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Full name Electra
Affiliation Sanctifiers, then Entropics
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Electra (伊拉) was a Greater Sanctifier. She was affable and had a sharp mind despite her lazy tendencies, and treated Alcyone like her little sister. She fought with two short blades. Her entropized form is Entropic Electra.

Story Involvement

Electra was combat-trained by the Greater Sanctifier later impersonated by the Professor, who was a specialist in short swords and weapons-making, while her "little sister" Alcyone was trained by Atlas.[1] Curiously, she was fond of cooking: she brewed strange-tasting drink[2] and cooked chocolate she then fed to Alcyone. According to Alcyone, her lazy attitude was her way to distance herself from the fear of fighting against the Entropics.[3] She was once killed in an important battle and was remade at the Pantheon without her memories of Alcyone. Though they rebuilt their relationship as sisters, Alcyone became very protective of her.[4]

During the mission to infiltrate the Shifting Labyrinth, Electra was grouped with Alcyone to harass the Entropics and draw their attention away from Atlas, Eosphorous and  EosEos ' objectives,[5] but they went in too far and she was heavily wounded by Caina.[6] Electra was carried by the Sanctifiers into the Middle Ring, but Caina had infected her with a Seed of Entropy, which absorbed the operands used to heal her and turned her into a High-Order Entropic. She attacked Alcyone while the others were gone to activate the other Halo towers,[7] attempting to infect her with Entropy so they would both be immortal.[8] Alcyone decided to sacrifice herself to reactivate the Halo tower: she allowed Electra to run her through and hacked her at close range, taking in her Entropy so she would momentarily recover her senses. Alcyone then reactivated the Halo tower, and killed Electra with an arrow.

Electra's reincarnation is most likely Angelus.[3]



  • Electra, along with Alcyone and Atlas, is a figure of Ancient Greek mythology and a star in the Pleiades star cluster.[9] Her name is different in CN: Ira, which is Latin for “wrath”.


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