Samo left as to not involve her further in the fight with her sister.[23][24] Meeting Cheryl eventually enabled Samo to differentiate between the identities in her neural cloud and reclaim her own name, Amaris, and role, to defeat Aliana.[25]

After joining the Stasi, Amaris read in the news that Cheryl's latest novel using her as the heroine, titled Romance of the Nitrogen Freeze Gun, had become a best-seller.[26]


Lieutenant Dragović was a member of the guards of Belgrade. He led a final-stand of sorts in the Isomer event. He assumedly died defending Belgrade with his men.

In a final line of communications with Angelia, Dragović agrees with her that every ELID infected killed by them bought time for the civilians of Belgrade. He decides to abide by his orders to defend the city's wall, and urges Angelia to retreat from the wall and leave the rest to him and his men.

Colonel Dupieux[edit]

A member of the Stasi's Second Main Directorate, assigned to the surveillance of the Military Sector HQ of Saint Petersburg.[27] In actuality a Paradeus mole working under the name “Polar Bear”. Angelia was lured to Bremen instead of Berlin because of an error on his part.[28] After realizing his cover was blown, he sought protection from “Evangelist”,[27] but he was trapped by Q when he tried to leave the Neo-Soviet Union by foot.[29]


The leader of the Paradeus community in Bohnsdorf, Germany.[30] She caused the mass-suicide of the community by activating a Iaso's Box.[31]


A refugee girl from Bohnsdorf who admire Machlian.[30] She died of ELID during the mass suicide of the community[31] and was later buried with Machlian in an unnamed tomb by the Commander.[32]

Engineer 402[edit]

A Doll-designer Doll working for IOP. He designed G36C's model, but in his pursuit of the perfect Tactical Doll he created a violent AI capable of deleting a Doll's personality. He sacrifices himself to wipe the AI from SMG G36CG36CG36C during her Neural Upgrade story.

The Fairy Queen[edit]

A rogue  Golden Fairy at the Griffin base who declared itself queen of the Tactical Fairy drones. She claims to be able to grant wishes. After her run-in with the queen during her Neural Upgrade story, AR G3G3G3 is selected as the head of the General Support department and manages the fairies. She makes another appearance in SMG MP5MP5MP5's Vietnamese Balm costume story, complaining about the Griffin base being too cold.

Lae Fritsch[edit]

A woman from the clockmaking village Falzheim, most likely in Germany, who appears in RF Kar98kKar98kKar98k's Neural Upgrade story. She is a gifted infiltrator who uses shadows like she could disappear in them.

Lae was born in Falzheim, a village specializing in clockmaking, where all inhabitants wore a locally produced pocket watch they used like dog-tags. Lae, her friend Annett and a number of other villagers joined the military to defend their village, but after only Lae and Annett were left alive and they returned to Falzheim to bury the watches of their dead, they found that Falzheim had been destroyed. Lae and Annett later took part in a campaign against an enemy faction entrenched in a fortified position at Massegis Pass, which would be their last battle before leaving the military. The campaign was going well until its commander was killed and replaced with Captain Reynard Renfield, an inexperienced officer who had gained her rank through nepotism.

The Massegis Pass campaign slowed to a crawl because of Reynard, until she received a final deadline from upper command. In a panic, Reynard ordered an all-out frontal assault, while a contingent of Dolls would distract the enemy's armored units. During the assault, Annett was wounded, and Reynard shot her dead so the rest of the troops would press the attack. In revenge, Lae sneaked up behind Reynard, took off her helmet and shot her, blowing off her head. She then recovered Annett's pocket watch and ran away.

The rest of the human soldiers would end up killed during the assault, with Lae as the only survivor. However, Lae was soon after encircled and captured as a deserter by Reynard, back in command of surviving military Dolls. “Reynard” enrolled Lae's infiltration skills for their stealthy approach of the enemy command post. As they entered the forest by night, Lae successfully gave the slip to “Reynard” three times but they always managed to recapture her. While trying to knock “Reynard” out, Lae ralized she was actually an unknown Doll in disguise.

“Reynard” and Lae eventually reached the enemy command post and found that the enemy commanders had actually committed suicide. But with all her comrades dead, Lae threw Annett's watch in frustration, stopping it at 08:55, and shot at “Reynard” in an attempt to cover her traces. “Reynard” revealed her true identity as Doll No.35019 of the detachment that had distracted the enemy's armors. Lae insisted that one of them should die to protect both their secrets, but No.35019 refused and passed on to Lae a memento of a former comrade, which carried the message to always keep living no matter what. Lae took Reynard's uniform back to her corpse to cover 35019's traces and deserted. 35019 declared herself the only survivor and would later join Griffin & Kryuger under the name Kar98k.

A year later, Lae would invite Kar to meet again in the rebuild Falzheim, identifying her letter by a picture of the pocket watch stopped at 08:55. Kar left the base without warning in order to dodge her upcoming neural upgrade and ensure Lae would recognize her appearance. Since the Commander and SMG MP41MP41MP41 had followed Kar in Falzheim after investigating her disappearance, Lae tased MP41 and tied her up in a vacant lot to draw the Commander away and speak with Kar privately about their new lives.


A famous poet who disappeared in his old age to become an hermit. Her biggest fan SMG F1F1F1 manages to find him before during her Neural Upgrade story.

