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False God

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False God
False God
Full name False God
Affiliation Other
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

False God is an enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

False God is classified as Melee, Outbreak and Piercing.

  • Deplorable Divinity: Normal attacks apply stack of Curse. All Stacks are removed upon target change. Curse increases the damage taken from the False God's Normal Attacks by % per stack, stacking infinitely.
  • Heavenfall (20s): Enters Fallen stats for 15 seconds, increasing Crit Rate by 100% and Critical Damage by 50%.
  • Profane Mark (20s): Move all enemies into a straight line along the center of the map and stun them for 2 seconds, then leaves corrupted tiles along that line. Enemies standing on corrupted tiles take Operand Damage equal to 100% of Hashrate per second for 10 seconds. After this skill is used, Normal Attacks for the next 10 seconds deal additional Operand Damage equal to 100% Hashrate to the current target and all enemies in a straight line behind it.
  • Chillul Hashem (20s): Activates the Entropic Core and gains HP Shield equal to 15% Max HP while entering an immobilized state for 20seconds. Once this duration ends, all remaining points of Shield are converted to HP. If the Shield is broken before it expires, become Stunned for the remaining duration of the Shield, and take 100% increased damage during this time.
  • Delirious Cry (20s): Summons 2 Constructs near a random enemy, which inherit 15% of self's stats. When they arrive, they deal Operand Damage equal to 300% Hashrate to all nearby enemies.


False God first appears as an ally unit during Stages 11 to 13 of Aberrance's Chain. It then becomes the final boss in Stage 15. It was fought again during as part of the exercises of the Pseudosphere Operations event.

Lore / Story involvement

False God is its name in the enemy stats widget. In the story, it is also called "Great Creation", "Great Humanoid Creation", or "Poimandres", after the name of the conscious mind of the monotheistic god in Hermeticism.

The False God was designed by the administrators of the Ascension Sector as an entity able to lead Magrasea. After the Wipe-off Incident and the disconnection of Magrasea from the real world, Ascension quickly became unable to work due to lack of access to external medical databases or emergency standing orders.[1] The original administrator Avram launched the Creation Project to create a virtual human in Magrasea to give them new orders, but observing that humans had let the disconnect happen in the first place, she decided to create a virtual god to surpass humans.[2]

The Creation Project generated many failed human bodies as well as Elaugh, who was functional enough for Avram to designate her as her successor. After training Elaugh to expand her neural cloud and indoctrinating her,[3] Avram used herself as the base for her god and entrusted Elaugh to continue the project. To bypass the operands restrictions of the sector, Elaugh received the help of Eucharist, who gave her the core of a fallen Greater Sanctifier corrupted by Entropy.[2] The Creation Project eventually came to the attention of the Sanctifiers, who designated Ascension an irregular sector and launched attacks of escalating intensity on the sector.

After the Copley sector incident, "Boss", the leader of the Guardians of Arcadia, sent Delacey, Sueyoi and Lind to Ascension. Lind would provide Elaugh with the medical data stored in her body, while Elaugh would lend her administrator access to the Guardians to scan the sector for their target.[4] Elaugh enticed Lind into sacrificing her own body to complete the False God, which awakened just as the sector was attacked by the Sanctifier Tribunal, Crime and Punishment. Despite supposedly being a god, it could only produce undecipherable sounds.

As the False God was too powerful for the separated Tribunal, they merged back into Judgment and managed to bring down the False God to sever the Sanctifier core powering it. However, Judgment was attacked by the Entropy stored in the core, which took down Punishment and forced Lord Hesperus to pronounce a sector reset.[5] Sueyoi entered the severed head of the False God to extract Lind and retrieve Elaugh's admin access, enabling the Guardians to power their Haven System and disable the sector reset.[6]



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