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HK416 Story Quotes Live2D


HK416 is a serious and foul-mouthed Doll who takes great pride in her status as an Elite T-Doll and her combat performances. She also holds a strong sense of justice that pushes her to protect the weak and her teammates. Paradoxically, as pointed out by AK-74U, 416 considers that only excellence in tactical and strategic thinking and knowing how to protect their own lives will differentiate T-Dolls from mere tools to be used by humans, but she also puts great value in sacrifice in battle and following orders.[1] She also commented on not being particularly fond of fighting and to being somewhat risk-averse, but to not have any choice on the matter within Squad 404.[2]

Within 404, HK416 acts as the main fighter, possessing the best combat specs. She begrudgingly respects SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 's authority despite their shared past, but often complains about 45'reckless strategies.[3] 45 often mocks 416's pride but respects her skills, considering her for next in line as squad leader.[4] 416 is also, by choice, AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 's guardian,[5] but frequently gets angry at her laziness and warned her that she won't always be there to take care of her.[6] She has sit out multiple operations while in 404, waiving her part of the payment,[7] and frequently reminded her teammates that she planned to leave the squad sooner than later.[8] Despite 416's complaints with 404, she had similar claims about Griffin Dolls, judging them to be too unprofessional and hard to work with.[9]

Because AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  caused her to be expelled from Griffin, HK416 holds a deep grudge against AR Team as a whole and aimed to beat M16A1 in a fight to prove her superiority.[10] She is also jealous of the comfort AR Team enjoys as a Griffin team compared to 404's harsher life conditions,[11][12] and criticizes AR Team's supposed hero complex.[13] M16A1 herself does not care for 416's revenge, saying she was fond of her before having to expel her from Operation Butterfly,[14] but thought nothing of her after she joined 404,[10] seeing her desire for vengeance as a sign of insecurity.[15] After temporarily returning to Griffin during the Continuum Turbulence event, 416's thirst for vengeance has softened as she gave more thoughts to her present and future rather than worrying about living up to other's expectations of an elite T-Doll in an attempt to heal her wounded ego.

HK416 sometimes uses German expletives, like “dummkopf” (“stupid”, often directed at G11) or “Arschloch” (“asshole”, directed at M16A1).[16] Before the Butterfly Incident, HK416 was known as HKM4, a reference to the name of her rifle before the Colt lawsuit. Her sister model is RF G28Thumb button.pngG28 , which is a designation of the HK417 (or HK241), a DMR variant of the HK416 chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO and used by the Bundeswehr. While G28 openly loved her big sister, 416 was much more reserved, bothered by the notion of a Doll being tied to a family.[17]

The Dorm Furniture Convenience Store - Liquor Cabinet states "DO NOT Sell Liquor To HK416" which may indicate that she has low tolerance to alcohol, but given that she was able to keep up with RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant  in a drinking contest she might merely have a tendency to overdrink.[18] As Clukay, she revealed her complicated relation with drinks: she found another connoisseur in Gin and talked about her liquor collection, but couldn't hide the fact that she is a bad drunk and therefore hesitates to actually indulge.[19][20]

Story Involvement[edit]


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HK416 (left) with the rest of Squad 404.

A former Griffin & Kryuger elite T-Doll, HK416 is a member of Squad 404, along with SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 , SMG UMP9Thumb button.pngUMP9 , and AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 .

From Griffin to 404[edit]

HK416 was part of an elite T-Doll batch produced by IOP for Griffin & Kryuger.[21] Under the name HKM4,[22][23] she served with her sister model RF G28Thumb button.pngG28 [23][17] and was an adjutant to a Griffin Commander before she was loaned to Statesec for Operation Butterfly,[24] being assigned to AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 's Squad 7. Some time before the operation, M16 expelled 416 from her squad for disobeying orders, belittling SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  and SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  from Support Squad 14, and attacking a friendly unit (most probably 45 herself),[25] and ordered her Fire Control Core to be taken away. Refusing to be expelled from Griffin and wanting to take revenge on M16 for humiliating her, 416 jumped out of the transport that was taking her away with her unloaded weapon and lived as a stray Doll, being feared by other stray Dolls because of her weapon and sustaining herself on abandoned batteries and dumpster food.[26] Due to the secrecy around Butterfly, all data related to her at Griffin had been expunged, including all of G28's memories of her older sister.[23][17]