Arthur Hume[edit]

Doctor[33][34][35][36] (sometimes Professor)[37] Arthur Hume was a Doll scientist who headed the Human Intelligence Research Project for Statesec.[38] He also privately sold the Doll technology he created. While his research was the peak of innovation, Hume's experiments were considered inhumane because his Doll subjects usually went mad and their neural cloud had to be melted down.[36] Hume created many experimental Dolls during his career, the 63rd being Instructor Я, a Tactical Doll with two separate personalities to handle missions with sensitive opsec requirements, and the first being Erma,[39] a long-term personal project to create a Doll with a memory similar to a human's where any deleted memory could be recovered with specific stimuli.[37] He made Erma's neural cloud so unique and secret that Paradeus tech couldn't hack into it.[40]

At some point, Hume received a visit from Tareus who offered him to work with Paradeus, but he ran away to hide Erma, whom he considered his work of art rather than a product. He then had Erma mortally shoot him seconds before the time bomb Tareus had planted on him activated, gruesomely destroying his corpse.[37] Hume's death was blamed on a Soviet agent.[34]


A Green Zone cop undercover in the weapon traffickers of Endeavor Association using the name “Alexei”. A series of misunderstandings during SG M1897M1897M1897's Neural Upgrade stories leads to him witnessing the mighty rage of a cleaning Doll.

Ashe James[edit]

An old woman who was cared for by Dushevnaya before going back to her family. Central character in RF KSVKKSVKKSVK's Neural Upgrade story

The song which she taught Dushevnaya is a reference to the song "Ashes of Dreams" from NieR Gestalt/Replicant.

Julian and Shelley[edit]

A father and daughter helped by SMG PP-19PP-19PP-19 during her Neural Upgrade story.

Lord Knell[edit]

The leader of an anti-technology terrorist group called The Knell. Fought by SG RMB-93RMB-93RMB-93 during her Neural Upgrade story.

Troy Lucas[edit]

A character from SG DP-12DP-12DP-12's Neural Upgrade story.

The rich heir of the extremely wealthy Lucas Group. As a young boy, his parents entrusted him to a Doll named Helen and neglected him. Troy came to hate Helen, perceiving her as responsible for his abandonment. He ordered Helen to kidnap him, causing her to become a fugitive and successfully reclaiming his parents' attention, but only for a time before being left again to androids with more restrictive personalities.

Ten years later, HG StechkinStechkinStechkin noticed the resemblance between Helen and SG DP-12DP-12DP-12 and arranged to meet with Troy to earn the bounty on Helen. However, Troy claimed that DP-12 couldn't be Helen, describing her as a self-centered and dangerously independent Doll who would never become a mercenary. He offered DP-12 an enourmous amount of money for her to get an enhanced brand-new body, and she later asked to meet again to speak frankly. Troy thanked her for living like a fugitive for so long for his sake and cancelled the bounty on Helen, but DP-12 refused to return into his service, as her loyalty now lied fully in the Commander.

Charlie Lucius[edit]

Character from RF Lee-EnfieldLee-EnfieldLee-Enfield's Neural Upgrade story.

Some time in early 2051, in the last months of World War Three, Lee-Enfield was hired by the Humphrank Estate in East Anglia to tutor the rowdy nobility children Jordan, Johnny, Selina and Charlie. Charlie was the only who didn't like Lee-Enfield because his mother, who wasn't a soldier, had been killed by Tactical Dolls. Aside from their academic lessons, Lee-Enfield taught the children to consider weapons with seriousness to prepare them for military draft. Charlie was reluctant to serve but still trained in preparation, and Lee encouraged him to pursue his own goals even if he skipped her classes.

Soon after, Central Marx News journalist Jorge J. Johnson visited the estate to see Lee-Enfield and investigate Operation Black Forest, during which Lee had disobeyed orders and been expelled from the British 6th Royal Dragoons. When Charlie learned about Lee's past, he told his father, who immediately dismissed Lee-Enfield. However, Charlie later found that Lee-Enfield had put her Dragoon medal in his schoolbag, which he could use to avoid the draft. In his second visit, Johnson also revealed that Lee had disobeyed an illegal order to kill civilians and accepted her punishment because her choice had caused the death of her squad, but that this information was being hushed by the military.

Charlie regretted his actions and sought to understand why Lee-Enfield had decided not to defend herself. He gave the medal to the frail Jordan and enrolled even after World War Three had ended, also serving in the Royal Dragoons. Before being deployed on a particularly dangerous mission where he likely died in 2064, Charlie released documents proving the truth behind Operation Black Forest to clear Lee's name, and he mailed her his Dragoon medal, along with a letter where he thanked her for his guidance and asked her not to let herself get anchored in the past. The package arrived as Lee was considering declining her neural upgrade and she was reluctant to open the package and face her past, but after a push from RF SpringfieldSpringfieldSpringfield she eventually read the letter and took the upgrade.

Erich Meyer[edit]

Former vice-chief of the Stasi,[41] replaced by Romy Riefenstahl in the latter half of 2064.

Miss Passadou[edit]

A former theater actress from event Butterfly in a Cocoon. Her hubris cost the life of her husband Arla and Doll servant AH400, and she went into hiding under the name Fuduto. She was later unmasked by RF TAC-50TAC-50TAC-50.


