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Search criteria[edit]

Please click on the following tiles to filter dolls based on the tiles they buff and the tile they stand on.

The doll should buff these fields:
The doll may stand on these fields:

Possible T-Dolls (if any)[edit]

Fitting T-Dolls
SMG 43MThumb button.png43M 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (43M), TW (43M), KR (43M), EN (43M))
AR 6P62Thumb button.png6P62 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (6P62), TW (6P62), KR (6P62), EN (6P62), JP (6P62))
AR 9A-91Thumb button.png9A-91 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (9A-91), TW (9A-91), KR (9A-91), EN (9A-91), JP (9A-91))
AR A-91Thumb button.pngA-91 
Affects sub machineguns (Released in: CN (A-91), TW (A-91), KR (A-91), EN (A-91), JP (A-91))
SG AA-12Thumb button.pngAA-12 
Affects Machine Guns (Released in: CN (AA-12), TW (AA-12), KR (AA-12), EN (AA-12), JP (AA-12))
MG AAT-52Thumb button.pngAAT-52 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (AAT-52), TW (AAT-52), KR (AAT-52), EN (AAT-52), JP (AAT-52))
AR ACRThumb button.pngACR 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (ACR), TW (ACR), KR (ACR), EN (ACR))
AR ADSThumb button.pngADS 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (ADS), TW (ADS), KR (ADS), EN (ADS), JP (ADS))
MG AEK-999Thumb button.pngAEK-999 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (AEK-999), TW (AEK-999), KR (AEK-999), JP (AEK-999), EN (AEK-999))
AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (AK-12), TW (AK-12), KR (AK-12), EN (AK-12), JP (AK-12))
AR AK-15Thumb button.pngAK-15 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (AK-15), TW (AK-15), KR (AK-15))
AR AK-47Thumb button.pngAK-47 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (AK-47), TW (AK-47), KR (AK-47), EN (AK-47), JP (AK-47))
SMG AK-74UThumb button.pngAK-74U 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (AK-74U), TW (AK-74U), KR (AK-74U), EN (AK-74U), JP (AK-74U))
AR AK-AlfaThumb button.pngAK-Alfa 
Affects submachine guns and assault rifles (Released in: CN (AK-Alfa), TW (AK-Alfa), KR (AK-Alfa), JP (AK-Alfa))
AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (AN-94), TW (AN-94), KR (AN-94), EN (AN-94), JP (AN-94))
SMG AR-57Thumb button.pngAR-57 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and submachine guns (SMG). (Released in: CN (AR-57), TW (AR-57), KR (AR-57))
AR AR70Thumb button.pngAR70 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (AR70), TW (AR70), KR (AR70), EN (AR70), JP (AR70))
AR ART556Thumb button.pngART556 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (ART556), TW (ART556), KR (ART556), EN (ART556), JP (ART556))
AR ARX-160Thumb button.pngARX-160 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (ARX-160), TW (ARX-160), KR (ARX-160), EN (ARX-160), JP (ARX-160))
AR AS ValThumb button.pngAS Val 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (AS Val), TW (AS Val), KR (AS Val), EN (AS Val), JP (AS Val))
AR ASh-12.7Thumb button.pngASh-12.7 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (ASh-12.7), TW (ASh-12.7), KR (ASh-12.7), EN (ASh-12.7))
AR AUGThumb button.pngAUG 
Affects all types (Released in: CN (AUG), TW (AUG), KR (AUG), EN (AUG), JP (AUG))
SMG AUG ParaThumb button.pngAUG Para 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (AUG Para), TW (AUG Para), KR (AUG Para))
AR Agent 416Thumb button.pngAgent 416 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (特工416), TW (Agent 416), KR (요원 416))
SMG Agent VectorThumb button.pngAgent Vector 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (特工Vector), TW (Agent Vector), KR (요원 Vector))
AR Ak 5Thumb button.pngAk 5 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (Ak 5), TW (Ak 5), KR (Ak 5), EN (Ak 5), JP (Ak 5))
MG AlmaThumb button.pngAlma 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (Alma), TW (Alma), KR (알마 알머스), EN (Alma Armas), JP (アルマ・アルマス))
MG AmeliThumb button.pngAmeli 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (阿梅利), TW (阿梅利), KR (아멜리), EN (Ameli), JP (Ameli))
AR AngelicaThumb button.pngAngelica 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and submachine guns (SMG) (Released in: CN (安洁莉卡), TW (Angelica), KR (안젤리카), EN (Angelica), JP (アンジエリカ))
HG Astra RevolverThumb button.pngAstra Revolver 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (阿斯特拉左轮), TW (阿斯特拉左輪), KR (아스트라 리볼버), EN (Astra), JP (アストラ))
RF BM59Thumb button.pngBM59 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (BM59), TW (BM59), KR (BM59), EN (VM59), JP (It BM59))
RF BallistaThumb button.pngBallista 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (芭莉斯塔), TW (芭莉斯塔), KR (발리스타), EN (Ballista), JP (Ballista))
SMG Beretta Model 38Thumb button.pngBeretta Model 38 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and rifles (RF) (Released in: CN (伯莱塔38型), TW (伯萊塔38型), KR (베레타 38형), EN (M38), JP (M38))
MG BrenThumb button.pngBren 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (布伦), TW (布倫), KR (브렌), EN (Bren), JP (ブレン))
HG Bren TenThumb button.pngBren Ten 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Bren Ten), TW (Bren Ten), KR (Bren Ten), EN (Bren Ten), JP (ブレン・テン))
RF BronyaThumb button.pngBronya 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (布洛妮娅·扎伊切克))
HG C-93Thumb button.pngC-93 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (C-93), TW (C-93), KR (C-93), EN (C-93), JP (C-93))
SMG C-MSThumb button.pngC-MS 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (C-MS), TW (C-MS), KR (C-MS), EN (C-MS), JP (C-MS))
RF C14Thumb button.pngC14 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (C14), TW (C14), KR (C14))
HG C96Thumb button.pngC96 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (C96), TW (C96), KR (C96), EN (C96), JP (C96))
MG CARThumb button.pngCAR 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (CAR), TW (CAR), KR (CAR))