One day, she crossed paths with two gang members beating up a abandoned child Doll to resell her, and tried to intimidate them with her gun. But the gangsters knew she could neither use her weapon nor take hostile action against them due to her programming, and was about to be shot when UMP45 and SMG UMP9Thumb button.pngUMP9  intervened and took down the thugs.[26] 416 recognized UMP45 as the T-Doll she had bullied while at Statesec, but with a completely different behavior. 416 refused 45's offer to work with her, insisting she had to go back to Griffin. 45 mocked that she clung to an ideal of honor she could no longer uphold, while 45 herself, who unlike 416 had not willfully chosen her difficult path, held the determination to procure all the means to reach her goal. Faced with her lack of power, 416 accepted to work for 45 in exchange for saving the child Doll.[21] 45's aggressive stance against 416 was not genuine and she had let Dier know she would save 416 and the child Doll as soon as they found them, but Dier would only reveal it to 416 long after.[27]

Outfitted with Dier's black market Fire Control Core and ammo, and hacked to be able to attack humans, 416 accompanied 45 and 9 as they took down a local Doll traffic gang on Dier's patronage.[21] 416 purposefully left the gangsters alive but grievously wounded them, and used her military experience to swiftly complete the mission. After Dier finished repairing the child Doll, 416 pledged to protect her until she could go back with her to Griffin. 416 was reluctant to decide on making her a T-Doll since her own life had been wrecked when M16 had forced a choice on her that was against her ambitions, but 45 pointed out she had already burdened her with her own choice by saving her, and that making her a T-Doll would let her defend herself. Dier issued the Doll a weapon from his collection of unusual guns, christening her AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 , and 45 declared the formation of Squad 404.[5]

Area S09[edit]

HK416 (shadow) finds AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  on the run in Area S09.

When Squad 404 investigated the site of the battle between AR Team and Agent at Safe House 3 in Area S09, 416 specifically looked traces of AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 .[28] She managed to track her down, announcing she would use her new freedom to kill to take revenge,[14] but was promptly beaten, M16 boasting more experience, reaction time and training, and 45 had to come pick her up. When 416 threatened to target other members of AR Team, M16 warned her that she would actually kill her if she tried.[10]

416 and G11 were hired into replacing MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4  for a recon mission when they received maintenance in the Griffin HQ at Area S09. 416 was annoyed to have been roped into the mission and considered waiving her payment and leave, but had to complete it after G11 was convinced to go through by SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  offering her rum ice cream.[29] They didn't wipe the Griffin Dolls' memories of them since the mission was unrelated to Squad 404.[30] After Sangvis Ferri launched Plan Parapluie, Squad 404 was hired to destroy a jammer in Area S06. 45 had 416 act as G11's bodyguard during the operation.[31]

Operation Hypothermia[edit]

Squad 404 was later hired by Griffin to evacuate AR Team from Sangvis Ferri's Jupiter Cannons testing field in Area S03. Though she did not appreciate to have to save AR Team, 416 refused to invoke personal reasons for sitting out a contract and took part with the rest of the squad.[32] 45 and 9 entered the area first to secure a covert entry point for 416 and G11.[33] In the operational area, 404 briefly communicated with Architect and 416 tried to interrogate her for intel, but 45 cut them off, arguing intel gathering was not part of their contract.[32] 416 later noticed 45 communicating with a Sangvis signal, rousing her suspicions that she might have been infected with the Parapluie virus during the Area S06 operation,[34] but did not pursue the topic further after they met the hybrid T-Doll SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887 , who was the one 45 was talking with.[35]

After 404 linked up with AR Team, 45 had 416 take guard duty so a fight wouldn't break out.[15] During the final push through Architect and Gager's base, 45 ordered 404 to abort their attack after AR Team did not follow the agreed plan, but 416 was not comfortable with this order. 45 scolded 416 for disputing orders, and urged her to abandon the pride she had under M16's command and act as a true mercenary. The reinforcements fetched by AR Team arrived before 404 left the area and the battle concluded without the squad abandoning their objective.[36]


"Clukay"HK416 destroys her Entropized half during the Magrasea transfer test.