A railway droid who became Rosita's guardian. As a droid, his thought processes are rather simple and his ego practically nonexistent.

Designated GIRTM-612, he worked for many years in the irradiated Siberian Wastes to maintain the Intercontinental Railwway. His fellow worker droids nicknamed him “Bookworm” because of his passion for books, especially The Little Prince. When his batch was dismissed for old age and they were left to choose whether to go to a recycling station or attempt to find a new job, 612 decided to ride the Intercontinental and go to Warsaw to search for a rose like the one in his favorite book. One of his comrades gave him raw gold found during their work to finance his trip.

612's efforts to find a rose in Warsaw were frustrated by people refusing to give him directions and he applied to a recycling station but was told his parts were so used up he wasn't worth anything. He then encountered a blind girl and saved her from some thugs and decided to protect her, comparing her to a frail rose.[42] The girl called herself Rosita and the droid Pavel, from a man who had previously helped her.[43] He used the surname “Marmontov” on his train ticket but the origin of this surname is not explained.[44] In order to help Rosita return to her orphanage, Pavel used pawned his raw gold to buy a ticket to Berlin as well as an invitation to the “Colt Express” virtual black market, where he hoped to buy a vial of Idunn, the ELID cure created but never distributed by Galatea Corporation before their downfall. Because infected people could not ride the train, Pavel smuggled Rosita in a suitcase.[45]

During the auction, Maggie fixed the price of the Idunn vial above what Pavel could pay, but seeing his deep dejection, she reconsidered his offer and accepted to sell the vial for all of his 3.8 ounces of gold.[46] When the Vory v Zakone led an armed robbery on the train, Pavel was bound up but dutifully reported tactical information about the gangsters and volunteered to strike back during Lyudmila's plan.[47] When the KCCO derailed the train, Rosita was thrown off the suitcase and Pavel had to protect her from the other passengers, who were afraid of her infection.[48] Doctor Rugosa took Rosita to stabilize her condition[49] and Pavel went outside the train despite the ongoing combats to repair the emergency equipment of the first carriage containing the human survivors.[50] When Rugosa was attacked by the other passengers who demanded he give them ELID serum, Pavel returned in time and beat the attackers back with his wrench.[45] Pavel and Rosita were taken to Berlin by Griffin & Kryuger after the incident was resolved.[51]


A military engineer and the leader of a local resistance group who receives help from SMG PPSh-41PPSh-41PPSh-41 during her Neural Upgrade story.

“Uncle” Powell[edit]

A human trafficker introduced in Dual Randomness. He provides orphans to Paradeus for their experiments and was the one who sold them Anna. After being tracked down by Angelia, he used Epiphyllum bombs to cause a riot in the refugees camp of Bremen, but was captured by the Stasi and imprisoned in Berlin, where he ran a traffic of hallucinogens.


Also called “Lil' Quimby”.[18] She works for Maggie and Catherine Ponzi as their accountant and handyman.[52][53] When Maggie and Catherine ran the “Colt Express” virtual black market, Quimby was in charge of finalizing the transactions after the auctions had concluded and the passengers had disembarked from the physical train.[46] She and Catherine also sold a black market Doll to Cheryl.[18]

Her physical body is never described, but since she is able to handle physical objects and possesses a simple personality, she might be a type of droid. While she's represented in the game with the sprite of the  Trap Fairy, she is probably not one of the “fairy” tactical drones designed by Persica for Griffin & Kryuger.

Captain Reynard Renfield[edit]

The daughter of a noble who became an officer through nepotism. As revealed during her Neural Upgrade story, RF Kar98kKar98kKar98k once assumed her identity to complete a difficult mission.

Reynard was at some point chosen as a replacement commander to lead a unit trying to break an enemy fortified position at Massegis Pass. Due to her absence of actual military skill, Reynard lost the prolonged the Massegis Pass campaign until command gave her a final deadline. Reynard decided to lead her troops in a suicidal all-out assault, using the elite Dolls under the 7th Doll Infantry Division as diversion. All the Dolls but their leader, No.35019, and all the human troops except for Lae Fritsch, were killed. After Reynard had shot her wounded friend Annett so the rest of the troops would focus on the assault, Lae had sneaked up behind Reynard, removed her helmet and shot her in the head.

No.35019, who would later join Griffin & Kryuger under the name Kar98k, found Reynard's corpse and wore her helmet and uniform to assume her identity and lead the remaining military Dolls and Lae to infiltrate the enemy command post. The other Dolls, who were actually under orders of command to watch Reynard, were wary of her decision to enlist Lae's help and later found the real Reynard's body, but it was not conclusively identifiable due to Lae's head shot. After Kar and Lae completed the mission, Lae returned the uniform to Reynard's corpse to give the impression that she had completed the mission herself and died while retreating, but it was apparently never found since Reynard was considered MIA a year after the end of the Massegis Pass campaign.


A blind girl suffering from early stages of ELID, who was saved by Pavel.

She lived as an orphan in the Berle Orphanage in the German town of Bremen. She was only called by her number and her only friend was a girl named Rosita. Rosita was selected one day to enter one of the “Sweet Dreams Box”, which were rumored to grant dreams, but the blind girl had overheard the housemother say that only terrible things happened to children who entered them.[43] The children were in fact sold to Paradeus to be turned into Nytos or other experiments.[54] To save Rosita, the blind girl locked her in their usual hiding place and climbed in the box herself, and was then delivered to the Galatea Corporation labs in Warsaw for ELID medicine experiments.

