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ST AR-15/Story

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ST AR-15 Strategy Story Quotes Live2D

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Character info[edit]

ST AR-15, shortened AR-15, is a serious, strict and capable[1] elite T-Doll who plays the role of the straight man in AR Team, compared to the more emotive AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 , the laid-back AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  and the energetic AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II . She has also been described as grumpy by AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12 .[2] Despite her strictness toward AR Team members, AR-15 genuinely consider them her friends and revenge against the enemies who hurt them was a strong motivation for her.[3] This did not carry to M16 after her defection,[4] but as M16 pointed out, AR-15 was technically the first member of AR Team to betray her duties to M4.[5] After escaping from Griffin for a time, she has acquired a reputation as a disobedient soldier only valuing her own freedom.[6][7]

AR-15 considers T-Dolls to be tools of war that should be disposable, even if they can't be saved by a backup like AR Team,[8] and is content to die by taking many enemies with her.[9] She approaches battles with confidence, saying a soldier's courage honors its leaders.[10] She is a formidable warrior who has on multiple occasions prevailed over several opponents at once and fought a Nyto Black to a standstill in hand-to-hand combat.[11][12] She also has an affinity for using demolition explosives[13] and is often entrusted with demolition jobs by her allies.[14]

SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 's adjutant lines suggest AR-15 has taken a liking to the whisky left behind by AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  after she defected to Sangvis Ferri.


M4A1 and AR-15 share a strong bond that was built on a difficult past relationship. AR-15 is more objective-focused than M4, who might choose to delay a mission to help allies in distress.[15] AR-15 was especially annoyed by M4's indecisiveness, but eventually realized she only held back because the choices she had to make were much more difficult than those AR-15 had ever faced. After coming to this realization, she offered M4 her full support, saying she preferred that M4 chose to face danger with AR Team at her side rather than not trusting them to survive.[16] Despite losing her primary directive, she renewed her loyalty to M4,[17] thinking that she remained too selfless and kind for her own good and needed her protection.[18] For a long time, M4 remained oblivious to AR-15's feelings of guilt.[19] She didn't know much about her since they never talked openly, but she still cared deeply about her.[20] Because she always puts an act of reluctance when dealing with M4, AR-15 is often considered a tsundere.[21]

While AR-15 does not comment on her relationship with SOP-II, SOP-II considers her an important part of her family in AR Team[22][23] and AR-15 is accepting of her sadistic streaks in battle.[24][25] SOP-II recalls AR-15 tried to teach her many things but she didn't understand a lot.[26]

In Task Force DEFY, AK-12 thinks AR-15 is particularly fun to mess with and is especially mischievous with her as a result.[6] As noted by AR-15 herself, she is very similar to AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94 , who was built as AK-12's companion like AR-15 to M4A1. But unlike AR-15, AN-94 openly idolizes AK-12, which offers to AR-15 an uncomfortable distorted mirror image. Despite feeling they can't work well together due to this key difference,[13] AN-94 did prove she could think for herself in Belgrade and earned AR-15's respect,[27] and after AR-15 used her tactical ingenuity to save her from Nimogen in the Belgrade Fortress, 94 respects AR-15 as a senior soldier.[28]

Story Involvement[edit]


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AR Team[edit]

AR-15 first meets AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .
You know, AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 , the first time I set eyes on this world, I was buzzing with thrill and curiosity. I'm not just any mass-produced T-Doll fabricated by IOP. I'm an elite developed by 16Lab itself. My biggest wish was to carry out many noble orders and make friends with many strong T-Dolls. Back then, I thought as long as I worked hard, I would become a shining star. But soon enough, my order came - I am to obey your command, and be forever shackled with the AR Team...[3]

When she was first activated, AR-15 felt a great pride to be an elite 16LAB T-Doll and ambitioned to become a renowned soldier and fight with similar strong comrades.[3] But her first order after her activation was to “be AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 's friend.” During their first meeting, she could not hide her disappointment and when M4 noticed she wasn't smiling even though they were supposed to be friends, AR-15 said she should order her to do so since she had seemingly been created only for M4's sake.[29] M4 refused to give her this order, preferring to wait for them to become genuine friends.[9]