The story explaining 416's presence in the Magrasea backup in 2063 is potentially apocryphal. Details in this section should be interpreted with caution.

Some time before 23 September 2063,[37] 416 was adjutant to the Griffin commander who would assume the identity of the Professor for Persica's mission in the Magrasea backup. During the Consciousness Digitization tests, 416, using the code name "Clukay", insisted to accompany them in Magrasea,[38] but her Neural Cloud format was not recognized by Magrasea due to being more modern. The system attempted to convert her to a compatible format, which caused widespread errors, such as personality alteration in the agents and nearly destroyed the commander's data. By protecting the commander during the upload, 416's Neural Cloud was split in their stead.[39] The segment accompanying the commander, designated "Clukay", lost her memories,[40] while the other, designated "416", headed for Sector Pierides, where she became infected by Entropy. Becoming obsessed by her mission to protect the commander, 416 attacked Clukay.[41] To break the standoff between the two identical fighters, Clukay abode by the commander's combat orders instead of relying on her own judgment[42] and eventually prevailed, absorbing 416 and her Entropy.[43] The commander and 416 forcibly disconnected, which destroyed their memories of the test and 416's Entropy virus.

While the heavy interference caused by the compatibility problem prevented Persica from collecting data, the test demonstrated that 416's Neural Cloud was not fully back-compatible with Magrasea's framework. The only way to have her enter Magrasea safely would be to create a "projection replication" of her Neural Cloud. The commander's memories eventually resurfaced in Magrasea.[39] 416 joined the Magrasea backup mission in earnest during the Entropic crisis, though her memories of the commander were sealed for operational intel safety.[44] She still remembered working for Statesec[19] and being part of Squad 404.[20]

Sangvis Base 0[edit]

After M16A1's solo mission in Sangvis Base 0 on Persica's orders and her infection with the Parapluie virus, the drone containing the data she had claimed was shot down by Dreamer.[45] Persica hired 404 to recover the drone and data. To prepare for the mission, Persica ordered 416 and G11 to upgrade their Zener Protocol interfaces so they could manifest in cyberspace and assist 45 and 9 during electronic warfare.[12] They tested their new modules by expelling SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN  who had accidentally connected to their private network.[46]

In the operational area, the squad was located by Destroyer due to 45's Parapluie infection, and 416 protected G11 while she surveyed the area from sniping positions,[47] eventually taking down Destroyer's Cerberus form.[48] The squad then entered 45's Neural Cloud to help her recover from Dreamer's electronic attacks, coming across 45's memory fragments in the process,[49] but 416 reached the limits of her EW capabilities faster than the other members.[50] After completing the mission, 416 refused to comment on her appearance in 45's memories.[51]

Temporary return to Griffin[edit]

During the joint assault from Griffin & Kryuger and the KCCO against Sangvis Ferri's HQ, Angelia hired 404, who were leaving their previous operational area, to assist her and Task Force DEFY in infiltrating KCCO's field network.[52] Against 416's warnings, 45 led the squad deep in enemy territory to reach KCCO's central database.[53] After meeting with AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 , 416 inquired about M16's whereabouts, but M4 did not divulge her defection to Sangvis Ferri, only saying that she went missing.[54] When 416 pushed the subject, M4 offered to her to join the search for M16, but the offer only angered 416.[55]

When KCCO armored units intruded on DEFY and 404's encounter with Elisa to capture her, 404 used covers and the delay between tank shots to close the distance and rush the enemy, but as 416 was switching covers, the enemy tank pre-charged a shot. 416 was saved by 45, who pushed her out of the shot's way but caused her heavily damage.[56] After M4 detonated the Collapse bomb to destroy the enemy armors, DEFY rushed after Elisa while 404 evacuated 45 to Griffin's temporary base camp. 416 urged Kalina to save 45, claiming she wanted to be the one to kill her, and suggested using 9 as a backup for her Neural Cloud, unaware that the “UMP Sisters” were never the same model. She then joined the Griffin defenders against the Paradeus attacks. After fending off the first wave, 416 told off SMG AK-74UThumb button.pngAK-74U , who wanted to go reinforce the forward defense teams, and a verbal altercation began when 74U accused Squad 404 of utterly lacking comradry. Though she feared 416 would leave 404 after working with Griffin again,[9] 9 reminded 416 she did not owe 45 to stay with the squad. On the opposite, G11 had 416 promise she would get back to 404 after the defense operation. 416 herself considered continuing to protect Squad 404's members a step on her goal to prove herself.[57]