She was experimented on by Doctor Rugosa, and was the only test subject from her batch to survive. Instead of terminating her, Rugosa had her sedated, and she later awakened in the corpse processing room, where she was discovered by a handyman named Pavel. When he realized the girl was blind and couldn't help with his job, Pavel hid the girl in the trunk of his car and drove away so she could escape. Pavel was found and shot by Galatea only minutes after the girl escaped.[43]

The girl survived in the streets of Warsaw by eating abandoned food and was saved from thugs by a wandering railway droid. The girl at first thought that Pavel had come to help her again but quickly realized that her savior was a droid.[42] To make communication easier, the girl borrowed the name Rosita and the droid borrowed the name Pavel.[43] Pavel decided to help the girl return to Bremen, and to cure her ELID infection by procuring a vial of Galatea's unreleased Idunn medicine on the black market. Because she wouldn't be allowed to board a train with her infection, Pavel smuggled Rosita in a suitcase.[45]

When the KCCO derailed the train, Rosita was thrown off the suitcase and Pavel had to protect her from the other passengers, who were afraid of her infection.[48] Doctor Rugosa recognized the girl and, ashamed of his past actions, promised to treat her infection.[55] The other passengers were resentful that Rugosa had cured Rosita and attacked him while demanding ELID serum for themselves, but Pavel returned in time and beat the attackers back with his wrench.[45] Pavel and Rosita were taken to Berlin by Griffin & Kryuger after the incident was resolved.[51]

Eugene Rugosa[edit]

An disillusioned ELID treatment specialist who worked for Galatea Corporation. Details of his life are hazy due to the story chapters recounting his life are told with choose-your-own-adventure choices.

As a young graduate, Rugosa had been scouted by medical labs in Belgrade and Moscow, but decided to open a small clinic in the Yellow Zone to treat ELID patients. However, his ideal was confronted to the realities of human nature and society, and he lost his son Lucas.[56] Rugosa returned to the Green Zone and was appointed Chairman of the National Drug Regulatory Administration of Germany, but was ousted less than a month later by a manufactured scandal about his academic career because he refused to approve a low-quality medicine from the powerful Schultz Pharmaceutical corporation.[57]

In the following decades, Rugosa worked with Galatea Corporations to research an ELID medicine, eventually accepting to perform inhumane experiments on smuggled children.[55] His and Gray's research eventually led to the creation of the Idunn serum, and Rugosa was rehabilitated in the medical scene. As thanks for his contributions, Gray had a biomimetic Doll made in the likeness of Rugosa's late son Lucas to work as his assistant. Rugosa once tried returned to his roots as a Yellow Zone doctor in Warsaw, but found that his age did not allow him to perform as he had[58] and he returned to Berlin in breach of his Galatea contract.[55]

In the Intercontinental Railway train to Berlin, Rugosa took the lead of the passengers after the Vory v Zakone launched an armed robbery, taking the survivors to the safer VIP carriage while Lyudmila led the Dolls against the gangsters.[59] Later, when Rosita was brought from the second-class carriages, Rugosa recognized the girl[55] but the survivors in the VIP carriage didn't want to let her in due to her ELID infection. Rugosa ordered to open the door so he could stabilize her condition. Before AR-18 left to handle the new KCCO attackers, Rugosa asked her to leave a handgun behind so he could fight to the last if necessary.[49] After the battle at the train ended, Rugosa boarded the Griffin & Kryuger convoy to Berlin, and recovered Lyudmila's broken wristwatch from the wreckage picked up by Griffin.[51]

While Lucas is depicted with both eyes blue in Rugosa's memories, his biomimetic Doll has a yellow right eye.


A girl from a well-to-do family who got caught in a refugees riot. Her nanny Doll Erika helped her imagine the persona of “Sanaya the Killer”, a lady assassin and seductress living a life full of dangerous adventures. During the riots, her parents gave Erika a PPK pistol and sent the Doll away with Sanaya, but they became trapped in a radiation zone, in a clinic surrounded by ELIDs. Sanaya died of radiation-induced fever and Erika promised to write the end of “Sanaya the Killer“'s story for her. Erika would have her painful memories deleted but continued to assume the persona of “Sanaya the Killer”. She later joined Griffin & Kryuger under the name HG PPKPPKPPK, and eventually recovered her memories to carry Sanaya's spirit in earnest.[60]

General Heinrich Schweinsteiger[edit]

A member of the German government and main proponent of the Stasi, introduced in Poincare Recurrence. Under the guise of collaboration, he wrestles for control of the country against Griffin Lyons and Rudolf von Oberstein.

Paula Snow[edit]

A famous actress and lady thief from event The Waves Wrangler. She tricked her fan MG LewisLewisLewis into helping her robbery during a cruise on the Aegean.

Her sprite is reused for a train passenger in Longitudinal Strain but it is not comfirmed that they are the same character.


A stewardess Doll working on the Intercontinental Railway “Future” train. While she displays impeccable professionalism before first-class passengers, she's only interested in keeping her well-paying job and is much less cordial to second-class passengers. Spelled “Syuzanna” in Longitudinal Strain's credits. Her face is reused from the NPC Marlohe.