SG CAWSThumb button.pngCAWS 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (CAWS), TW (CAWS), KR (CAWS), EN (CAWS), JP (CAWS))
SMG CF05Thumb button.pngCF05 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (CF05), TW (CF05), KR (CF05))
AR CR-21Thumb button.pngCR-21 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (CR-21), TW (CR-21), KR (CR-21), EN (CR-21), JP (CR-21))
AR CZ-805Thumb button.pngCZ-805 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (CZ-805), TW (CZ-805), KR (CZ-805), EN (CZ-805), JP (CZ-805))
AR CZ2000Thumb button.pngCZ2000 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (CZ2000), TW (CZ2000), KR (CZ2000), EN (CZ2000), JP (CZ2000))
HG CZ52Thumb button.pngCZ52 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (CZ52), TW (CZ52), KR (CZ52), EN (CZ52), JP (CZ52))
HG CZ75Thumb button.pngCZ75 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (CZ75), TW (CZ75), KR (CZ75), EN (CZ75), JP (CZ75))
RF Carcano M1891Thumb button.pngCarcano M1891 
Affects rifles (Released in: CN (卡尔卡诺M1891), TW (卡爾卡諾M1891), KR (카르카노 M1891), EN (Carcano M1891), JP (カルカノ M1891))
RF Carcano M91∕38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91∕38 
Affects rifles (Released in: CN (卡尔卡诺M91/38), TW (卡爾卡諾M91/38), KR (카르카노 M91/38), EN (Carcano M91∕38), JP (カルカノ M91/38))
MG ChauchatThumb button.pngChauchat 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (绍沙), TW (紹沙), KR (쇼샤), EN (Chauchat), JP (シヨーシヤ))
MG ClaesThumb button.pngClaes 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (库拉耶丝), TW (Claes), KR (클라에스), EN (Claes), JP (クラエス))
HG ClearThumb button.pngClear 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (克莉尔), TW (克莉爾), KR (클리어), EN (El Clear), JP (エリ・クレア))
HG Colt RevolverThumb button.pngColt Revolver 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (柯尔特左轮), TW (柯爾特左輪), KR (콜트 리볼버), EN (SAA), JP (コルトSAA))
HG ContenderThumb button.pngContender 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (竞争者), TW (競爭者), KR (컨텐더), EN (Contender), JP (コンテンダー))
SMG Cx4 StormThumb button.pngCx4 Storm 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (Cx4 风暴), TW (Cx4 風暴), KR (Cx4 스톰), EN (Cx4 Storm), JP (Cx4 ストーム))
SG DP-12Thumb button.pngDP-12 
Affects machine guns (MG) and rifles (RF) (Released in: CN (DP-12), TW (DP-12), KR (DP-12), EN (DP-12), JP (DP-12))
MG DP28Thumb button.pngDP28 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (DP28), TW (DP28), KR (DP28), EN (DP28), JP (DP28))
RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (DSR-50), TW (DSR-50), KR (DSR-50), EN (Gd DSR-50), JP (Gd DSR-50))
SG DanaThumb button.pngDana 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (Dana), TW (Dana), KR (다나 제인), EN (Dana Zane), JP (デイナ・ゼイン))
SG DefenderThumb button.pngDefender 
Affects machine guns (MG) and shotguns (SG) (Released in: CN (防卫者), TW (Defender), KR (콜트 디펜더))
HG Desert EagleThumb button.pngDesert Eagle 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Desert Eagle), TW (Desert Eagle), KR (데저트 이글), EN (Desert Eagle))
SMG DorothyThumb button.pngDorothy 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and rifles (RF) (Released in: CN (Dorothy), TW (Dorothy), KR (도로시 헤이즈), EN (Dorothy Haze), JP (ドロシー・ヘイズ))
AR EM-2Thumb button.pngEM-2 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (EM-2), TW (EM-2), KR (EM-2), EN (EM-2), JP (EM-2))
SMG EVO 3Thumb button.pngEVO 3 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (EVO 3), TW (EVO 3), KR (EVO 3), EN (EVO 3), JP (EVO 3))
SG ElpheltThumb button.pngElphelt 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (艾尔菲尔特·华伦泰), TW (艾爾菲爾特·華倫泰), KR (엘펠트), EN (Elphelt), JP (エルフェルト))
SMG F1Thumb button.pngF1 
Affect Assault Rifles (Released in: CN (F1), TW (F1), KR (F1), EN (F1), JP (F1))
AR F2000Thumb button.pngF2000 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (F2000), TW (F2000), KR (F2000), EN (FF F2000), JP (FF F2000))
AR FALThumb button.pngFAL 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (FAL), TW (FAL), KR (FAL), EN (FAL), JP (FAL))
AR FAMASThumb button.pngFAMAS 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (FAMAS), TW (FAMAS), KR (FAMAS), EN (Fr FAMAS), JP (Fr FAMAS))
MG FG42Thumb button.pngFG42 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (FG42), TW (FG42), KR (FG42), EN (FG42), JP (FG42))
SMG FMG-9Thumb button.pngFMG-9 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (FMG-9), TW (FMG-9), KR (FMG-9), EN (FMG-9), JP (FMG-9))
RF FN-49Thumb button.pngFN-49 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (FN-49), TW (FN-49), KR (FN-49), EN (FF FN49), JP (FF FN49))
AR FNCThumb button.pngFNC 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (FNC), TW (FNC), KR (FNC), EN (FF FNC), JP (FF FNC))
HG FNP-9Thumb button.pngFNP-9 
Affects all weapons (Released in: CN (FNP-9), TW (FNP-9), KR (FNP-9), EN (FF FNP9), JP (FF FNP9))
SG FP-6Thumb button.pngFP-6 
Affects MGs (Released in: CN (FP-6), TW (FP-6), KR (FP-6), EN (FP-6), JP (FP-6))
AR FX-05Thumb button.pngFX-05 
Affects submachine guns. (Released in: CN (FX-05), TW (FX-05), KR (FX-05))
HG FailThumb button.pngFail 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (菲尔), TW (菲爾), KR (페일), EN (El Fail), JP (エル・フエイル))
RF FalconThumb button.pngFalcon 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (隼), TW (隼), KR (팔콘), JP (ファルコン), EN (Falcon))
HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Five-seveN), TW (Five-seveN), KR (Five-seveN), EN (Five-seven), JP (Five-seven))
AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (G11), TW (G11), KR (G11), EN (Gr G11), JP (Gr G11))
RF G28Thumb button.pngG28 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (G28), TW (G28), KR (G28), EN (Gr G28), JP (Gr G28))
AR G3Thumb button.pngG3 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (G3), TW (G3), KR (G3), EN (Gr G3), JP (Gr G3))
