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Full name Antenora
Affiliation Entropics
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Antenora is a High-Order Entropic in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Antenora is classified as Ranged, Physical DMG.

  • Elegant Hunt: Prioritize the enemy further away when seeking targets. Deal 25% increased damage for every tile of distance between self and target.
  • Lay Waste (12s): Locks onto target enemy and begins to spray for 5 seconds, dealing Physical Damage equal to 300% ATK per second, split evenly between enemies in a 2 tiles radius. This damage is increased if there is only one target in range. If an enemy unit dies during this skill, it immediately stops.


Antenora is a boss in Entropic Dichotomy. She is fought during stages 18 and 23 (also appears in Stage 26 but is automatically killed).

Lore / Story involvement

Antenora is a spider-like Entropic and a lieutenant of Malkira who likes to lay traps and toy with her enemies. He body hangs from a legged weapon platform equipped with two cannons.

When Ptolemaea sent Caina to attack the Sanctifier intruders in the Outer Ring of the Shifting Labyrinth, Antenora advised her to target Alcyone since it would enrage the other Sanctifiers.[1] Because the Sanctifiers targeted the Halo towers after reaching the Middle Ring, Antenora laid a careful trap in the tower she defended. She carefully manipulated the frequency of combats the Sanctifiers encountered to reach the tower, thus tricking Eosphorous' confidant into inputting into the Rubik's Map they had seized a code that changed the layout of the tower and confused them.[2] She toyed with them by attacking from the shadows with her legs and cannons, and making the exit of the tower move around, until the confidant realized it was only an illusion after checking the Rubik's Map.

When they tried to exit the tower, the Sanctifiers fell into a trap and were overwhelmed by Entropics, but their helplessness was also a trap to entice Anterona to approach them: Eos unleashed her full power, crippling Anterona's mobility.[3] She taunted the Sanctifiers about the death of their companions just before being dealt a killing blow.[4] She was however quickly “respawned” by Malkira along with Caina and Ptolemaea to guard her throne room. Eosphorus had difficulties taking on three High-Order Entropics at once and Eos sacrificed herself to enhance his strength with her operands,[5] enabling Eosphorus to quickly kill the Entropics.[6]

Antenora's core was later provided to Sector Ascension to create the False God. It then fused with LindLind 's Neural Cloud during the Guardians' operation in Ascension, and when the Guardians came to help Oasis push back Ptolemaea's assault, Ptolemaea attempted to make the core take over Lind's mind.[7][8]



  • Along with Caina and Ptolemaea, she is named after a region of Cocytus, the deepest section of Hell in Dante's Inferno.


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