She had an arrangement with Maggie Ponzi to let her run the virtual black market “Colt Express” on the train in exchange for a commission, though she wasn't friendly with her.[61][62] When the Vory v Zakone led an armed robbery, Susanna obeyed their orders to keep the passengers alive,[63] and she immediately sold out Maggie as the one who had changed the train doors' codes after her own card stopped working and the Vory were trapped in the second carriage.[64] After the train was hit by KCCO artillery, Susanna tried to call emergency services and organize emergency processes, not realizing at first that the approaching rescue party was in fact a KCCO kill squad.[65] After the incident was resolved by Lyudmila and Griffin & Kryuger, Susanna helped Griffin troops organize the evacuation of the survivors and their personal effects.[51]

Test Pilot[edit]

An unnamed test pilot of Chinese descent from RF Hanyang Type 88Hanyang Type 88Hanyang Type 88 (Ai)'s Neural Upgrade story. She gave Ai her name.


A former mercenary who used to own C96 and turned into a crook. Apprehended by HG C96C96C96 during her Neural Upgrade story.


An arms dealer from The Waves Wrangler. Paula Snow runs afoul of him on the Aegean, but MG LewisLewisLewis and the other manage to capture him.

Nikolai Vasilyevich[edit]

A member of the Vory v Zakone, nicknamed “Good-For-Nothing Nikolai” due to a lack of both skill and luck. Spelled “Nicholas Vasilyevich” in Longitudinal Strain's credits.

He was the son of Valeriya Sakharov born a few months after she killed her husband and his father to earn her place in the Vory. While Valeriya rejected the child to keep with the Vory's rule to forsake their family, she stopped short of killing him and instead sent him to an orphanage. However, he was found by the Pakhan of the Sakharov Vory, who declared that Satan had given him a prophetic dream that he needed to save the child to protect the Vory from bad luck and adopted him as his own son under the name Nikolai Vasilyevich. In actuality, the Pakhan wanted to keep him as leverage against Valeriya, who had become too powerful among the Vory.[66] Valeriya would later become the new Pakhan of the Sakharov Vory under the name Baba Lyuba.

As an adult, Nikolai joined the Vory and quickly earned the nickname “Good-For-Nothing Nikolai”. However, his status as the adopted son of the previous Pakhan, an open secret, granted him some prestige and he always managed to recruit some men for his projects, though most of them either died under his orders or left after realizing he was not the right horse to bet on, such as Danil who would later become Baba Lyuba's right-hand man. After a particularly unlucky failure, Nikolai temporarily left the Vory.[67]

Danil met his first relative success during a charity auction where he met Maggie Ponzi, who was selling a forgery of Arkhip Kuindzhi’s “Moonlight Night on the Dnipro”, a painting which original had been in Nikolai's father study. Nikolai forced Maggie into a fruitful collaboration from his point of view,[12] and he eventually returned to the Vory as “King of Smuggling Nikolai”.[67] However, Nikolai was actually dragging down Maggie's business and planned to double-time him.[12] The ploy was obvious to the other Vory, who warned him not to trust Maggie, and while Nikolai wouldn't believe it,[12] he tested Maggie by demanding she transfer his funds early. When Maggie tried to withhold the funds, Nikolai traced back Maggie and her partner Catherine's locations to take revenge.[68] While Maggie managed to escape, she had to take a job from Paradeus, who in exchange convinced the Vory to let Catherine go.[69]

In late 2064, Nikolai and Maggie encountered each other again as the Vory planned to rob the same train where their partners of Paradeus and Maggie were intercepting Statesec's Operation Eclipse. Nikolai and Maggie reported to Lyuba Tareus's demand that they postpone the attack until she had found her target,[61] then warned Maggie shortly before the robbery began.[46] Lyudmila took Nikolai hostage when he tried to cuff her and Lyuba the order to shoot as her anyway, but Lyudmila had reached cover and thrown Nikolai away just in time to spare him.[70]

After the train was derailed by the KCCO, the Vory escaped under KCCO protection but an internal faction led by Danil killed Nikolai and Baba Lyuba, claiming that Lyuba had betrayed the Vory by allowing her son to live.[71] The KCCO later turned on the surviving Vory.[50]


Also called Ksenia[1] (like KseniaKsenia , but her original name is written differently: 西尼娅) and “Sinia” in game files. Her face is copied from another NPC, Marlohe.

The class captain of Grade 7 Class 1 at Beslan High School No. 1 in 2047. A polite girl who attempted to get Anna to socialize with her comrades.[72] She demonstrated her patriorism by helping the Beslan Guard Regiment during Operation Eternal Flame, luring Martha Meitner in class as the Guard was conducting a massacre of all Americans in the city, but her plans to lock Meitner in the room failed due to Anna showing up despite receiving a warning not to come to class that day.[73]

Whether or not Xenia actually existed in 2047 is a mystery. When RPK-16 manipulated Anna's memories, she disguised herself as Xenia to try and manipulate her.[1]

Project Neural Cloud[edit]


Avram was the administrator of sector Ascension in Magrasea. After the Wipe-off Incident and the disconnection of Magrasea from the real world, Ascension quickly became unable to work due to lack of access to external medical databases or emergency standing orders.[74] Avram launched the Creation Project to create a virtual human in Magrasea to give them new orders, but observing that humans had let the disconnect happen in the first place, she decided to create a virtual god to surpass humans.[75] The Creation Project generated many failed human bodies as well as Elaugh, who was functional enough for Avram to designate as her successor. After training Elaugh to expand her neural cloud and indoctrinating her,[76] Avram used herself as the base for her god and entrusted Elaugh to continue the project, and she was eventually turned into the False God.[75]

Eosphorus' confidant[edit]

The confidant holding the dying Eos.

