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Official character description set describes her as an elite T-doll from the Defiance squad. She is an elusive person who comes and goes as she likes, with a short attention span to boot. She usually has a warm smile on her face, but her actions and speech display a lack of empathy for others. Perhaps her true nature is that of an arrogant person. Her usually closed eyes can be said to be a dangerous switch. Those T-Dolls who've seen her open eyes know that despite her cheery façade, she has the ability to back up her arrogance.

Though typically cheeky in behaviour, AK-12's personality shifts drastically when she open her eyes when combat intensifies, the two side of AK-12's personality was first described and suggested by her artist Duoyuanjun. It would appear the artist's 'unofficial explanation' is taken in by MICA team and made canon, as observed by Waki Azumi's voice acting performance flawlessly represented the normal cheery AK-12 in everyday life, and the cold, merciless, remorseless AK-12 in combat.

Unlike most other T-Dolls in the game described by the story, AK-12 is not a converted civilian service doll, she is actually one of the few custom made T-Dolls designed for combat, tailored to FSB's specification, and assigned to agent Angie. AK-12 is outfitted with the latest possible technology coupled with the most advanced hardware. Kitted with advanced electronic warfare modules and 'prediction computer' (深度演算), AK-12's individual combat performance rivals and arguably exceeds that of AR Team's.

A character introduced along side AK-12, AN-94 showed her affections to AK-12, stating that she is an important being who she sworn to protect/serve. AK-12 however showed very little emotional/physical affections to AN-94 except on rare occasions, she shows very little care about the existence of any other beings, even to her commanding human officer Angelia.

Story Involvement[edit]

A core character of the event Singularity, AK-12 played the role of the former leader of DEFY. AK-12 resumed her service as DEFY's leader in the event Continuum Turbulence. AK-12's costume 'Slush Age' described her side story interactions during the 2018's Beach Party.

Prior to Singularity announcement AK-12 made a none visual appearance towards the end of chapter 10 emergency. Aside from DEFY's human commander Angie, who addressed AK-12 by her name, everyone else and the story file addresses her as "The T-Doll with her eyes shut".


"This is classified information!"

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AK-12 and AN-94 made up the DEFY that served Angelia and fought against the SOCOM, before their meeting with ST AR-15 and M4A1, AK-12 was the team leader. Singularity is a series of highly detailed story told by different routes describing a chaotic crossfire conflict between G&K, Sangvis Ferri, SOCOM, DEFY and 404, stories are arranged based on time instead of story routes to maintain the plot integrity. AK-12 demonstrated her personality, her covert operation effectiveness, her electronic warfare capabilities and her fighting skills against both Sangvis Ferri and SOCOM through out the 21 hours and 20 minutes of Singularity.

1600 hour

AR-15 joined DEFY out of her own reason, her and AK-12's mission was to severe the communications of a SOCOM relay near by, but however they picked up M4A1's signal alone at that safe room. It wasn't part of their original mission objective to rescue M4A1, but however Angelia updated their mission objectives. AK-12 reminded AR-15 regarding the Parapluie code that remains in her systems, because of this she is unable to dummy-link nor sync her combat with the rest of DEFY. Hence why AK-12 is with her on this mission. Confirming objectives, the two now headed towards the safe room, they overwritten the commands of nearby G&K T-doll remnants to help them draw fire from the Ferri units.

ST AR-15 carries the wounded M4A1 on her back
1640 - 1655 hour

The two reached the safe room where SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  woken M4A1 from, AR-15 carried M4A1 on her back, the group is now set course away from the combat hot zone. They navigated away from the SOCOM scouts and the remaining Ferri units left in the field. "Another Ferri echelon, 10 o'clock, 1700 metres away. Oh my, they blocked three directions!", AK-12 comments cheekily after analyzing enemy signals in the foxhole they are currently hiding in, the Ferri units are hot on their trail since they can detect M4A1's signals.

With a few network authentications bypassed, AK-12 activated abandoned military androids nearby, between AR-15, AK-12 and the subjugated military units, they quickly cleared a path for escape. M4A1 is astonished by the authentication speed, since she also established over-ride connections to SOCOM androids, but for her it was an extremely painful and time consuming process, it also placed her Digi-mind under extreme stress, she couldn't even move let along aim and firing weapons. AK-12 replied saying she isn't just some modified civilian T-doll, she is designed to be an elite.