416 and 74U were deployed to assist HG PythonThumb button.pngPython , RF Mk 12Thumb button.pngMk 12  and AR A-91Thumb button.pngA-91 , forming a temporary team nicknamed “Griffin Expendables” by 74U.[58] Thinking herself the only able soldier in a team of amateurs, she commanded by issuing verbal commands since she didn't have a command module,[59] first helping AR 9A-91Thumb button.png9A-91 's team fall back to base,[1] then Squad SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson , who commended 416 for being able to effectively lead rookies on the frontline. After 416 commented that 404's members would probably not have helped her when she fell behind during the mission, assuming she could take care of herself, 74U urged 416 to consider joining back Griffin & Kryuger, where she could work with friendlier comrades.[60] On the insistence of the team, 416 allowed herself a few minutes of musical relaxation before leading the Expendables in covering the retreat of Squad SMG MP40Thumb button.pngMP40 . Finally, the Expendables helped the survivors assembled by AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  get back to the base camp.[2] 416 apologized for recommending the Commander to abandon Thompson and MP40's squads, thinking the Griffin T-Dolls could not carry out such dangerous missions.[61]

Continuum Turbulence True Ending, “Final Flight”
Continuum Turbulence Bad Ending, “Short-Lived Peace”.
Continuum Turbulence Bad Ending, “Safe and Sound”.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

While most of the Griffin forces prepared for evacuation, and seeing that 404 was searching for 416 to evacuate with them, 74U reassured 416 that she could still consider them friends despite their bad sides.[24] Having reflected on her life goals in her brief time with the Griffin Expendables, 416 informed UMP9 that she would be taking part in Angelia's rescue mission as a volunteer and would return to 404 once finished. While this wasn't part of 404's contract for the battle, she acted on her own wish to do it, considering she needed to move beyond trying to live up to 404, Griffin and other's recognition, and to become able to enjoy living in the present instead of constantly worrying about her future.[62] (In alternative endings for chapter 2 of Continuum Turbulence, 416 either evacuates with 74U without saying goodbye to 404, feeling she is rushing blind into a new future, or evacuates with 404, giving up on taking control of her own fate.)[63] While undergoing repairs, 45 instructed 9 to transfer her command authorizations to 416 should she not survive.[4]

With SOP-II, the HOCs and the other volunteer T-Dolls, 416 went to rescue Angelia and the Commander.[64] Seeing her subordinates both past and present rush to her rescue helped Angelia find the will to continue fighting through radiation poisoning.[65] While taking out a KCCO outpost to secure an evacuation route, 416 and SOP-II captured a KCCO medic, whom they disguised into Angelia to mislead the KCCO forces on the Commander's idea[66] before rushing back to protect Angelia's location after Captain Yegor discovered their trick. The T-Dolls defended the building until Angelia ordered to let Yegor in, setting up a gambit by threatening to detonate collapse bombs (actually standard bombs they didn't have the time to rig) if his forces didn't disengage.[67] The teams then rushed to confront the Paradeus forces assaulting the Commander's position, but didn't arrive in time to prevent their capture.[68]

None of the Dolls involved had their memories wiped since HK416 took part personally, unrelated to Squad 404. However, some data about the operation was later expunged from the Doll's memories. To prevent her memories of 416 from being automatically deleted in case they met again, AK-74U refused to connect to Griffin's central database, but eventually let go after meeting SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  who informed her that 416 had left Griffin.[30]

Tallinn and Paldiski[edit]

After going back to Squad 404, 416 watched over 45 during her recovery, claiming she wanted to watch her last moments. After taking Griffin's job offer to locate the Commander,[69] 416 and 404 led the assault to rescue them from Paradeus nine weeks after the Sangvis HQ battle.[68]