AR G36Thumb button.pngG36 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (G36), TW (G36), KR (G36), EN (Gr G36), JP (Gr G36))
SMG G36CThumb button.pngG36C 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (G36C), TW (G36C), KR (G36C), EN (Gr G36c), JP (Gr G36c))
AR G41Thumb button.pngG41 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (G41), TW (G41), KR (G41), EN (Gr G41), JP (Gr G41))
RF G43Thumb button.pngG43 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (G43), TW (G43), KR (G43), EN (G43), JP (G43))
RF GM6 LynxThumb button.pngGM6 Lynx 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (GM6 Lynx), TW (GM6 Lynx), KR (GM6 Lynx))
HG GSh-18Thumb button.pngGSh-18 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (GSh-18), TW (GSh-18), KR (GSh-18), EN (GSh-18), JP (GSh-18))
AR GalilThumb button.pngGalil 
Affects submachine guns (SMG) and assault rifles (AR) (Released in: CN (加利尔), TW (加利爾), KR (갈릴), EN (Galil), JP (ガリル))
RF General LiuThumb button.pngGeneral Liu 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (刘氏步枪), TW (General Liu), KR (류 소총))
RF Gepard M1Thumb button.pngGepard M1 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (猎豹M1), TW (獵豹M1), KR (게파드 M1), JP (ゲパードM1), EN (Gepard M1))
HG Glock 17Thumb button.pngGlock 17 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (格洛克17), TW (格洛克17), KR (글록 17), EN (G17), JP (G17))
HG Grizzly MkVThumb button.pngGrizzly MkV 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (灰熊MKV), TW (灰熊MKV), KR (그리즐리 MkV), EN (Grizzly), JP (グリズリー))
MG HK21Thumb button.pngHK21 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (HK21), TW (HK21), KR (HK21), EN (HMG21), JP (HMG21))
MG HK23Thumb button.pngHK23 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (HK23), TW (HK23), KR (HK23), JP (Gr MG23), EN (Gr MG23))
AR HK33Thumb button.pngHK33 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (HK33), TW (HK33), KR (HK33), EN (Gr HK33), JP (Gr HK33))
AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (HK416), TW (HK416), KR (HK416), EN (416), JP (416))
HG HK45Thumb button.pngHK45 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (HK45), TW (HK45), KR (HK45), EN (Gr HK45), JP (Gr HK45))
SG HK512Thumb button.pngHK512 
Affects machine guns (MG) and shotguns (SG). (Released in: CN (HK512), TW (HK512), KR (HK512))
HG HP-35Thumb button.pngHP-35 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (HP-35), TW (HP-35), KR (HP-35), JP (HP-35))
HG HS2000Thumb button.pngHS2000 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (HS2000), TW (HS2000), KR (HS2000), EN (HS2000), JP (HS2000))
SG HSM10Thumb button.pngHSM10 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (高标10型), TW (HSM10), KR (HSM10))
RF Hanyang Type 88Thumb button.pngHanyang Type 88 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (汉阳造88式), TW (漢陽造88式), KR (한양조 88식), EN (Type88), JP (漢陽88式))
SMG HenriettaThumb button.pngHenrietta 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and submachine guns (SMG) (Released in: CN (海莉艾塔), TW (Henrietta), KR (헨리에타), EN (Henrietta), JP (ヘンリエツタ))
SMG Honey BadgerThumb button.pngHoney Badger 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (蜜獾), TW (蜜獾), KR (허니뱃저), EN (Honey Badger), JP (Honey Badger))
AR Howa Type 64Thumb button.pngHowa Type 64 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (64式自), TW (64式自), KR (64식 소총), EN (64 Shiki), JP (64式自))
AR Howa Type 89Thumb button.pngHowa Type 89 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (89式自), TW (89式自), KR (89식 소총), JP (89式))
SMG IDWThumb button.pngIDW 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (IDW), TW (IDW), KR (IDW), EN (IDW), JP (IDW))
AR INSASThumb button.pngINSAS 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (INSAS), TW (INSAS), KR (INSAS), EN (INSAS))
RF IWS 2000Thumb button.pngIWS 2000 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (IWS 2000), TW (IWS 2000), KR (IWS 2000), EN (IWS 2000), JP (IWS 2000))
SMG JS 9Thumb button.pngJS 9 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (JS 9), TW (JS 9), KR (JS 9), JP (JS 9), EN (JS 9))
RF JS05Thumb button.pngJS05 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (JS05), TW (JS05), KR (JS05), EN (JS05), JP (JS05))
HG JerichoThumb button.pngJericho 
Affects all classes (Released in: CN (杰里科), TW (杰里科), KR (제리코), EN (Jericho), JP (ジェリコ))
HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Jill), TW (Jill), KR (질 스팅레이), EN (Jill Stingray), JP (ジル・スティングレイ))
AR K11Thumb button.pngK11 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (K11), TW (K11), KR (K11), EN (K11), JP (K11))
AR K2Thumb button.pngK2 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (K2), TW (K2), KR (K2), EN (K2), JP (K2))
MG K3Thumb button.pngK3 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (K3), TW (K3), KR (K3), EN (K3), JP (K3))
RF K31Thumb button.pngK31 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (K31), TW (K31), KR (K31), JP (K31), EN (K31))
HG K5Thumb button.pngK5 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (K5), TW (K5), KR (K5), EN (K5), JP (K5))
SMG KAC-PDWThumb button.pngKAC-PDW 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (KAC-PDW), TW (KAC-PDW), KR (KAC-PDW), EN (K-PDW), JP (K-PDW))
SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (KLIN), TW (KLIN), KR (KLIN), EN (KLIN), JP (KLIN))
SG KS-23Thumb button.pngKS-23 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (KS-23), TW (KS-23), KR (KS-23), EN (KS-23), JP (KS-23))
SG KSGThumb button.pngKSG 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (KSG), TW (KSG), KR (KSG), EN (Am KSG), JP (Am KSG))
RF KSVKThumb button.pngKSVK 
Affects handguns (HG) and shotguns (SG) (Released in: CN (KSVK), TW (KSVK), KR (KSVK), EN (KSVK), JP (KSVK))
RF Kar98kThumb button.pngKar98k 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (Kar98k), TW (Kar98k), KR (Kar98k), EN (Kar98k), JP (Kar98k))
HG KianaThumb button.pngKiana 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (琪亚娜·卡斯兰娜))