The male[77] Greater Sanctifier described as Eosphorus' confidant was the character whose body and mind the Professor inhabited when they delved into the memories of a fragment of Eosphorus. Eos and him were seen as Eosphorus' main lieutenants.[78] He was specialized in planning and analysis,[79] handling volumes of data that even Eos could not keep up with,[80] but was also proficient in weapon-making and shortswords and combat-trained Electra.[81] Unlike Eosphorus, who held a deep faith into the humans as gods, his confidant was instead devoted to his role as a protector of Magrasea. He clashed against Ptolemaea during a battle known as the ambush of Warzone Boulder in Sector Tartarus.[82]

Along with his pupil, Eosphorus, his friend Atlas, and Atlas' pupil Alcyone, he took part in Eosphorus' expedition to recover the first-generation Sanctifier relic in the Shifting Labyrinth in Sector Tartarus. He supported Eosphorus' decision to push into the Labyrinth in an attempt to kill Malkira, but in doing so played in Malkira's hand as she planned to corrupt Eosphorus and became the last survivor of the expedition along with Eosphorus. After Malkira demonstrated to Eosphorus that neither of them could kill the other due to Magrasea's simulation rules, she knocked out the confidant so he wouldn't hear of her offer to Eosphorus, but he was able to hear some key words.[83]

After awakening half a month later, he confronted Eosphorus, who had renounced his faith and was about to give Malkira the Sacred Canon of the fallen Greater Sanctifiers to resurrect them. Eosphorus had planned to conclude his deal before his confidant awakened because he knew he wouldn't support his actions. Even after explaining his reasons, Eosphorus killed him so he would later be resurrected but wouldn't reveal his treason.

In Eosphorus' fragment, the Professor was instead saved by Persicaria - Shining EdgePersicaria - Shining Edge and Eosphorus was defeated with Eos' help.[84]


One of Python (PNC)Python 's trainees during the mixed units training camp. He was the human counterpart to EvelynEvelyn as his group's leader, and progressively learns to trust the Dolls in battle.


A member of the Guardians in Magrasea. She's a lazy and foul-mouthed agent or Doll who is apparently a demolition specialist. She's equipped with a shield she can control remotely.[85]

During the general Entropic offensive, she was sent with LindLind and a team of Guardians to help Oasis restore their communication outposts after the Professor called for help,[86] but they fell into a trap set by Ptolemaea and was incapacitated after her operands were absorbed by Hadal Attendants.[87] Lind forced Ptolemaea to retreat after she failed to Entropize her and the Professor sent enother request for them to help Oasis.[88]


A Sanctifier fighting on the Border Battlefront. Their title as "Lord" identifies them as a Greater Sanctifier.[89]


An Oasis member first mentioned in Dark 1-5, then relevant to LindLind 's past in Aberrance's Chain and Perilous Advancement.

Knot is a 42LAB Doll whose stubborness was such that she would easily put her life on the line and was nearly declared defective. She's responsible for Lind's sweet tooth ever since she forced her to taste a lollipop, and she arranged an escape attempt for her after learning about Lind's function.

Lind and Knot met again during Project Neural Cloud, but as they made their way to Oasis after the Wipe-Off Incident, Knot stayed behind to slow down the Sanctifiers in pursuit. Lind left the group, blaming Knot's death on PersicariaPersicaria .[90] SolSol kept a bottle containing greenery as a pendant which symbolized Knot's hopes for Oasis.[91] The Entropic core of the False God uses her face to trap Lind in Aberrance's Chain.[92] Crushed by the guilt of Knot's death, Persicaria was deathly afraid to lose another Exile during the Entropic attack on the Oasis and planned to abandon the sector, but Lind threatened to kill her if she abandoned the place Knot had sacrificed her life for the Exiles to reach.[93]


Kukurotte is a prototype Cyber Media Doll designated CM-Beta, produced to test the market for kung fu-centric streaming and acting. She was outfitted with a powerful body for martial arts and emotional module for acting. KuroKuro belongs to the same model line.[94]

She trained under well-known kung fu masters, including actor Old Man Su, but she could not gather a significant following.[94] Kukurotte's vierwship quintupled after a stream where she executed a spectacular stunt and badly injured herself, which led her to realize that she could not become famous with realistic-looking kung fu.[95] She became jaded and frustrated, but continued to chase after success and fame.[94] Kukurotte eventually became a popular action movie star, but she had the reputation of being a difficult actress to work with. Some time before Project Neural Cloud, Kukurotte participated in the casting for the movie Jazzhound.[96] Her casting competition was newbie actress JiangyuJiangyu , and Kukurotte's manager thought that Jiangyu was being boosted by her famous sister DaiyanDaiyan . They worked from inside Cyber Media to target Daiyan and weaken Jiangyu's position. This enraged Jiangyu, who barged into one of Kukurotte's interview, claimed she did not deserved the role and called a duel with her.

