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  • URNC, Werewolves Commandos
  • Under William's personal orders

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This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Sugar is an enemy fought in Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery, and the main antagonist of the game.



Sugar first appears in Chapter 2, Act 7, but is only a spectator and cannot be attacked.

She is first seen in combat in Chapter 3, Act 3, where she remains static and unleashes her holograms against the ELIDs from a safe distance, but going through the trouble of killing her yields no benefit. The same situation occurs in Chapter 4, Escape, where she can move.

She is fought in earnest in Chapter 4, Caged Bird, Mutual Destruction and The Final Battle I, as well as Chapter 5, Act 1.

Sugar first targets player units she can kill in one hit, then the one with the highest SP. She is immune to abnormal status and has perfect detection and high stats all around, including crit rate. Her normal attacks inflict Infection for 1 turn, which causes a player unit to take damage equal to 10× the expended AP each time they expend AP. With her 3-turns cooldown Venom Sting skill, she uses her tail to attack 5 tiles at once in a straight line for 130% of her attack while also causing Infection. Attempting to box Sugar in by blocking all four tiles around her will cause her to use an AoE attack causing 200 damage and applying Infection.

Sugar spawns a red hologram and a blue hologram on the closest available tiles at the end of each turn, with no limit on the number of holograms. The red holograms multiply their attack by 3.5 at the end of each turn and have a no-cooldown skill that lets them sacrifice half of their HP to deal 4× their attack as damage in a 4 tiles radius. Blue holograms remain static but can counterattack two times during the player's turn, and as long as one blue hologram is on the field, Sugar's main body will take only 20% of damages directed at it. Both types are fragile, but red holograms only take 60% of incoming AoE damage.

Because Sugar is generally in a remote spot at the start of a level, all of her blue holograms must first be hunted down before attacking her. Player units should be kept dispersed to reduce the damage caused by her skill. Despite her true nature, she is not vulnerable to Blood Bullets and Blood Grenades in this form.

Sugar Sigma

Sugar first reveals her true nature in Chapter 4, The Final Battle II where she cannot be killed, then again in Chapter 5, Act 2.

In this form, Sugar can only attack tiles next to her, but she is extremely resilient due to her high HP pool and four stacks of shield, will cause many other dangers to appear on the map, and can inflict the deadly Blood Erosion status in many ways.

Blood Erosion prevents player units from recovering health, and will turn Carl, Jevon and Atena into Shrikes instead of entering Critical Condition when their HP reaches 0 (Jefuty, Mendo, Lige, Betty, Abigail, Valmet and Ruby cannot become Shrikes). Blood Erosion is caused by Sugar Σ's normal attacks and skills and contact with Blood Mist tiles. The only way to cure Blood Erosion is Mendo's Harmonic Resonance special skill.

While her attack stat is lower, all her normal attacks hit twice. Four Blood Fruits among those present on the field will hatch each turn in her presence, and she will encase a random player units within 20 tiles in a Blood Cocoon at the start of each player turn. Her four stacks of shield are replenished at the start of each turn and taking down all four will generate Blood Mist in a 2 tiles radius around her. Every 3 turns, her Bloody Assault skill will cause her to teleport up to 8 tiles away, then apply Blood Mist and cause 110% damage within 3 tiles, spending all available shields to add 110% damage per shield. The Blood Corroded Thorn skill will generate Blood Thorns in an x-shape up to 7 tiles away every three turns.

Sugar Σ is immune to abnormal status except Reverse Blood (from Blood Grenades) as well as Activity Inhibition and Structural Breakdown (from blood mines in Chapter 5). As long as Structural Breakdown isn't applied, her HP cannot fall down below 20%. She will also increase attack and reduce accuracy and evasion for all player units each turn, with the effect stacking continuously.

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  • Sugar shares many characteristics with Cyclone and Thunder Werewolves Commandos, while Oleg shares the traits of Skull and Nightmare Werewolves Commandos.