MG KordThumb button.pngKord 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (Kord), TW (Kord), KR (Kord), EN (Kord))
AR L85A1Thumb button.pngL85A1 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (L85A1), TW (L85A1), KR (L85A1), EN (L85A1), JP (L85A1))
SG LTLX 7000Thumb button.pngLTLX 7000 
Affects machine guns. (Released in: CN (LTLX7000), TW (LTLX7000), KR (LTLX7000),)
MG LWMMGThumb button.pngLWMMG 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (LWMMG), TW (LWMMG), KR (LWMMG), EN (LWMMG), JP (LWMMG))
RF Lee-EnfieldThumb button.pngLee-Enfield 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (李-恩菲尔德), TW (李-恩菲爾德), KR (리-엔필드), EN (Lee Enfield), JP (リー・エンフィールド))
MG LewisThumb button.pngLewis 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (刘易斯), TW (路易士), KR (루이스), EN (Lewis), JP (ルイス))
SG LiberatorThumb button.pngLiberator 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (Liberator), TW (Liberator), KR (리버레이터), EN (Liberator), JP (リベレーター))
SMG LusaThumb button.pngLusa 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and rifles (RF) (Released in: CN (Lusa), TW (Lusa), KR (Lusa))
RF M1 GarandThumb button.pngM1 Garand 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M1加兰德), TW (M1加蘭德), KR (M1 개런드), EN (M1 Garand), JP (M1ガーランド))
SG M1014Thumb button.pngM1014 
Affects MGs (Released in: CN (M1014), TW (M1014), KR (M1014), EN (M1014), JP (M1014))
SMG M12Thumb button.pngM12 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (M12), TW (M12), KR (M12), EN (M12), JP (M12))
RF M14Thumb button.pngM14 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M14), TW (M14), KR (M14), EN (M14), JP (M14))
AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (M16A1), TW (M16A1), KR (M16A1), EN (M16A1), JP (M16A1))
SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (M1887), TW (M1887), KR (M1887), EN (M1887), JP (M1887))
MG M1895 CBThumb button.pngM1895 CB 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (M1895 CB), TW (M1895 CB), KR (M1895 CB), EN (M1895 CB))
SG M1897Thumb button.pngM1897 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (M1897), TW (M1897), KR (M1897), JP (M1897), EN (M1897))
HG M1911Thumb button.pngM1911 
Affects all weapons (Released in: CN (M1911), TW (M1911), KR (M1911), EN (M1911), JP (M1911))
MG M1918Thumb button.pngM1918 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (M1918), TW (M1918), KR (M1918), EN (M1918), JP (M1918))
MG M1919A4Thumb button.pngM1919A4 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (M1919A4), TW (M1919A4), KR (M1919A4), EN (M1919A4), JP (M1919A4))
RF M1A1Thumb button.pngM1A1 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M1A1), TW (M1A1), KR (M1A1), EN (M1A1), JP (M1A1))
RF M200Thumb button.pngM200 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M200), TW (M200), KR (M200), EN (M200), JP (M200))
RF M21Thumb button.pngM21 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M21), TW (M21), KR (M21), EN (M21), JP (M21))
MG M249 SAWThumb button.pngM249 SAW 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (M249 SAW), TW (M249 SAW), KR (M249 SAW), EN (FF M249SAW), JP (FF M249SAW))
MG M2HBThumb button.pngM2HB 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (M2HB), TW (M2HB), KR (M2HB), EN (M2HB), JP (M2HB))
SMG M3Thumb button.pngM3 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (M3), TW (M3), KR (M3), EN (M3), JP (M3))
SG M37Thumb button.pngM37 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (M37), TW (M37), KR (M37), EN (M37), JP (M37))
AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (M4 SOPMOD II), TW (M4 SOPMOD II), KR (M4 SOPMOD II), EN (M4 SOPMOD II), JP (M4 SOPMOD II))
AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (M4A1), TW (M4A1), KR (M4A1), EN (M4A1), JP (M4A1))
SG M500Thumb button.pngM500 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (M500), TW (M500), KR (M500), EN (M500), JP (M500))
SG M590Thumb button.pngM590 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (M590), TW (M590), KR (M590), EN (M590), JP (M590))
SG M6 ASWThumb button.pngM6 ASW 
Affects machine guns. (Released in: CN (M6 ASW), TW (M6 ASW), KR (M6 ASW))
MG M60Thumb button.pngM60 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (M60), TW (M60), KR (M60), EN (M60), JP (M60))
AR M82Thumb button.pngM82 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (M82), TW (M82), KR (M82))
RF M82A1Thumb button.pngM82A1 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M82A1),TW (M82A1), KR (M82A1), EN (M82A1), JP (M82A1))
SG M870Thumb button.pngM870 
Affects Machine Guns (Released in: CN (M870), TW (M870), KR (M870), EN (M870), JP (M870))
HG M9Thumb button.pngM9 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (M9), TW (M9), KR (M9), EN (M9), JP (M9))
HG M950AThumb button.pngM950A 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (M950A), TW (M950A), KR (M950A), EN (M950A), JP (M950A))
RF M99Thumb button.pngM99 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (M99), TW (M99), KR (M99), EN (M99), JP (M99))
SMG MAC-10Thumb button.pngMAC-10 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MAC-10), TW (MAC-10), KR (MAC-10), EN (Ingram), JP (イングラム))
SMG MAS-38Thumb button.pngMAS-38 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MAS-38), TW (MAS-38), KR (MAS-38))
SMG MAT-49Thumb button.pngMAT-49 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MAT-49), TW (MAT-49), KR (MAT-49))
AR MDRThumb button.pngMDR 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (MDR), TW (MDR), KR (MDR), EN (MDR), JP (MDR))
MG MG3Thumb button.pngMG3 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (MG3), TW (MG3), KR (MG3), EN (MG3), JP (MG3))
MG MG34Thumb button.pngMG34 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (MG34), TW (MG34), KR (MG34), EN (MG34), JP (MG34))
MG MG36Thumb button.pngMG36 
