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Full name Caina
Affiliation Entropics
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Caina is a High-Order Entropic[1] in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Caina is classified as Melee, AoE, Debuff.

  • Seething Zeal: Normal attacks deal Physical Damage equal to 30% ATK to all enemies in a 1 tile radius of target and apply 1 stack of [Gash]. [Gash] deals True Damage equal to no. of [Gash] stacks * 3% Max HP upon application. Damage increased by 50% against Summons. Decreases target's ATK, Hashrate, and incoming healing by 4%. Lasts for 5 seconds, stacks up to 10 times.
  • Marauder's Fury (8s): Jumps to the most dense area and enters Berserk. Attacks hit twice, Attack Range is increased by 1 tile, and each hit applies 2 stacks of [Gash] for 6 seconds.


Caina is a boss in Entropic Dichotomy. She is fought during stages 6 and 16 (also appears in Stage 7 but is invincible).

Lore / Story involvement

Caina is a battle-crazed and loquacious Entropic warrior who uses a greatsword and likes to constantly taunt her enemies during a fight.[2] She calls the other High-Order Entropics by nicknames, like “Jellyfish” for Ptolemaea and “Spider” for Antenora. The only character she addresses with respect is Malkira.

During Eosphorous' expedition to the Shifting Labyrinth, Ptolemaea ordered Caina to lay in ambush at the main energy tower of the Outer Ring. Her mission was to harass and sow despair among the Sanctifier by infecting one of them.[3] She took Alcyone and Electra by surprise, badly injuring and subtly infecting the latter, before Atlas and the Great Sanctifier impersonated by the Professor came to their help and pulled Caina in a series of traps and ambushes. However, Caina remained unscathed and bothered that she couldn't have a proper fight. Antenora advised her to target Alcyone since it would enrage the other Sanctifiers. Crushed by fatigue, Atlas burned all his operands to stall Caina and give the other Sanctifiers a chance to escape.[4]

After the Sanctifiers reached the Middle Ring and took one of the Watchtowers, Caina charged there, leaving Ptolemaea and Antenora to guard the other two Watchtowers and intercept the other Sanctifiers. She found Alcyone alone and fought her, but was ambushed by Eosphorous,  EosEos and the third Great Sanctifier, who had in fact never split up to attack the other Watchtowers and were lying in wait to see how many High-Order Entropics would come. Caina was killed by Alcyone, cursing her enemies and Ptolemaea's love for ambushes and tricks over fair fights.[5]



  • Along with Antenora and Ptolemaea, she is named after a region of Cocytus, the deepest section of Hell in Dante's Inferno.


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