1750 hour

The group arrived at a hidden warehouse, AK-12 initiated the repairing and upgrading of M4A1 at the request of Angelia. AK-12 took care of the repairing and upgrading, she made comments on M4A1's body structure, despite being a previous generation T-doll, she have an awful lot of room for potential upgrades. "Thank you for this Miss AK-12...", M4A1 expresses her appreciations to AK-12. "Miss AK-12 sounds too formal, try AK-12 Onee-chan sis!", M4A1 changed her words: "Sis...Sister...?", hearing this, AK-12 changed her mind: "It doesn't sound cute anymore...". AK-12 told her to have a chat with AR-15 to keep her Digi-mind running, as she is about to work on connecting new modules.

M4A1 began inquiring about Commander and the rest of the G&K Forces, to which AR-15 replied that they all retreated, but likely suffered heavy casualties. Losing friends after friends, M4A1's desire for vengeance grows, she swears that she will bring down the Ferri leader for the death of her comrades. At this point AR-15 and AK-12 revealed the truth with SOCOM, based on all the evidence at the safe-room, the true murder of RO was Major Yegor of KCCO. However RO's Digi-mind segment was completely removed and AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  is nowhere to be found near the scene. AK-12 extended the invitation to M4A1, DEFY is formed to fight against the SOCOM: "DEFY... Do you like the name? You know, it's only a fine line between Defiance and Betrayal.".

1820 hour

Now fully repaired, upgraded and operational M4A1 agreed to join the squadron, AK-12 marked a group of Ferri units nearby for M4A1 to test her upgraded body, the newly rearmed M4A1 fights the enemies with a new found ferocity. AK-12 casually comments on how hard M4A1 is working herself, since the modules are newly integrated, excessive usage might cause Digi-mind melt down. AR-15 expresses her concerns with M4A1's Digi-mind stability, she would be a liability to the squadron during the operation if she were to suddenly break down.

Soon the group's position was bombard, they are now under siege by Executioner and units under her command. With Parapluie turned up to maximum amplitude, even a low ranking Ferri leader Executioner now have unrealistically strong combat performance and large command capability. AK-12 contacted Angelia from an open channel, Angelia manage to reply under the heavy Parapluie influence by using AN-94's Digi-mind as a connection bridge, DEFY's new objective is to defend their position, then move out to rendezvous at location Beta after their support arrives.

1930 hour

AN-94 signaled the group that she is in position, the group now began breaking the siege and meeting AN-94 half way. AN-94 helped the rest of her squad to defeat Executioner, DEFY squad soon reunited, broken the siege and reunited with their Commander Angelia. "Great work this time AN-94.", AK-12 praises AN-94 for her solo operation performance. "...No need, this is what needs to be done.", AN-94 replied submissively.

M4A1 met Angelia face-to-face again for the second time after the group arrived at rendezvous position Beta, Angelia presented a gift to M4A1, the mobile Ferri artillery platform in the shape of a box, the heavy destructive weapon AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  always carried on her back. M4A1 agreed to join DEFY, under the condition that she gets vendetta she wants.

Under Angelia's orders, AK-12 summarized and compared the Intel she gathered inside Central Data Server against what AN-94 gathered, AK-12 comments saying that any further breeches into the data server is now impossible due to how fast Parapluie virus is spreading. AN-94 apologized for being unable to return to the second layer due to the Parapluie influence, to which AK-12 told her not to worry about it, her Digi-mind structure was not made to do this kind of work to start with.

"Well, this is the most we can get out of the safe route, the rest we'll have to leave it up to the professionals.", by the professionals, Angelia meant Taskforce 404, with their specialized electronic warfare capability added during the UAV retrieval task back in sector S15. AK-12's role is to create an information black zone for Angelia to analyses Intel, only then they can decrypt what the SOCOM is really up to.

2000 hour

M4A1 took the leading role of the squadron at the request of Angelia, AK-12 did not oppose this idea, she congratulated M4A1 on her promotion, she even reminded AN-94 to greet the new squadron leader properly.

Angelia gave out the new orders for DEFY, after clarifying SOCOM forces' movement and motive. SOCOM's operation Sector S09 have one purpose only, they wish to capture the Sangvis Ferri head unit, Mastermind. DEFY's objective for the operation will be to stop the capturing of Mastermind and to find out why SOCOM wants her. The first objective for DEFY is to capture an information relay under SOCOM command, after gaining control, AK-12 will access it and read it's contents. After their mission briefing, Angelia will be on a solo reconnaissance mission while DEFY make preparation to rendezvous with 404.

