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Full name Gentiane
Affiliation Griffin & Kryuger
Voice actor Komatsu Mikako
Artist Unknown

Gentiane is the character replacing the player Commander in Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song and the anime, where she is the commander of Area S09's Base 794.


Gentiane was born in 2040 and is 165cm tall. She emigrated in 2043 from an unspecified location[1] and grew up in the harbor area of Odessa,[2] graduated in 2062 from an unspecified school and joined Griffin and Kryuger the same year[1] during the PMC's recruitment drive to bolster their defense force against Sangvis Ferri.[3]

She has wavy shoulder-length hair with a gradient at the tip (in the anime her hair is solid pastel pink). She wears a choker with a small medal engraved with a design also found on her hip flask.[1][3][4]

Gentiane hates working overtime, and loves lazing in the lounge chair in her quarters and sleeping in, causing her adjutant AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  or Kalina to wake her up the hard way.[5][6] She also usually offloads her reports writing work on Kalina. Despite her slacker tendencies and moodiness, Gentiane respects Dolls as people and approaches combat deployment with care so they are not put in unnecessary danger.[7][8][9]

Story Involvement

After AR Team's raid on Safe House 3 and their dispersal to escape Sangvis Ferri, Gentiane received the order to look for AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 , who was found by SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  and MG MG3Thumb button.pngMG3  during her fight with Executioner.[10] After being helicoptered to Base 794, M4 insisted to see base commander, so AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  woke up Gentiane who was sleeping in the previous late night operation. Griffin HQ had already shared with her M4's intel, with the exception of the location of AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  and AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  that M4 had received.

Gentiane deployed M4 along with three of her echelons to the rescue coordinates. Not accounting for the low combat power of Base 794's Dolls, M4 suggested a direct assault, but Gentiane instead drew out the Sangvis Ferri units out of their urban cover onto a bridge where they were easily destroyed by the Griffin Dolls.[7] Sangvis Ferri troops attacked Base 794 while Gentiane's best fighters were on the mission, but they managed to hold long enough for them to return. While AR-15 needed to be rescued from Hunter, Gentiane had neither the resources or the authority to launch an assault on an enemy ringleader, but quickly convinced Helian to set up an operation[5] and deployed a scouting party to Hunter's base.[3] After AR-15 hacked into the SF network to turn the enemy Dolls against each other, Helian authorized the scouting party to attack in advance of the assault parties of commanders Kamolov and Shi Jun, enabling M4 and SOP-II to infiltrate the base and take down its active defenses.[4]

After recovering AR-15, Shi Jun passed intel about Plan Parapluie to Kalina so Gentiane would continue to investigate.[11][8] Gentiane's echelons assisted Squad 404's inspection of Safe House 3 by drawing out SF's attention,[11] but they became locked in combat against Intruder's unexpected arrival.[12] Using her echelons to draw Intruder's attention, Gentiane enabled Shi Jun's sniper teams to take down the ringleader.[13] AR Team later entrusted Gentiane with access to the Safe House 3 mission logs, providing the first clue about the presence of a Griffin Commander during the mission. She was called to Griffin's special ops base along with other top performing commanders to discuss the measures against SF's Plan Parapluie. To test the rumors of the Griffin BBS about her status as a star recruit, she beat Kamolov in simulated battles and revealed that she got an edge in battle by talking with her Dolls to account for their peculiarities.[8]

Gentiane was knocked out by debris when Sangvis artillery hit the base, and Kryuger offered her one of his guns for self-defense when she awakened. Unlike the player Commander, Gentiane did not take the gun as she already had her personal sidearm. Using a combat exoskeleton, she joined the other commanders in defense of the base and convinced Kryuger to let AR Team, trapped outside of the base, operate independently and take down Destroyer's local command node instead of joining the defense of the base.[14] Following Gentiane's plan to exploit the valleys, the Dolls then flushed out and trapped Destroyer before Dreamer jammed the commanders' signals. Dreamer baited AR Team to step deeper in SF territory to open fire with Jupiter cannons, and Kryuger ordered the Commanders to sacrifice their echelons to enable AR Team's retreat.[15] Gentiane was upset as she did not think sacrificing the echelons was necessary, pushing Helian to reveal the “mortal” nature and strategic nature of AR Team.[9]

Gentiane and Kawasaki participated in the search for AR-15 in the comms-jammed Area S08 after she escaped from Griffin.[16] To derail an SF reinforcements train entering the area, Gentiane had her echelons switch the tracks as it passed a junction, causing the train to be taken apart.[17] When AR-15 conducted a suicide bombing against Mastermind during the retreat from S08, Gentiane correctly guessed the SF commander had survived by observing the movements of remaining enemy units, and announced to M4 that with the disappearance of the jamming generated by the Parapluie-infected AR-15, her death was all but confirmed.[18]

After seeing the impact of AR-15's death on M4, Gentiane's request to see AR Team was denied but she received command of Area S05 where they were quarantined, acquiring a two-ranks promotion and a raise as well as more work in the process,[19] then effectively followed Persica's orders to protect AR Team during Mastermind's assault on the facility. Inside the building, M4 organized the Dolls' defense by reusing the tactics used by Gentiane to defend her base during their first encounter.[20] After she distinguished herself during the capture of Architect and the Jupiter cannons, Persica selected Gentiane to prepare AR Team's operation in Base 0 and carry a diversionary attack, though Gentiane did not hide her distaste of Persica's usual scheming.[2] Kryuger then selected her to lead the Griffin joint operation with the KCCO for the assault on the Sangvis HQ.[21]



  • Like Helianthus whose name refers to the sunflower, Gentiane's name is base on the "Gentiana" flower.
  • In Doll's Song chapter 6, she is represented as a rabbit-like creature surrounded by black four-pointed stars floating with bat wings (not unlike a Mog from Final Fantasy), alongside Kalina's cat appearance. She uses the same appearance as an account icon in chapter 12.
  • Contrary to Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song, Gentiane's full name, birthplace and more personal information can be seen in episode 3 of the anime. Her last name "Camus" and her birthplace of Drean are likely a reference to the french philosopher Albert Camus, who was also born there.