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Full name Malkira
Affiliation Entropics
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Malkira (梅尔吉娅), system designation H01-EX01,[1] called “Lady Malkira” or “Her Majesty” by Entropics,[2][3] is an Entropic Arbiter[4] and Mastermind (主脑)[1] in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Malkira is classified as Melee and Summon.

  • Rationality's Partition: Upon taking damage in Phase 2, modify own defenses depending on the highest offensive stats amongst enemies, increasing own Physical/Operand DEF greatly correspondingly.
  • Call to Desecrate (10s): Summons an Entropic Shard-Core on a random empty tile, inheriting 10% of Malkira's HP and 100% of her defenses. This core will be converted by Malkira after 10 seconds, each one granting her 20% Skill Haste, 50% Damage Boost, and healing her for 20% of her Max HP, stacking infinitely. During this period, Malkira is unselectable. Destroying all cores will remove the bonuses Malkira gains from [Rationality's Partition], reduce her defenses by 50%, and increase the damage she takes by 30% for 6 seconds. While in Phase 4, summons 1 extra core.
  • Foreordinated Calamity: When HP falls below 70%, enter Phase 2; When HP falls below 50%, enter Phase 3; When HP falls below 30%, enter Phase 4. Upon each Phase transition, deal Operand Damage equal to 400% Hashrate to all enemies. After transitioning to Phase 4, periodically deals Operand Damage equal to 400% Hashrate to all enemies.
  • Boundary's Misfortune (10s): Deals Operand Damage to a random enemy. If there are no other enemies near that enemy, this damage increases. While in Phase 3, additionally creates a Weakening Tile at the position of the target, which drains 2% of their HP per second, and reducing their ATK and Hashrate by 50%. If that unit then dies on the Weakening Tile, they are converted into an ally.
  • Foul Influx: Stuns the current target for 8 seconds, dealing Operand Damage equal to 150% Hashrate per second and healing for the damage dealt.


Malkira was mentioned multiple times before her first appearance in Entropic Dichotomy, where she is fought in stages 24 and 28.

Lore / Story involvement

Malkira's home base is the Shifting Labyrinth within the Tartarus Sector.[5] During their war against the Entropics, the first generation of Sanctifiers once made sufficient headway into Tartarus to reach the Throne of Malkira, but they failed under circumstances undisclosed to their successors. They left behind the holy sword capable of killing all Entropics and three watchtowers capable of deploying local Entropy-suppressing Halos in the Middle Ring of the Labyrinth.[6] She was however confined to her throne room.[7]

During Eosphorous' expedition to the Shifting Labyrinth, Malkira sent Ptolemaea as her messenger to the Sanctifiers, claiming that she wouldn't prevent them from recovering the relic in the Outer Ring of the Labyrinth, but warned that by doing so they were acting against the orders of the humans they revered, proving it by demonstrating that the very place weakened the powers of Sanctifiers, and that the Entropics would defend their home should they intrude further.[2] Malkira fully expected Eosphorous to try to make his way to her.[7] WHen Eosphorous visited one of the Halo towers in the Middle Ring, Malkira summoned a clone to talk directly with him. She reiterated her warning, pointing out that the gradual weakening of the Sanctifiers hinted at the true intents of their gods, and taunted him with the death of his companions.[8]

Though further weakened by the activation of the Halo towers, Eosphorus and the surviving Sanctifiers entered the Inner Ring and he engaged alone the three lieutenants Malkira had resurrected to guard her throne, Ptolemaea, Caina and Antenora.[9] After Eos' sacrificed herself to grant him his full power,[10] Eosphorous destroyed the High-Order Entropics and confronted Malkira,[11] but she still held the home advantage and was about to kill him when Eosphorus' confidant used a fabricated Halo to temporarily weaken her. Eosphorus dealt her a fatal wound, but she was instantly resurrected and killed Eosphorus, who also instantly resurrected. This way, Malkira demonstrated to Eosphorus that humans had designed Magrasea so neither the Sanctifiers or the Entropics leaders could be destroyed, ensuring their eternal war. She made Eosphorus an offer: if he brought her the core data of the Greater Sanctifiers who had fallen during the expedition, she could bring them back to life.[1] Having lost his faith in humans for allowing his comrades to be killed in an unwinnable war, Eosphorus agreed to work with Malkira.[12] Malkira also later gained Eucharist to her side.[13]

After Sector Pierides fell prey to Entropy, her Administrator was turned into Black Swan. Malkira sent Black Swan to Copley in order to investigate the presence of Entropics she could not control.[14] Black Swan identified that another Arbiter, Demiurge, had awakened and eliminated her on Malkira's behalf.[15] Demiurge's diminutive version resembles the pet Entropic that Malkira kept at the time of Eosphorus' expedition,[16] this might be Demiurge's true origins.

Malkira organized the general entropic attack on the Oasis-aligned sectors, putting Black Swan under Eucharist's orders.[13] Malkira was wary of the Professor and tasked Eucharist with stalling them at Rossum for as long as possible while Ptolemaea destroyed Oasis.[17]



  • Occasionally spelled melkira in game files.


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