M4A1 lead the squadron away, Angelia spoke to AK-12 privately inquired about her personal opinion on M4A1. AK-12 replied: "Compared to the Intel... She is far more eager. But likely being influenced by her Digi-mind, her thought processes leans towards risk taking, also lacking objective focus. Almost like... She is controlled by something other than orders.". AK-12 joined the squadron after the private debriefing with Angelia.

2120 hour

While DEFY was waiting for their signal masking to set up, AK-12 made radio contact with Angelia inquiring about her scout reports, Angelia reports that the SOCOM have began to deploy their tank units, a continental train is also stationed here prior to their operation, likely under the orders of SOCOM. AK-12 inquires further about using tanks to suppress a T-doll rebellion, to which Angelia suggests that there must be an item of interest in this sector that SOCOM wants at all cost. Angelia marked the information relay station for DEFY to take over, this will help them relay more information on SOCOM's movement.

0005 hour

On approach to the relay station, DEFY's path is blocked by significantly large amount of military units, SOCOM have began sweeping the Ferri units under the Parapluie coverage. AK-12 returned from her scouting to report the observations, even though their armored units are still staging outside of the area, it is still ill-advised to fight their initial forces with the limited fire power of DEFY. They could however go through a route under Ferri faction region, which will allow them to slip right into the blind spot of the SOCOM, since Ferri is easier to deal with than SOCOM, M4A1 agreed to this proposal.

While fighting against the Ferri and avoiding of SOCOM, AR-15 comments on how passive the Ferri is fighting, as the fight starts they retreats. AN-94 proposed that they might be shrinking their defense perimeter due to the pressure SOCOM is exerting on them, to which AR-15 argued that the military grade fighting forces can easily deal with any pawns Ferri throws at them, M4A1 sensed this might be a trap, she told AK-12 to take point.

"I don't think that is the case, I mean I'm not detecting any sig..."

A shell landed directly on AK-12's position before she could finish that speech, the entire squadron is scattered from the explosion shockwave.

"...Just in range... That must be the android who was searching for our signal... Checking the actors list before the show isn't a good habit you know.", the Ferri leader contacted via long range communication.

"A...AK...12... AK-12... AK-12...!!" AN-94 began to panic after she realised what have happened, "Calm down, AN-94 take point, cover the spot left opened by AK-12!", M4A1 commanded AN-94 to stay focus as they are dealing with a Ferri leader.

"But... AK-12... Shes...!"

"AN-94, START MOVING NOW!", M4A1 issues the command again.

"I'm not dead yet M4A1..." AK-12 walks out of the cloud of debris and ash, with her snow wolf eyes wide open, her bright pink iris revealed. "Don't exert pressure on her in this kind of situation, she can't deal with this.", she spoke in a cold voice.

AN-94 relieved after seeing AK-12 is still alive. "Damn shame, I really liked this cloak... You are Intruder right? To launch a shot outside of the signal range, nice move..." AK-12 returned communications to the Ferri Leader. Intruder comments that the devastation she can inflict at this range is not remotely close to the superior units above her on the command chain, but since DEFY is considered to be low threat, she will deal with them instead of her boss, at this point she unmasked the signal and she is ready to remove DEFY from this territory.

AN-94 reports large amount of Ferri units approaching from behind. Intruder set them on planned mode so they can navigate by themselves while disconnected from the network. "Are we surrounded again? Why did I mention 'Again', we got a Ferri leader on our head too!" AR-15 remarks. AK-12 proposed that Intruder can be easily dealt with but they shouldn't stick around, otherwise they will risk drawing the attention of the nearby SOCOM units.

M4A1 orders to retreat from this fight, fight their way out of the siege towards the relay, centering the formation around AK-12 as she is able to break in to the SOCOM encryption. Luckily for them, they noticed echelons of G&K forces are also engaged in the fight against Intruder's units nearby while they are breaking the siege, with the chaos they caused, DEFY successfully escaped and infiltrated the comms relay.

???? hour

AK-12 successfully decrypted encryption and connected herself to the SOCOM's network. Half way through her infiltration M4A1 approached. "Through this information relay, you can monitor the current situation with the Commander and G&K's forces, right?". AK-12 replied: "This information relay doesn't contain links to any combat information, so nope.". M4A1 told her to speak truthfully as AN-94 have already told her the full function of this information relay.

"So that was a rhetorical question then? Heh... AN-94 is such an honest child. But the current priority is to extract the information Angelia need and send it back to her, do you agree?"

M4A1 cannot deny what AK-12 said.

"You have a feeling that when this information is passed on to Angelia, you will miss this last chance at getting Intel on G&K situations, correct?" AK-12 inquires further.

"Forget it..."