Months later, the Commander and Persica both hired 404 independently, respectively to provide electronic support during their operations in Tallinn and the Paldiski Submarine Base, and to monitor AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 . 45 had 9 and 416's Neural Clouds upgraded so they could better assist her in electronic warfare and take over her as command unit in case she was taken out by her OGAS.[70] The upgrade took place at Dier's lab in his family's mansion due to the complexity of the upgrade, and 416 had her first full Neural Cloud diagnostic since her Fire Control Core was removed on M16A1's orders.[26] 416's large amount of modular space, which was designed by IOP for Griffin upgrades, enabled her to receive extensive modifications. Dier outfitted her with an enhanced grenade launcher module, a multithread electronic warfare processor and a state of the art dual-purpose Neural Cloud countermeasure, with still room for future upgrades. Sier also changed her into new clothes of her own design. After Dier revealed 45's intent to help 416 back when she saved her from the gangsters, and her Neural Cloud scan having made old memories more vivid, 416 resolved to keep helping 45 see her goals through.[27]

In Tallinn, she was able to effectively assist the other members of 404 help 45 after she became trapped in the Isomer's gestalt mind.[71] She then fought along with 45, SOP-II and AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  to keep KCCO forces at bay while G11 and 9 repaired Griffin's armored train to leave Tallinn.[72] Before going into the battle of Paldiski Base, seeing the changes that took place in AR Team and herself, 416 advised 45 not to make the same mistake as her and let her past control her,[73] and to consider 404's situation instead of putting her own objectives first, much to 45's annoyance.[74]

After 404 infiltrated the Paldiski Submarine Base and opened the gates for the Commander's troops to invade, they went into the base's lower levels to search for Angelia and briefly met M16A1, but the situation did not allow 416 to face her and claim her vengeance.[16] Deeper in the base, 45 sent 416 and G11 to search and destroy a jammer preventing her and 9 from hacking a door open, but 416 refused 45's order because it split the team and put their safety at risk not for the sake of the mission, but for 45's personal goal to find more intel about the Butterfly Incident. Having seen 45's memories of the incident in her Neural Cloud, 416 accused 45 of sacrificing the living for the sake of the dead. This forced 45 to justify her actions and reveal she was not acting solely to avenge SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 , but also to kill the one who manipulated T-Dolls like tools to provoke the incident. 416 accepted this motivation but insisted on sending 9 find the jammer in her place so she could better protect the team if strong enemies were to come through the open door. The plan fell through when G11 was kidnapped by a young Nyto through the roof of the room, and with 45 being the only one small enough to give chase, 9 and 416 went after the jammer.[3]

HK416 with the Griffin survivors from the Paldiski Submarine Base battle.

After 404 recovered Angelia's intel and the young Nytos, G11 and 9 brought them to safety at Griffin's camp while 416 and 45 went to assist the Commander break through KCCO's forces after they planted explosives on the base's sea valves,[75][76] engaging in a risky fight until Kalina sent reinforcements, but refusing to abandon the Commander so they could charge extra for the mission.[77][78] All successfully boarded the elevator to get outside of the base's lower levels before the structure was flooded by seawater.[79]

Z-W Pharmaceuticals mission[edit]

Squad 404 was hired by Griffin shortly after the Paldiski battle to raid the former HQ of Zeratul-Worcester Pharmaceuticals, a company involved with the Butterfly Incident's mastermind, William. Since Anna snuck on board of their airship, 45 put 416 in charge of protecting both her and G11.[80] After the weakened Destroyer and Dreamer kidnapped Anna in the facility, 45 was about to give the order to defer what to do with them to the Commander, but 416 immediately opened fire on Dreamer after finding them. Destroyer sacrificed herself to protect her and the Commander eventually ordered to let Dreamer go.[81]

Because she could not stop Dreamer and Destroyer from seizing Anna during the Z-W Pharma mission, G11 asked Dier to enhance her Neural Cloud. 416 was opposed to the idea because of the risks involved in upgrading G11's fragile Neural Cloud but she learned of the upgrade after it was done and found G11 had become hyperactive, and was so shocked that her Neural Cloud crashed and G11 had to carry her back to base.[82] 416 first blamed 45 for pushing G11 to go through with the upgrade, but G11 explained she asked for the upgrade because she did not want 404 to abandon her because of her recent underperformance.[83]