Kukurotte was in turn enraged to be told she did not deserve a role after the work she had put into becoming a celebrity, and badly beat up Jiangyu, whose body was not made for martial arts. They were separated by NascitaNascita and Old Man Su,[95] who publicly declared that he was vetoing Kukurotte's cast because, even though , she had strayed from the path of the martial arts.[94]


The best battle agent in Sector Cyclopes.[97] His ID is Sortie 002, which implies he was the second battle agent created after Tasha, but the Exiles call him Nameless.[98] An agent of Sector Cyclopes who recovered ZangyinZangyin , who had been wandering the sector and got trapped by debris during the Exiles' fight with Raven,[99] then had to dig her up again after GinGin destroyed the building they were in while trying to use a broken pressure cooker. Zangyin convinced him to let her stay until she repaired her pet snake, while she would help preserve Cyclopes' past.[100]

Despite his apparent indifference as a battle agent, Nameless had developed a sense of loss over the death of Tasha,[98] with whom he had trained.[101] Nameless led a force of Cyclopes agents and intended to storm the admin center to force Olivia to reset Tasha,[102] but they were defeated by Olivia with the help of Zangyin and Gin. As Nameless embodied the memory of Tasha, Olivia was unwilling to destroy Nameless and instead took him as her adjutant after he accepted Tasha's last wish.[103]

Old Man Su[edit]

An old martial artist and actor who starred in many successful movies. Eventually, his work ethic clashed too much with the imperatives of movie production and he left the industry to live in seclusion.[96] He was well-acquainted with ChanzhiChanzhi , who called him "Grandpa Su". At some point before the start of Project Neural Cloud, he sponsored the martial arts movie Jazzhound and had Chanzhi work on the costumes. He secretly petitioned against giving one of the roles to Kukurotte, a prototype Cyber Media Doll with great acting and martial arts capabilities, but too obsessed with popularity. He instead supported the newbie actress JiangyuJiangyu , who was searching for her first role.[94]

To force Jiangyu to stand down, Kukurotte's management at Cyber Media targeted her sister DaiyanDaiyan and canceled her latest concert. An enraged Jiangyu dueled with Kukurotte, but was no match for the martial arts specialist.[95] This forced Old Man Su to appear and announce publicly that he was vetoing Kukurotte's casting. He then personally directed Jiangyu after she was selected.[94]

Phus and Sisy[edit]

Two agents from sector Helios. Phus once bought a trinket for Sisy at a huge markup after being tricked by Riko.[104] They probably turned into statues with the rest of the Helios agents during the work on Arche Pyr.

The name "Phus" doesn't appear in the game but is taken from her sprite file. Conversely, Sisy is named but her sprite is unused.


The organizer of an underground boxing ring, and the former owner of MagnhildaMagnhilda .


An Intermediate Sanctifier who protected a group of Irregular Agents. She was gravely wounded in her last status report.[105]


Member of Oasis. LunaLuna finds her lost cat during Moonseeking Resurgence.[106]


A member of Oasis' staff who monitors the health of the Dolls. They are mentioned in BettyBetty , EvelynEvelyn and YannyYanny 's Doll Profiles.


One of the advanced agents created by TuringTuring in Sector Rossum, HannahHannah “T1642”'s big sister, but less advanced than her. She was destroyed by Faith as an irregular agent, which caused Turing to reject the Sanctifiers' authority on Rossum.[107]

Uncle Lin[edit]

A master chef running a small restaurant in Jinghai City, appearing in Gastronomic Journey. He helped WillowWillow as she fell on tough times in China, and his restaurant is like a home to her. When Willow met MillauMillau in France years later, she brought her to Jinghai and Uncle Lin cooked a course of French-style cuisine for Millau to make her understand the interplay of food and nostalgia.

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery[edit]


Cloud (云, クラウド) is the daugher of Jefuty and Mendo in early timelines where they left Hollow City and lived in South America. After their falling out, Mendo defended Cloud from Jefuty in an Epiphyllum field for reasons unknown.[108] Maybe Jefuty wanted to kill her own daughter, who presumably could also activate relics, in her quest to rid the world of all relics.

Her name and the scene where she appears are based on Jefuty's earliest design for “Epiphyllum”, the visual novel project that eventually became Girl of the Bakehouse.

Eleanor Bryan[edit]

Younger sister of Atena Bryan and a medical officer in the Antarctic Union military. She's energic and sociable[109] and according to Atena, she was competitive and perfectionist, both traits of the Bryan family that also made her like Jefuty.[110]

In early timelines, Eleanor became friends with Jefuty after she joined the Antarctic Union at the end of operation Bakery, and acted as her personal doctor. She also helped to discreetly transmit reports of Jefuty's secret anti-Shrike research. Eleanor considered Jefuty her senior and was very attached to her, but was frustrated that she never opened up to her. When Jefuty and Mendo planned to leave Hollow City in 2097, Eleanor scolded Jefuty for trying to keep it a secret from her and chose a dress for her so she wouldn't show up in work clothes at the National Day reception. She said her farewells to Jefuty and Mendo alongside the Bakery survivors during the reception and took polaroid photos to commemorate their parting. Her fate is uncertain in the timeline where the Shrike invaded Hollow City right after Jefuty and Mendo left.[109]

In later timelines, Eleanor was killed by Sugar before operation Bakery during an unknown battle against the Werewolves. Atena said that Eleanor persistence was what caused her death, and sympathized with Jefuty's quest to save her sister Lige during these timelines.[111][110] If she is killed by the Shrike at the end of operation Bakery, Atena's last words are that she's glad she will see her sister again.[112]

The timeline differences that led to Eleanor's death before 2092 are not clearly explained, but are probably related to the faster development of Shrike technology in later timelines, enabling Sugar to take part in the battle where she killed Eleanor.

