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Full name Judgment
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

Judgment is a Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Judgment is unclassified.

  • Binary Authority: Activates the Crime's Mask state at the start of battle. State is removed when Shield is destroyed, becoming unable to act and receiving 50% Damage Amplification. After 10 seconds, activates a different mask. When activating Crime's Mask: Gains HP Shield equal to 15% of Max HP, Physical DEF is increased by 500%, deals Physical Damage. When activating Punishment's Mask: Gains HP Shield equal to 15% of Max HP, Operand DEF is increased by 500%, deals Operand Damage.
  • Gallow Synthesis (8s): Teleports to the middle of the right side of the map, becoming invincible and unselectable. Afterwards, moves towards the left side of the map's centre. Deals Physical/Operand Damage equal to 500% Hashrate/ATK to enemies on the way and applies Adjudication for 10 seconds.
  • Terminal Sanction (4s): When Crime's Mask status is active, deal 1 instance of Physical Damage equal to 500% ATK in an area in front of self. If it strikes a target with the Adjudication status, the enemy is pulled adjacent to self. When Punishment's Mask status is active: Deal 800% Hashrate Operand damage to all enemies within a 1-tile radius. Enemies with the Adjudication status lose it and have their DEF decreased by 300 points for 10 seconds.


Judgment is a boss of the story event Heterogeneity Blocker.

Lore / Story involvement

Judgment is the complete form of the Sanctifier Tribunal, the fusion of Crime and Punishment. Due to an unknown incident, and with Hesperus' intervention, this Greater Sanctifier was split into two Special Intermediates, though its data were still stored as a unit in the Sacred Canon,[1] and could only fuse again while fighting under Hesperus' orders at the Border Battlefront. However, Punishment ordered Crime to use this form again to subdue the False God that appeared in the Ascension Sector.[2] Judgment easily subdued the False God and broke its head open to recover the Greater Sanctifier Core powering it, but they were attacked by the powerful Entropy it contained, which contaminated Punishment's half of Judgment. To save Crime, Punishment separated again,[3] then transferred her last clean operands to Crime before purging her so he could assume a partial Judgment form again. He then left to report on the incident at the Reverse Tower of Babylon after carrying out Hesperus' order to reset Ascension Sector,[4] though the Guardians managed to stop the process with their Haven System.[5]



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