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A simple overview of all T-Doll costumes. Costumes are shown in no particular order while T-Dolls are ordered by their page name.

Please see the T-Doll's page for details.


Some costumes are not available on every server. Some animations got added at a later date.

Please see your server's T-Doll's details if a costume is available.

How to obtain[edit]

Costumes in a gacha pool

Costumes are obtainable in different ways:


Live2D is a layer rendering technique used to create animated character without relying on frame-by-frame animation.

Live2D costumes are animated with interactivity: the character's eyes follow the location of taps on the screen, have specific dialogues when different parts of their artwork is tapped, and have a unique animation when the device is shaken.

Simplified Live2D costumes are animated with no interactivity.

Live2D can be disabled in the game options to display a fixed image of the costume.