Affects submachine guns (SMG), assault rifles (AR) and shotguns (SG) (Released in: CN (MG36), TW (MG36), KR (MG36), EN (Gr MG36), JP (Gr MG36))
MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (MG4), TW (MG4), KR (MG4), EN (Gr MG4), JP (Gr MG4))
MG MG42Thumb button.pngMG42 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (MG42), TW (MG42), KR (MG42), EN (MG42), JP (MG42))
MG MG5Thumb button.pngMG5 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (MG5), TW (MG5), KR (MG5), EN (Gr MG5), JP (Gr MG5))
HG MP-443Thumb button.pngMP-443 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (MP-443), TW (MP-443), KR (MP-443), EN (MP-443))
HG MP-446Thumb button.pngMP-446 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (MP-446), TW (MP-446), KR (MP-446), EN (MP-446), JP (MP-446))
HG MP-448Thumb button.pngMP-448 
Affect all guns (Released in: CN (MP-448), TW (MP-448), KR (MP-448), EN (MP-448))
SMG MP40Thumb button.pngMP40 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MP40), TW (MP40), KR (MP40), EN (MP40), JP (MP40))
SMG MP41Thumb button.pngMP41 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MP41), TW (MP41), KR (MP41), EN (MP41))
SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5 
Affects assault rifles (AR) and rifles (RF) (Released in: CN (MP5), TW (MP5), KR (MP5), EN (Gr MP5), JP (Gr MP5))
SMG MP7Thumb button.pngMP7 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MP7), TW (MP7), KR (MP7), EN (Gr MP7), JP (Gr MP7))
SMG MT-9Thumb button.pngMT-9 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (MT-9), TW (MT-9), KR (MT-9), EN (MT-9), JP (MT-9))
AR MagalThumb button.pngMagal 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (马盖尔), TW (馬蓋爾), KR (마갈), EN (Magal), JP (マガル))
HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (马卡洛夫), TW (馬卡洛夫), KR (마카로프), EN (Makarov), JP (マカロフ))
SMG Micro UziThumb button.pngMicro Uzi 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (微型乌兹), TW (微型烏茲), KR (마이크로 우지), EN (Micro Uzi), JP (Micro Uzi))
RF Mk 12Thumb button.pngMk 12 
Affects pistols (Released in: CN (Mk 12), TW (Mk 12), KR (Mk 12), EN (Mk 12), JP (Mk 12))
HG Mk23Thumb button.pngMk23 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Mk23), TW (Mk23), KR (Mk23), EN (Gr Mk23), JP (Gr Mk23))
MG Mk46Thumb button.pngMk46 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (Mk46), TW (Mk46), KR (Mk46), EN (Mk46), JP (Mk46))
MG Mk48Thumb button.pngMk48 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (Mk48), TW (Mk48), KR (Mk48), EN (Mk48), JP (Mk48))
AR Model LThumb button.pngModel L 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (Model L), TW (Model L), KR (Model L), EN (Model L), JP (Model L))
RF MondragonThumb button.pngMondragon 
Affects rifles (Released in: CN (蒙德拉贡M1908), TW (Mondragon), KR (몬드라곤 M1908))
RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (莫辛-纳甘), TW (莫辛-納甘), KR (모신나강), EN (Mosin-Nagant), JP (モシン・ナガン))
AR Murata HimekoThumb button.pngMurata Himeko 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (无量塔姬子))
SG NS2000Thumb button.pngNS2000 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (NS2000), TW (NS2000), KR (NS2000), EN (NS2000), JP (NS2000))
RF NTW-20Thumb button.pngNTW-20 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (NTW-20), TW (NTW-20), KR (NTW-20), EN (NTW-20), JP (NTW-20))
HG NZ75Thumb button.pngNZ75 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (NZ75), TW (NZ75), KR (NZ75), EN (NZ75), JP (NZ75))
HG Nagant RevolverThumb button.pngNagant Revolver 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (纳甘左轮), TW (納甘左輪), KR (나강 리볼버), EN (M1895), JP (M1895))
MG NegevThumb button.pngNegev 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (内格夫), TW (內蓋夫), KR (네게브), EN (Negev), JP (ネゲヴ))
HG NoelThumb button.pngNoel 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (诺爱儿·梵密利欧), TW (諾愛兒·梵密利歐), KR (노엘), EN (Noel), JP (ノエル))
RF OBRThumb button.pngOBR 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (OBR), TW (OBR), KR (OBR), EN (OBR), JP (OBR))
AR OTs-12Thumb button.pngOTs-12 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (OTs-12), TW (OTs-12), KR (OTs-12), EN (OTs-12), JP (OTs-12))
AR OTs-14Thumb button.pngOTs-14 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (OTs-14), TW (OTs-14), KR (OTs-14), EN (OTs-14), JP (OTs-14))
SMG OTs-39Thumb button.pngOTs-39 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (OTs-39), TW (OTs-39), KR (OTs-39), EN (OTs-39))
RF OTs-44Thumb button.pngOTs-44 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (OTs-44), TW (OTs-44), KR (OTs-44), EN (OTs-44), JP (OTs-44))
HG P08Thumb button.pngP08 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (P08), TW (P08), KR (P08), EN (P08), JP (P08))
HG P22Thumb button.pngP22 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (P22), TW (P22), KR (P22), EN (P22), JP (P22))
HG P226Thumb button.pngP226 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (P226), TW (P226), KR (P226), EN (P226), JP (P226))
HG P30Thumb button.pngP30 
Affects all classes (Released in: CN (P30), TW (P30), KR (P30), EN (Gr P30), JP (Gr P30))
HG P38Thumb button.pngP38 
Affects all weapons (Released in: CN (P38), TW (P38), KR (P38), EN (P38), JP (P38))
HG P7Thumb button.pngP7 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (P7), TW (P7), KR (P7), EN (P7), JP (P7))
SMG P90Thumb button.pngP90 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (P90), TW (P90), KR (P90), EN (P90), JP (P90))
HG P99Thumb button.pngP99 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (P99), TW (P99), KR (P99), EN (P99), JP (P99))
HG PA-15Thumb button.pngPA-15 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (PA-15), TW (PA-15), KR (PA-15), EN (PA-15), JP (PA-15))
MG PKThumb button.pngPK 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (PK), TW (PK), KR (PK), EN (PK), JP (PK))
MG PKPThumb button.pngPKP 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (PKP), TW (PKP), KR (PKP), EN (PKP), JP (PKP))