M4 initially tried to appease AR-15 despite M16's advice to let her be but was only met by cold rebuttals, and AR-15 even tried to hit her after she caught the entire team in her gas grenade after a spectacularly failed throw during their first team training session.[23] Considering AR Team to be a dysfunctional squad and her sisters subpar soldiers, she acted as the team's straight man so M4 would need her, planning to find self-worth in this position. She would come to find genuine worth in being part of AR Team and felt regret for exploiting M4's kindness,[3] and to admire her persistence.[30] M4 and AR-15 talked at length the night before AR Team's first official mission, both too nervous to sleep. M4 was pleased to see AR-15 showing a more relaxed side but felt that AR-15 could be a better leader than her since she never panicked, but AR-15 replied that because M4 had been chosen by humans as the leader, they needed to fulfill their roles.[1]

At some point, AR-15 was selected as the trainer for AR Team's new member SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 .[31] At first, RO's strategies in simulated battles were considered failures because she sacrificed M4A1 to achieve victory, and AR-15 helped her to understand M4's worth and to gain a genuine respect for her, as Persica wanted RO to lack the primary directive of the other AR Team members while still sharing their loyalty to M4A1.[32] It is possible Persica selected AR-15 for this task because she had a similar experience in growing her loyalty to M4 over time.

Safe House 3[edit]

Persica deployed AR Team to Safe House 3 in the disputed Area S09 in order to recover some of Lycoris' research data. During the operation, AR-15 questioned the nature of their objective since Sangvis Ferri themselves weren't aware of the data's existence.[33] The squad was attacked by Agent and forced to disperse to throw off the enemy's pursuit.[34]

While AR Team were on the run, Sangvis Ferri chose AR-15 as their first subject for Plan Parapluie, thinking her dispositions as a soldier would make her easily obedient, and planted their Parapluie virus into local Sangvis bases she interacted with.[22][3] They were unaware that AR-15 already hosted an older strain of the virus from her creation, which soon caused her OGAS to begin growing, a short time after M4's own OGAS (it is unconfirmed if the new Parapluie infection caused the emergence of AR-15's OGAS). It enabled AR-15 to easily hack into Sangvis Ferri systems[35] and resist infection from the newer strain for far longer than planned. AR-15 was aware she was infected by a Sangvis virus but planned to use her new abilities against them.[19] At some point, she sent a message to RO warning her that she may have to permanently leave AR Team before they could serve together.[36]

After M4A1 was recovered by the Commander, AR-15 and SOP-II briefly communicated with her but AR-15 broke off to disrupt the enemies pursuing them and allow SOP-II to meet M4 first.[37][38] Hunter later offered to exchange a captured AR-15 for M4,[39] but AR-15 had surrendered to more easily hack into Sangvis Ferri's command system, causing SF troops to attack each others before taking out Hunter. After joining back M4, she scolded her for having seriously considered Hunter's proposal.[40]

Plan Parapluie[edit]

After Destroyer attacked the secret Griffin base hosting their strategy meeting to eliminate their leader Berezovich Kryuger, unusual data traffic was detected in AR-15's Neural Cloud. Her communication modules were deactivated and she was pulled out from the field to verify if she was the source of the leak that enabled SF's attack.[41] She was found to have been infected during her run from Safe House 3, and was to be quarantined so 16LAB could analyze the virus, after which she could go back to duty. However, AR-15 escaped the base and a general order to apprehend her was issued[22] on the premise that she was controlled by Parapluie.[19]

AR-15 had run contrary to SF's expectations by not warning Griffin command, instead wanting to seize the opportunity to track down the origin of the attack. Using her shut down comm module to infiltrate SF's territory, she followed Destroyer to get to Dreamer, who directed the assault.[19] Since M16A1 believed AR-15 would go after Destroyer, the Commander deployed AR Team to find AR-15 before other squads,[19] but they were forced to call off pursuit because of the newly deployed Jupiter Cannons near Dreamer's base.[42] Dreamer had purposefully leaked intel for AR-15 to chase after her and used the cannons to prevent Griffin from stopping her, then planted the next function of AR-15's Parapluie in local Sangvis bases.[43]