Soon after, as it became clear her hyperactivity was due to accidental overclocking, G11 disappeared and 416 went to search for her, but 45 urged her to honor G11's progress by confronting her as a fellow Tactical Doll and not as her guardian.[84] When G11 refused to unplug from her external battery and go back to her normal self despite the danger to her body and mind, 416 drew her weapon on her. Despite acknowledging 416 as the strongest person she knew, G11 resisted and a fistfight ensued until G11 ran out of power and 416 could unplug her before carrying her to Dier's lab for adjustment.[85]

Berlin events[edit]

Side Stories[edit]


The entire Valhalla event takes place in the comatose Neural Cloud of HK416, who had too many drinks to forget about a disastrous operation with the Griffin Dolls.[86] In this dubiously canon event, G28 has recovered most memories of her past with 416 and HG JillThumb button.pngJill  attempts to soothe the relationship between the two sisters.[17]

Bounty Feast[edit]

To play The Division, Dier used a neural cloud backup of 416 as an ally, called AR Agent 416Thumb button.pngAgent 416 . After being derided by Agent 416 for being bad at the game, Dier tried to tweak her character to make her friendlier but caused it to integrate with the game's data, turning her into Fang, a new boss affiliated with the Last Man Battalion.[87] The real 416 and the rest of 404 were roped into participating in the tournament later held in the game, because UMP45 was baited by the cash prize,[88] and 416 ended up being one of the last two survivors along with SMG VectorThumb button.pngVector . When Dier broke character as the end of the tournament approached, the real 416 recognized him, and after her and Vector defeated their alter egos, they forced Dier to reveal the truth. 416 offed his avatar with a bullet to the head after learning there was no real cash prize for the tournament.[87]

Notebook - Anniversary Party[edit]

While 416's working at the base, the Commander hands her an invitation to Griffin's anniversary banquet, hoping they can use this opportunity to know her better since she's otherwise always on missions. RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant  later asks the Commander to have 416 help her and RF SpringfieldThumb button.pngSpringfield  with the banquet preparations since she's supposed to be free but still cannot be found. The Commander pass the message on as 416 submits her mission report the next day, but she is annoyed at the prying in what she does during her spare time. To everyone's surprise, 416 does appear at the banquet, having put a lot of thoughts in her dress. She asks the Commander if her participation in the “banquet mission” can be considered a success, but her cold gazes dissuade anyone else to ask her for a dance. Since only the Commander is unfazed, she invites them to a dance herself.

Later that night, 416 helps take Mosin-Nagant away from the Commander, taking their place in the drinking contest she is organizing, and ends up completely smashed.

Notebook - Sweets and Surprise[edit]

When AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12  and AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  infiltrated the Griffin party and tricked the organizers into setting up a game of Texas Hold 'Em, RF G28Thumb button.pngG28  tries to find a new player to replace RF M99Thumb button.pngM99  after she lost. Relying on her Imprint Recognition System, she detects the similar imprint of HK416 in the venue and begs her to help. 416 is unwilling at first but accepts after AK-12 taunts her into assisting her “sister”, though G28 doesn't recognize her. AK-12 is about to reveal her old name, “HKM4”, but 416 settles for the nickname “Miss Edelweiss”. Though 416 secretly helps G28 get a better grasp on the game and even helps her cheat, they can't beat the DEFY Dolls.

After the party, G28 talks to 416 about how their encounter helped her gain back vague memories of her beautiful and grumpy big sister, who left their for an important mission in the past and never came back. 416 muses that G28 might hold an idealized version of a big sister who actually hurt her, but accepts to pass on G28's message to her if they meet. G28 later prods the Commander for information, but they refuse to divulge anything about 416.[23]

Other medias[edit]

Chibi Dolls Theater[edit]

416 appears in the second and tenth episode of Healing Chapter first season, and the seventh episode has her retaliating against Kalina selling merch of her likeness. She also appears in the second season.



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