SMG PM-06Thumb button.pngPM-06 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PM-06), TW (PM-06), KR (PM-06), EN (PM-06), JP (PM-06))
SMG PM-9Thumb button.pngPM-9 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PM-9), TW (PM-9), KR (PM-9))
MG PM1910Thumb button.pngPM1910 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (PM1910), TW (PM1910), KR (PM1910))
SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PP-19), TW (PP-19), KR (PP-19), EN (PP-19), JP (PP-19))
SMG PP-19-01Thumb button.pngPP-19-01 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PP-19-01), TW (PP-19-01), KR (PP-19-01), EN (PP-19-01), JP (PP-19-01))
SMG PP-2000Thumb button.pngPP-2000 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PP-2000), TW (PP-2000), KR (PP-2000), EN (PP-2000), JP (PP-2000))
SMG PP-90Thumb button.pngPP-90 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PP-90), TW (PP-90), KR (PP-90), EN (PP-90), JP (PP-90))
HG PPKThumb button.pngPPK 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (PPK), TW (PPK), KR (PPK), EN (PPK), JP (PPK))
SMG PPS-43Thumb button.pngPPS-43 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PPS-43), TW (PPS-43), KR (PPS-43), EN (PPS-43), JP (PPS-43))
SMG PPSh-41Thumb button.pngPPSh-41 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (PPSh-41), TW (PPSh-41), KR (PPSh-41), EN (PPSh-41), JP (PPSh-41))
RF PSG-1Thumb button.pngPSG-1 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (PSG-1), TW (PSG-1), KR (PSG-1), EN (Gr PSG-1), JP (Gr PSG-1))
HG PSMThumb button.pngPSM 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (PSM), TW (PSM), KR (PSM), EN (PSM), JP (PSM))
RF PTRDThumb button.pngPTRD 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (PTRD), TW (PTRD), KR (PTRD), EN (PTRD), JP (PTRD))
HG Px4 StormThumb button.pngPx4 Storm 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Px4 风暴), TW (Px4 風暴), KR (Px4 스톰), EN (Px4 Storm), JP (Px4 ストーム))
HG PythonThumb button.pngPython 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (蟒蛇), TW (蟒蛇), KR (콜트 파이슨), EN (Python), JP (パイソン))
RF PzB 39Thumb button.pngPzB 39 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (PzB 39), TW (PzB 39), KR (PzB 39), EN (PzB39), JP (PzB39))
RF QBU-88Thumb button.pngQBU-88 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (QBU-88), TW (QBU-88), KR (QBU-88), EN (QBU-88), JP (QBU-88))
HG QSB-91Thumb button.pngQSB-91 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (QSB-91), TW (QSB-91), KR (QSB-91))
AR R5Thumb button.pngR5 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (R5), TW (R5), KR (R5))
RF R93Thumb button.pngR93 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (R93), TW (R93), KR (R93), EN (R93), JP (R93))
AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (RFB), TW (RFB), KR (RFB), EN (Am RFB), JP (Am RFB))
SG RMB-93Thumb button.pngRMB-93 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (RMB-93), TW (RMB-93), KR (RMB-93), EN (RMB-93), JP (RMB-93))
SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (RO635), TW (RO635), KR (RO635), EN (RO635), JP (RO635))
MG RPDThumb button.pngRPD 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (RPD), TW (RPD), KR (RPD), EN (RPD), JP (RPD))
MG RPK-16Thumb button.pngRPK-16 
Affects submachine guns (SMG), assault rifles (AR) and shotguns (SG) (Released in: CN (RPK-16), TW (RPK-16), KR (RPK-16))
RF RT-20Thumb button.pngRT-20 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (RT-20), TW (RT-20), KR (RT-20), EN (RT-20))
RF Raiden MeiThumb button.pngRaiden Mei 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (雷电芽衣))
HG Rex Zero 1Thumb button.pngRex Zero 1 
Affects all classes (Released in: CN (Rex Zero 1), TW (Rex Zero 1), KR (Rex Zero 1))
AR RibeyrollesThumb button.pngRibeyrolles 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (利贝罗勒), TW (利貝羅勒), KR (리베롤), EN (Ribeyrolles), JP (リベロール))
RF RicoThumb button.pngRico 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (莉可), TW (Rico), KR (리코), EN (Rico), JP (リコ))
SG S.A.T.8Thumb button.pngS.A.T.8 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (S.A.T.8), TW (S.A.T.8), KR (S.A.T.8), EN (S.A.T.8), JP (S.A.T.8))
SMG SAFThumb button.pngSAF 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (SAF), TW (SAF), KR (SAF), JP (SAF))
AR SAR-21Thumb button.pngSAR-21 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (SAR-21), TW (SAR-21), KR (SAR-21), EN (SAR-21), JP (SAR-21))
SMG SCWThumb button.pngSCW 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (SCW), TW (SCW), KR (SCW), EN (SCW), JP (SCW))
AR SIG-510Thumb button.pngSIG-510 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (SIG-510), TW (SIG-510), KR (SIG-510), EN (SIG-510), JP (SIG-510))
AR SIG-556Thumb button.pngSIG-556 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (SIG-556), TW (SIG-556), KR (SIG-556), EN (SIG-556), JP (SIG-556))
RF SL8Thumb button.pngSL8 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (SL8), TW (SL8), KR (SL8))
RF SM-1Thumb button.pngSM-1 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SM-1), TW (SM-1), KR (SM-1), JP (SM-1), EN (SM-1))
SG SPAS-12Thumb button.pngSPAS-12 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (SPAS-12), TW (SPAS-12), KR (SPAS-12), EN (SPAS-12), JP (SPAS-12))
HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (SPP-1), TW (SPP-1), KR (SPP-1), EN (SPP-1), JP (SPP-1))
RF SPR A3GThumb button.pngSPR A3G 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SPR A3G), TW (SPR A3G), KR (SPR A3G), EN (SPR A3G), JP (SPR A3G))
SMG SR-3MPThumb button.pngSR-3MP 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (SR-3MP), TW (SR-3MP), KR (SR-3MP), EN (SR-3MP), JP (SR-3MP))
RF SRSThumb button.pngSRS 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SRS), TW (SRS), KR (SRS), EN (SRS), JP (SRS))
RF SSG 3000Thumb button.pngSSG 3000 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SSG 3000), TW (SSG 3000), KR (SSG 3000), EN (SSG3000))