In order to help Griffin, AR-15 infiltrated Sangvis databases to collect intel about Plan Parapluie, but came in contact with a terminal that activated a jamming function in her Parapluie virus, causing the area around her to become dangerous for Griffin Dolls to operate in. Moving away from Griffin's operational area, she moved deeper in Sangvis territory into Area S08.[9] During a scouting operation, Kryuger discovered one of AR-15's intel drops and tasked the Commander and AR Team to gather the rest.[44] One of the intel drops was recovered by HG Nagant RevolverThumb button.pngNagant Revolver  and HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov .[45] Meanwhile, Elisa, the Sangvis Mastermind, had contacted AR-15 and promised she could decipher AR Team's encrypted memories if she could access M4's Neural Cloud.[46]

Operations to capture AR-15 restarted five days later under 16LAB's pressure, with AR Team being assisted by Squad MG NegevThumb button.pngNegev .[47] During the mission, M4 ordered M16 to run out of SF's jamming range to request reinforcements against Alchemist,[48] but M4 and SOP-II sighted AR-15 while she was gone and rushed after her. AR-15 ambushed them, knocking them out and abducting M4.[49] The search was called out and Griffin troops left the area when massive Sangvis reinforcements arrived.[50]


AR-15 resolves to prove her loyalty to AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  by making the ultimate sacrifice.
The smile AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  was denied.

AR-15 brought M4A1 to a concealed Griffin base,[46] but when she let Elisa into M4's memories,[50] M4 had no recollection of her origins and only thought of herself as AR Team's leader. Since M4 did not actually have access to the data she needed, Elisa ordered Alchemist to kill AR-15 and bring back M4.[46] In accordance with her primary directive, AR-15 left M4 hidden in the base and fled to throw Alchemist off her lead.[51] With the help of SOP-II, AR-15 took down the ringleader, then entrusted her with all her intel about Plan Parapluie, M4's location, and her final message to M4 before leaving to confront Elisa alone, the jamming area around her making it too dangerous for reinforcements.[24] M16 rushed after her to take part in the fight against Elisa, but AR-15 had already prepared a plan to lure Elisa into a building rigged with explosives, and instead tasked M16 with saving the Griffin Dolls that had become lost in her jamming. M16's anger did not dissuade her and she asked her to say to M4 and SOP-II that her suicide attack was her final wish.[9]

M4 read AR-15's last message as soon as she received it: AR-15 explained her original ambitions and her resentment towards AR Team, then her regret for exploiting M4's kindness after accepting her place in the squad. By sacrificing herself, she felt she would prove herself worthy of M4's friendship. AR-15 successfully baited Elisa's local dummy into the building, refused to give up M4's location, and explained she had gone to such extremes only to get revenge for hurting AR Team, mocking Elisa's naive perception of Griffin Dolls as passionless robots before blowing up the building. M4 witnessed the explosion and was dragged back to the evacuation transport by M16, lamenting AR-15 had not smiled for her in the end.[3] Elisa tried to summon a force field to save AR-15 from the explosion but did not succeed,[52] and regretted her talk with AR-15 was cut short as she was interested in the passion that pushed her to do what no normal T-Doll could have done.[3][53]

AR-15 was officially considered Missing In Action, presumably because her body parts could not be found.[23] However, she was considered dead by AR Team, stirring a thirst for vengeance in SOP-II,[54] M16,[55] and RO635.[56] Witnessing AR-15's sacrifice deeply disturbed M4,[54] and this memory, along with M16's own sacrifice, was later used by her OGAS to push M4 on a quest for power, so others would no longer have to sacrifice themselves for her sake.[57] Elisa would later attack Area S05 to personally reach M4 and find the answers AR-15 had failed to provide.[58] The Parapluie strain found by Griffin in AR-15 was used by M16 to access Lycoris' database in Sangvis Ferri's Base 0, and ultimately converted her into a Sangvis Ferri unit.[59]


