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Full name Punishment
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

Punishment is a Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud. With Crime, she forms a duo known as the Tribunal.[1]

Stats / Data[edit]

Punishment is unclassified.

  • Jurisdiction - Execution: Operand DEF is increased by 500%, vast majority of damage taken is shared with Crime
  • Punitive Recourse (8s): Targets the third tile behind the current target, Force Shifting units on targeted tiles. Deals Operand Damage equal to 300% Hashrate to enemies on the way, applying Adjudication for 10 seconds.
  • Executioner's Declaration (4s): Deals Operand Damage equal to 600% Hashrate to all enemies within a 1 tile range of self. If any targets with Adjudication are hit, remove Adjudication, decreasing all targets' DEF by 200.


Crime and Punishment are bosses of the story event Aberrance's Chain.

Lore / Story involvement

Punishment and Crime were once a single Greater Sanctifier named Judgment, and still exist as a unit within the Sacred Canon, but were separated into two Special Intermediates due to an unknown incident.[2] Crime is the male, judge, lazy and reluctant side of Judgment, while Punishment is the female, executor and eager side, who holds authority over Crime.

The Tribunal was dispatched to relieve Ascension Sector's administrator Elaugh from her duties after the Sanctifiers noticed her irregular behavior, but she refused to comply and Crime charged her of creating "engines of blasphemy" and committing heresy. However, Punishment failed to strip her of her administrator rights, as she had already transferred them to the False God to awaken it.[3] As the Tribunal proved no match for the irregular entity, Punishment ordered Crime to ignore Hesperus' orders and to fuse into Judgment to bring it down.[4]

Judgment easily subdued the False God and broke its head open to recover the Greater Sanctifier Core powering it, but they were attacked by the powerful Entropy it contained, which contaminated Punishment's half of Judgment. To save Crime, Punishment separated again,[5] then transferred her last clean operands to Crime before purging her so he could assume a partial Judgment form again.[6]



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