"It won't take long to just get a location information on G&K.", enters AR-15. AN-94 also followed her in, "We should focus on the task at hand, AK-12 is doing the right thing.". The group argued until M4A1 told them to stand down. AK-12 gazed at M4A1: "I've already got what I wanted, faster than I expected to be honest." AK-12 said, "I'm slightly interested in G&K's movement myself, I suppose I can have a peep before I disconnect myself...". Before AK-12 could inquire more data the network suddenly destabilized, the relay is now overloaded with electronic currents, all the electronics devices are emitting screeching noises, AN-94 quickly disconnected AK-12 from the terminal.

Quickly recovered herself, she instructed the squadron: "Turn off all radio communication devices, AN-94, severe yourself from all second layer connections, now!", M4A1 inquires about what happened, to which AK-12 replied that the military have encountered some minor big issues, they have activated first tier active defense on their network. She further comments on the strength of the military's electronic warfare capability, due to the attack, she lost her ability to command dummies for a short period of time. But this kind of defenses means that SOCOM have also lost all their connections to their units on the field.

M4A1 told the squadron to rest and recover from the electronic attack, since the entire battlefield is under chaos. Later on the network is recovered, they forwarded the information Angelia requested and received their update orders, 404 squadron's position is compromised before they finished their task, they requested assistance, DEFY's new order is to assist 404 squadron at the Central Data Server, coordinate 20664-5ETK85.

0214 hour

Arriving at the location, DEFY observes the situation of the Central Data Server. Being the curious T-doll AK-12 is, she made random chatter topics with M4A1: "Were you disappointed? After hearing about the rescue target from Angie, not Soppu, not everyone else, not even the Commander... But 404."

"Orders are orders."

"Aren't you even remotely curious about how the situation develops from this?"

Before M4A1 could reply, she fell into a delusional state, a moment later M4A1 refocused herself. AK-12 apologized for the boring conversation and asked AR-15 to report the observations. The Ferri units have surrounded the facility tightly, M4A1 briefs the squadron on their task, they need to peel away Ferri units from the outer sections first to relief 404's pressure. AK-12 observes M4A1 closely with her eyes shut, noticing this, M4A1 asks what's the matter. "Nothing, just curious what will happen when AR squad captain and 404 captain meets face to face.".

With the plans successfully executed, DEFY arrived outside of the room where 404 hid themselves in. The two squadrons are now united, SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  provided her share of Intel on the battlefield. The Ferri units outside are under the command of Intruder, but Intruder is under the command of Gager, UMP45 mailed her plans to defeat Gager to M4A1. With both parties agreed to the plan, they began preparations.

0315 hour

M4A1 left the facility in attempt to breach the Ferri defense line alone, Gager picked up the signal and went after her. Moments later M4A1's movement slowed down and Gager had her cornered. Little did Gager expect M4A1 wasn't alone, even more to Gager's surprise M4A1 was accompanied by abandoned military mechs.

"Everyone, please, blow up anything that moves!", AK-12 issues commands to the subjugated military armors to open fire on Gager's position. Under the superior firepower, Gager's units were annihilated almost instantly. The combat plan submitted by UMP45 was based on the fact that Sangvis Ferri wishes to capture M4A1 as a T-doll, 45 gambled on M4A1's solo operation will draw out the command unit of the Ferri. With Gager being lead to a site with abandoned military armors, all AK-12 had to do was hack the units remotely.

Defeating the field command unit of Ferri, reunited with 404 and acquired the full intelligence data from the server, Angelia makes plans for the next steps for both DEFY and 404.

0600 hour

While the rest of the two tasks force were told to get some rest, AK-12 stayed by Angelia to create the information black-zone. After Angelia reported her field reports and speculations back to her superiors, she turned and brief AK-12. "Check the remaining supplies we have, try and track the military force's signal, we got a tough fight ahead of us.".

SOCOM's data server contained excessive information regarding the old Soviet AI system Ogus, however Angelia's superior informs her that the evidence and speculations does not and cannot justify any actions from their side. Despite having the air force on their side, they still cannot issue bombing runs to halt SOCOM's efforts, the country is in a chaotic state, any form of internal conflicts may lead to foreign political pressure. Essentially Angelia receives no supports from her superior in this mission. She turns to her own last resort.

0800 hour

Angelia briefs the two task force on their missions, she called in an airdrop from her associates, AR-15, M4A1 and 404 are ordered to secure this airdrop while AK-12 and AN-94 stays with their commander.