RF SSG 69Thumb button.pngSSG 69 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SSG 69), TW (SSG 69), KR (SSG 69), EN (SSG 69), JP (SSG 69))
AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (ST AR-15), TW (ST AR-15), KR (ST AR-15), EN (ST AR-15), JP (ST AR-15))
SMG SUB-2000Thumb button.pngSUB-2000 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (SUB-2000), TW (SUB-2000), KR (SUB-2000))
RF SV-98Thumb button.pngSV-98 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SV-98), TW (SV-98), KR (SV-98), EN (SV-98), JP (SV-98))
RF SVChThumb button.pngSVCh 
Affects handguns. (Released in: CN (SVCh), TW (SVCh), KR (SVCh))
RF SVDThumb button.pngSVD 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SVD), TW (SVD), KR (SVD), EN (SVD), JP (SVD))
RF SVT-38Thumb button.pngSVT-38 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (SVT-38), TW (SVT-38), KR (SVT-38), EN (SVT-38), JP (SVT-38))
SG Saiga-12Thumb button.pngSaiga-12 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (Saiga-12), TW (Saiga-12), KR (Saiga-12), EN (Saiga-12), JP (Saiga-12))
SG SeeleThumb button.pngSeele 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (希儿))
HG SeiThumb button.pngSei 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Sei), TW (Sei), KR (세이 아사기리), EN (Sei Asagiri), JP (セイ・P・アサギリ))
HG SerdyukovThumb button.pngSerdyukov 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (谢尔久科夫), TW (謝爾久科夫), KR (세르듀코프), EN (Serdyukov), JP (セルヅユコフ))
SMG ShipkaThumb button.pngShipka 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (希普卡), TW (希普卡), KR (시프카), EN (Shipka), JP (シプカ))
RF SimonovThumb button.pngSimonov 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (西蒙诺夫), TW (西蒙諾夫), KR (시모노프), EN (SKS), JP (SKS))
SG Six12Thumb button.pngSix12 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (Six12), TW (Six12), KR (Six12), EN (Six12), JP (Six12))
SMG SkorpionThumb button.pngSkorpion 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (蝎式), TW (蠍式), KR (스콜피온), EN (Skorpion), JP (スコーピオン))
SMG Spectre M4Thumb button.pngSpectre M4 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (Spectre M4), TW (Spectre M4), KR (Spectre M4), EN (Spectre M4), JP (スペクトラM4))
HG SpitfireThumb button.pngSpitfire 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (Spitfire), TW (Spitfire), KR (Spitfire), EN (Spitfire), JP (Spitfire))
RF SpringfieldThumb button.pngSpringfield 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (春田), TW (春田), KR (스프링필드), EN (Springfield), JP (スプリングフィールド))
AR StG-940Thumb button.pngStG-940 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (StG-940), TW (StG-940), KR (StG-940))
AR StG44Thumb button.pngStG44 
Affects submachine guns and assault rifles (Released in: CN (StG44), TW (StG44), KR (StG44), EN (StG44), JP (StG44))
HG StechkinThumb button.pngStechkin 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (斯捷奇金), TW (斯捷奇金), KR (스테츠킨), EN (Stechkin), JP (スチェッキン))
RF StellaThumb button.pngStella 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (Stella), TW (Stella), KR (스텔라 호시이), EN (Stella Hoshii), JP (ステラ・星井))
SMG Sten MkIIThumb button.pngSten MkII 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (司登MkII), TW (司登MkII), KR (스텐 Mk.II), EN (STEN MkII), JP (ステンMK-II))
AR Steyr ACRThumb button.pngSteyr ACR 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (S-ACR), TW (S-ACR), KR (S-ACR))
RF Steyr ScoutThumb button.pngSteyr Scout 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (侦察者), TW (偵察者), KR (스카웃), EN (Scout), JP (スカウト))
SMG SuomiThumb button.pngSuomi 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (索米), TW (索米), KR (수오미), EN (Suomi), JP (スオミ))
RF Super SASSThumb button.pngSuper SASS 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (Super SASS), TW (Super SASS), KR (Super SASS), EN (Super SASS), JP (Super SASS))
SG Super-ShortyThumb button.pngSuper-Shorty 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (Super-Shorty), TW (Super-Shorty), KR (Super-Shorty), EN (Super-Shorty), JP (Super-Shorty))
RF T-5000Thumb button.pngT-5000 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (T-5000), TW (T-5000), KR (T-5000), EN (T-5000), JP (T-5000))
RF T-CMSThumb button.pngT-CMS 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (T-CMS), TW (T-CMS), KR (T-CMS), EN (T-CMS), JP (T-CMS))
AR T65Thumb button.pngT65 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (T65), TW (T65), KR (T65), EN (T65), JP (T65))
SMG T77Thumb button.pngT77 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (T77), TW (T77), KR (T77), EN (T77), JP (T77))
AR T91Thumb button.pngT91 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (T91), TW (T91), KR (T91), EN (T91), JP (T91))
RF TAC-50Thumb button.pngTAC-50 
Affects Handguns (Released in: CN (TAC-50), TW (TAC-50), KR (TAC-50), EN (TAC-50), JP (TAC-50))
AR TAR-21Thumb button.pngTAR-21 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (TAR-21), TW (TAR-21), KR (TAR-21), EN (TAR-21), JP (TAR-21))
HG TEC-9Thumb button.pngTEC-9 
Affect all guns (Released in: CN (TEC-9), TW (TEC-9), KR (TEC-9), EN (TEC-9), JP (TEC-9))
SMG TMPThumb button.pngTMP 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (TMP), TW (TMP), KR (TMP), EN (TMP), JP (TMP))
SG TS12Thumb button.pngTS12 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (TS12), TW (TS12), KR (TS12))
RF TabukThumb button.pngTabuk 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (Tabuk), TW (Tabuk), KR (타부크 저격소총), JP (タブク))
HG TheresaThumb button.pngTheresa 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (德丽莎))
SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (汤姆森), TW (湯姆森), KR (톰슨), EN (Thompson), JP (トンプソン))
HG ThunderThumb button.pngThunder 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (雷电), TW (雷電), KR (썬더), EN (Thunder), JP (Thunder))