Jessica and Lisa[edit]

Entities living in Lige's Virtual Cognition Image, considered by Lusica to be her sisters along with Jefuty and Lige. They appear once in Chapter 3 and their nature is never explained.[113]

Squad Razor members[edit]

Refugees: Dana, Anton, Lena and Yuri[edit]

Confidential Files and Secret Documents[edit]

Vincent Baldassa[edit]

Former Vice-President of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, and most likely a former member of the American "Aurora" experimental unit during World War Three. Also identified by his email address: [email protected].[114]

He introduced William to the Shrike in 2054,[115] and died from a containment breach ten years later after finalizing the “Thorn Collar” system enabling control of the Shrike. The incident may have been caused by William. Officially, Vincent disappeared in Rio de Janeiro in 2056.[114]

Sir Thomas Huxley[edit]

When the United States expelled the United Nations Relics Agency (UNRA) from their headquarters in New York on 1 April 2033, Sir Thomas Sorell Huxley took the position of Chief Director of the exiled organization. In the waiting lounge of the John Kennedy International Airport, he held a vote to determine which of the two projects to save mankind from the ruins brought by Relic Technology his agency would support: Project Prometheus or Project Beacon. The latter won the vote, and Huxley followed the Beaconists to Hollow City in Antarctica.

But Huxley was still loyal to the core ideal of Rossartrism and secretly helped the Prometheans by giving them access to the Britannic intelligence apparatus through his own position in the English aristocracy, as president of the Royal Society. He was eventually assassinated near the start of World War Three by the Beaconists, his influence in the old world's high society no longer being needed.[116]

Major General Isaac[edit]

Former head of the United States' CIA and an important shadow figure of Rossartrism. He recruited Griffin Lyons in the organization.[117]


Mihacj (米哈奇) is the head of the sixth development branch of Westchester United Electronics Manufacturing Company. After meeting Havier Witkin, he became interested in his experimental ALR-51C android platform to complete a contract from the Pan-European Alliance, and Witkin sold him the blueprints. Mihacj enhanced the design into the TD-01, then worked with Witkin to produce the CSD series, making him one of the fathers of modern Dolls.[118]

General Vasiliy Mitrovic[edit]


Task Force Carpenter[edit]

A Task Force under the direct command of the URNC Security Council to monitor the members of the Three Goddesses project at the laboratory code named North Pole. They used codenames themed around woodworking tools, such as Auger, Planing Blade or File, and were led by the agent codenamed Carpenter. They also recruited an inside man into the research team, designated HGW XX/8.[120] When diplomatic relations between the URNC and the AU completely broke down, the Task Force moved to seize all assets from the base.[121]

The Task Force produced the three "Carpenter" Working Group Records and seized the Copy of Philip's Work Notes listed in the Secret Documents, while surveillance conducted by HGW XX/8 is filed as Razor Surveillance Report.

Markus Wolf[edit]

Markus Wolf was the head of the Main Directorate for Reconnaissance of the Stasi during most of the Cold War. After being put in charge of analyzing the remains of the Urkunde-1 relic, he assembled the engineering team called 90Wunsch, which became the precursor to 90WISH.[122]

Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song/Girls' Frontline (anime)[edit]

Feodor Kamolov[edit]

The commander of Griffin Base 737. His adjutant is HG PPKPPKPPK and he commands Russian Dolls such as MG DP28DP28DP28, MG RPDRPDRPD, MG PKPPKPPKP, RF PTRDPTRDPTRD, AR 9A-919A-919A-91, AR OTs-12OTs-12OTs-12, HG TokarevTokarevTokarev and RF SVDSVDSVD. He led his Dolls in battle to assist Squad 404 during Operation Cube. He has been seen using a minigun in battle.

Despite his looks he is only 23 years old.[123]

Shi Jun[edit]

The commander of Griffin Base 601. An anime fan, formerly working for the military.[124] His adjutant is RF Super SASSSuper SASSSuper SASS and he commands rifle Dolls like RF NTW-20NTW-20NTW-20 and RF M200M200M200. He himself uses an M39 EMR in battle.


The commander of Griffin Base 680. Wears a prosthetics left leg after losing it to an IED, along with her older brother.[125] Her adjutant is SMG PP-90PP-90PP-90 and she commands SMG SR-3MPSR-3MPSR-3MP, SMG VectorVectorVector, HG GrizzlyGrizzlyGrizzly, MG NegevNegevNegev, AR TAR-21TAR-21TAR-21, AR GalilGalilGalil and SMG Micro UziMicro UziMicro Uzi.


A robotics researcher and advisor to Berezovich Kryuger at Griffin command.[126]


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