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Full name Elaugh
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Elaugh is the administrator of Sector Ascension in Magrasea.

Story Involvement

Elaugh was created by the original administrator of Ascension, Avram, as a a result of her Creation Project. Avram aimed to create a virtual god to control Magrasea in the place of humans,[1] and Elaugh was the only known successful recreation of a human body achieved by Avram. After training Elaugh to expand her neural cloud and indoctrinating her,[2] Avram used herself as the base for her god and entrusted Elaugh to continue the project. To bypass the operands restrictions of the sector, Elaugh received the help of Eucharist, who gave her the core of a fallen Greater Sanctifier corrupted by Entropy.[1]

After the Copley sector incident, the Guardians Delacey, Sueyoi and Lind were sent to Ascension to search for the Guardian's elusive and mysterious tagret. Lind would provide Elaugh with the medical data stored in her body, while Elaugh would lend her administrator access to the Guardians to search the sector.[3] While Delacey and Sueyoi were away, Elaugh revealed the Creation Project to Lind and explained that they were both replicas of human bodies. She enticed her into sacrificing her own body to complete the False God. Confronted by the Sanctifiers Tribunal, Crime and Punishment, Elaugh refused to stand down and Crime charged her of creating "engines of blasphemy" and committing heresy. However, Punishment failed to strip her of her administrator rights, as she had already transferred them to the False God to awaken it.[4]

However, the False God did failed to meet Elaugh's expectations after it was brought down by the Tribunal's true form: Judgment. She ordered the Ascension agents to protect it,[5] but suffered from a neural breakdown. Delacey forcibly read her memories to locate Lind,[6] which enabled Sueyoi to extract her and end the crisis. The Guardians' "Boss" ordered to seize Elaugh's administrator administrators until she could be reset.[7]



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