The two task forces dispatched, AK-12 inquired Angelia's motive of letting M4A1 out on the field, she have already sensed that M4A1 have some form of connection and communication with the Ferri Mastermind, is M4A1 the bait to catch Mastermind, Angelia replied saying that is only half of her plan. By this point the SOCOM's armor units have already mobilized, AK-12 comments on what can they do about that, "Guess we have to own another favor to the G&K Commander...".

The Collapse Fluid

Soon the two task forces secured the airdrops, AK-12 points out the flaw in the plan to Angelia, even if this is the last resort, the chance of her capturing Mastermind is still 0%. Angelia replied saying that she wishes to inform M4A1 of her motive, even though M4A1 returned to her cold and cruel former self, she is still willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

0900 hour

The airdrop is a crucial part of Angelia's last resort against the SOCOM, SOCOM makes use of heavily armored units where her two T-doll squadrons are unable to fight against. Her associates delivered her five small canisters of Collapse fluid, when detonated these will trigger Collapse reactions, release mass amount of energy into the blast zone and create a lasting radiated region where no humans can survive in[1]. When used appropriately, these makeshift bombs will rain destruction on the heavily armored SOCOM units. While fitting these bombs, M4A1 detached from the squadron to perform her own tasks under her own motives.

When AR-15 finished her share of bomb attachments, AK-12 contacted, she brings the news that Angelia knows about M4A1's motive. The new objective for AR-15 and 404 is to follow M4A1 and attempt to capture Mastermind by using M4A1 as a bait, and to capture Mastermind before the SOCOM can. "If you don't go after her, the bait will become the meal, you have about 30 minutes to capture Mastermind during their meeting.".

1230 hour

Meeting with Mastermind was successful while the follow up retrieval operations were not, the two task forces were close to capturing Mastermind, however they were forced to retreat away from Mastermind's powerful servant Agent. Before they could continue the fight against Agent, Major Yegor intercepted communications between Angelia's T-doll units and have moved his KCCO armor units on approach to secure Mastermind.

1300 hour

Amidst the chaotic battle and radio communications, AK-12 interrupts Angelia: "Even though I don't want to interrupt your commands, but Agent's signal just disappeared.", after defeating Agent and securing Mastermind, the next order for KCCO was to remove all witnesses, G&K, DEFY, 404 and Angelia. Pressured by the armored units, Angelia's unit was on full retreat, they were unable to receive help from the G&K Commander as his/her forces are also being pressed back by SOCOM. In attempt to save AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 , UMP45 received critical wounds, 404 forced to retreat from the battlefield.

A neutralized military armor unit

With the worst out turn of events at hand, Angelia turns to her last resort, she told M4A1 to detonate the bombs they planted. AK-12 asks whether she is sure about this: "Do you think you can survive a detonation at this range?"

Angelia looked at AK-12: "Doesn't matter, you lot can still carry on the mission."

"Even if you don't care about yourself, think about the G&K Commander, their forces are still engaged in combat with SOCOM!"

"Dammit we're out of time! M4A1 detonate it now!"

Deafening explosion from a distance followed by earth shaking shockwaves. After recovering from the blast, Angelia asked AK-12 to search for their signal. "Can't detect anything, too much disruption...", AN-94 reports that based on visual observations, the Collapse fluid vaporized everything within 500 metres, all enemies neutralized.

"They must be in chaos right now... Now is our chan... *cough*", Angelia began coughing up large amount of blood.

"Blood... Angie?!" M4A1 rushed back to her side.

"Don't worry about me, just some radiation..." Angelia continues to cough up blood due to organ failures caused by the radiation, "What are you looking at me for, hurry up and move!!"

"Then what about you?" -AK-12

"What about me? Go after Mastermind, finish your mission!", Angelia issued her final order to M4A1, "M4, take DEFY... You must... You must capture Mastermind."

Under the command of M4A1, DEFY moves to intercept Mastermind.

1320 hour

Searching for traces of Mastermind, "The SOCOM units aren't moving, they too close to the blast?" M4A1 said.

"The humans abandoned the equipment and retreated, this is the last slice of luck we have." AK-12 replied.

When asked whether she can trace the signals of Mastermind, AK-12 mentions the radiation disruption is too strong, but this should be the case for SOCOM too. AN-94 notifies the team of a train approaching from 4 o'clock, "That must be them, let's go.". DEFY rushed towards the continental train, where Mastermind is captured and about to be shipped out.

The train escorts have now noticed the squad and began interception, under the final command of M4A1, the rest of DEFY went to attack SOCOM head on while M4A1 boarded the train to capture Mastermind.

Continuum Turbulence[edit]


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