HG TokarevThumb button.pngTokarev 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (托卡列夫), TW (托卡列夫), KR (토카레프), EN (Tokarev), JP (トカレフ))
SG TrielaThumb button.pngTriela 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (崔耶拉), TW (Triela), KR (트리엘라), EN (Triela), JP (トリエラ))
AR Type 03Thumb button.pngType 03 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (03式), TW (03式), KR (03식), EN (Type 03), JP (03式))
SMG Type 100Thumb button.pngType 100 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (樱花), TW (一〇〇式), KR (100식), EN (100 Shiki), JP (一〇〇式))
RF Type 4Thumb button.pngType 4 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (Type 4), TW (Type 4), KR (4식), EN (4 Shiki), JP (四式))
RF Type 56Thumb button.pngType 56 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (56式半), TW (56式半), KR (56식 반), EN (Type56R), JP (56式半))
AR Type 56-1Thumb button.pngType 56-1 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (56-1式), TW (56-1式), KR (56-1식), EN (Type56-1), JP (56-1式))
HG Type 59Thumb button.pngType 59 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (59式), TW (59式), KR (59식), EN (Type59), JP (59式))
MG Type 62Thumb button.pngType 62 
Affects Shotguns (Released in: CN (62式), TW (62式), KR (62식), EN (62 Shiki), JP (62式))
AR Type 63Thumb button.pngType 63 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (63式), TW (63式), KR (63식), EN (Type63), JP (63式))
SMG Type 64Thumb button.pngType 64 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (64式), TW (64式), KR (64식), EN (Type64), JP (64式))
SMG Type 79Thumb button.pngType 79 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (79式), TW (79式), KR (79식), EN (Type79), JP (79式))
MG Type 80Thumb button.pngType 80 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (80式), TW (80式), KR (80식), EN (Type80), JP (80式))
RF Type 81 CarbineThumb button.pngType 81 Carbine 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (八一式马), TW (八一式馬), KR (81식 카빈), JP (81式カービン), EN (Type81R))
MG Type 88Thumb button.pngType 88 
Affects Shotguns (Released in: CN (88式), TW (88式), KR (88식), EN (QJY-88), JP (88式))
HG Type 92Thumb button.pngType 92 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (92式), TW (92式), KR (92식), EN (Type92), JP (92式))
AR Type 95Thumb button.pngType 95 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (95式), TW (95式), KR (95식), EN (Type95), JP (95式))
AR Type 97Thumb button.pngType 97 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (97式), TW (97式), KR (97식), EN (Type97), JP (97式))
SG Type 97 ShotgunThumb button.pngType 97 Shotgun 
Affects machineguns (Released in: CN (97式霰), TW (97式霰), KR (97식 산탄총), EN (Type97S), JP (97式散))
MG UKM-2000Thumb button.pngUKM-2000 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (UKM-2000), TW (UKM-2000), KR (UKM-2000), EN (UKM-2000), JP (UKM-2000))
SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 
Affects Submachine guns (Released in: CN (UMP40), TW (UMP40), KR (UMP40), EN (UMP40), JP (UMP40))
SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (UMP45), TW (UMP45), KR (UMP45), EN (UMP45), JP (UMP45))
SMG UMP9Thumb button.pngUMP9 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (UMP9), TW (UMP9), KR (UMP9), EN (UMP9), JP (UMP9))
SG USAS-12Thumb button.pngUSAS-12 
Affects machine guns (Released in: CN (USAS-12), TW (USAS-12), KR (USAS-12), EN (USAS-12), JP (USAS-12))
HG USP CompactThumb button.pngUSP Compact 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (USP Compact), TW (USP Compact), KR (USP Compact), EN (Gr USPCompact), JP (Gr USPコンパクト))
SG V-PM5Thumb button.pngV-PM5 
Affects machine guns. (Released in: CN (V-PM5), TW (V-PM5), KR (V-PM5))
AR VHSThumb button.pngVHS 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (VHS), TW (VHS), KR (VHS))
HG VP70Thumb button.pngVP70 
Affects all classes (Released in: CN (VP70), TW (VP70), KR (VP70), EN (Gr VP70), JP (Gr VP70))
RF VSK-94Thumb button.pngVSK-94 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (VSK-94), TW (VSK-94), KR (VSK-94))
SMG VectorThumb button.pngVector 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (Vector), TW (Vector), KR (Vector), EN (Vector) JP (Vector))
AR VeprThumb button.pngVepr 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (Vepr), TW (Vepr), KR (Vepr))
RF WA2000Thumb button.pngWA2000 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (WA2000), TW (WA2000), KR (WA2000), EN (WA2000), JP (WA2000))
HG WKpThumb button.pngWKp 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (WKp), TW (WKp), KR (WKp))
HG WebleyThumb button.pngWebley 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (韦伯利), TW (Webley), KR (웨블리 리볼버))
HG Welrod MkIIThumb button.pngWelrod MkII 
Affects all guns (Released in: CN (维尔德MkⅡ), TW (維爾德MkⅡ), KR (웰로드 MkII), EN (Welrod MkII), JP (ウェルロッドMkII))
SMG X95Thumb button.pngX95 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (X95), TW (X95), KR (X95), EN (X95), JP (X95))
RF XM3Thumb button.pngXM3 
Affects Handguns (Released in: CN (XM3), TW (XM3), KR (XM3), EN (XM3), JP (XM3))
AR XM8Thumb button.pngXM8 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (XM8), TW (XM8), KR (XM8), EN (XM8), JP (XM8))
SMG Z-62Thumb button.pngZ-62 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (Z-62), TW (Z-62), KR (Z-62), EN (Z-62), JP (Z-62))
MG ZB-26Thumb button.pngZB-26 
Affects shotguns (Released in: CN (ZB-26), TW (ZB-26), KR (ZB-26), JP (ZB-26))
AR Zas M21Thumb button.pngZas M21 
Affects submachine guns (Released in: CN (Zas M21), TW (Zas M21), KR (Zas M21), EN (Zas M21), JP (Zas M21))
RF Zas M76Thumb button.pngZas M76 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (Zas M76), TW (Zas M76), KR (Zas M76), EN (Zas M76))
SMG m45Thumb button.pngm45 
Affects assault rifles (Released in: CN (m45), TW (m45), KR (m45), EN (m45), JP (m45))
RF wz.29Thumb button.pngwz.29 
Affects handguns (Released in: CN (wz.29), TW (wz.29), KR (wz.29), EN (wz.29), JP (wz.29))

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