In reality, Elisa's force field had spared AR-15's body from complete destruction.[52] Before running out of emergency power, she was afraid she had not lived up to her expectations as M4's subordinate.[30] Her scattered parts were collected by Squad 404 on behalf of Angelia, who had her painstakingly reassembled and planned to upgrade her and enroll her in Task Force DEFY. AR-15 met SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  after waking up, who explained Angelia wanted her saved due to her reputation at Griffin. AR-15 felt her reputation was not her own but AR Team's, and that she was too independent to fit in a new squad, but 45 claimed Angelia also valued her independent mindset and presented her with the upgrades planned by Angelia. By doing so, AR-15 could repay the debt she now owed Angelia for recovering her access, while gaining greater freedom. AR-15 was unsure this freedom had been her true goal and put out her decision to take the enhancements.[7]

She eventually went through with the upgrade and joined Task Force DEFY in order to protect AR Team from afar and keep looking for her own worth.[60] The Neural Upgrade was said to have lifted some restrictions and made her wilder,[61] but after meeting her as an enemy, M16 on the contrary felt that she had become less impulsive.[5] The Parapluie rewriting routines had progressed far enough to delete AR-15's primary directive, making her free to ignore M4's well-being.[52] Her external ports were left closed so Parapluie could not spread to other T-Dolls, leaving her unable to use Zener Protocol to deploy Dummies as well as communicate and share data with her teammates, instead relying on an external radio for transmissions.[6] AR-15 was also motivated to keep her ports closed so she could prevent her OGAS from speaking to her and manipulate her.[13][17][62] She later tried to dissuade M4 from listening to her own OGAS when she realized she heard their voice too.[63]

Persica might have been informed that Angelia recovered AR-15 as she had previously said to AR Team that she was working on bringing her back.[56]

Great Retreat[edit]

AR-15 recovers AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  after Yegor and Elisa's attack.
AR-15 recovers AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  after Yegor and Elisa's attack.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

...We are in Purgatory – for redemption or insurgence? I have already paid my due, but still find myself back in this damned cage. Yet, who else would willingly return to Purgatory, if not me? AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 ... I...really do hate you...[64]

AR-15 was deployed along with Angelia, AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12  and AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  during the joint assault by Griffin & Kryuger and the KCCO against Sangvis Ferri's HQ. After Captain Yegor's troops destroyed M4's escorts, including RO and SOP-II, and abandoned her to be hacked by Elisa, Angelia sent AR-15 and AK-12 examine M4's status. AK-12 broke Elisa's connection, but Ange left M4's fate to AR-15's decision. AK-12 tricked AR-15 into thinking Angelia did not want them to save M4, but to maintain their role as observers, then gave her the option to disobey orders and recover M4. AR-15 chose to recruit M4 into Task Force DEFY while lamenting that she had now been into purgatory twice for her sake.[64][6]

After M4 came to and before linking back with Angelia, AK-12 performed a Neural Upgrade on M4, during which AR-15 briefed her on their situation and the truth behind KCCO's actions.[2] Though she had become stronger after the upgrade, AR-15 did not feel M4 had changed for the better after seeing her colder gaze,[52] more heartless actions, such as abandoning a pinned down Griffin squad to their fate,[65] and giving Gager a summary execution after capturing her.[66] Before meeting Elisa alone in an area trapped with Collapse bombs, M4 asked AR-15 what she felt before her sacrifice. AR-15 replied it was at the time the only choice to protect M4 in accordance with her primary directive, but argued that M4 shouldn't try to imitate her, for the sake of those who would want to, and not only need to, protect her.[14]

As M4 chased the fleeing Elisa onto a departing train, AR-15 used a motorbike to chase after them. After she fought M16A1 (Boss), who evacuated with Elisa in a helicopter, M4 had to jump from the derailing train onto AR-15's bike. Having failed to match all the objectives of her mission, and with both Griffin and DEFY in difficult situations, M4 fell into despair and considered committing suicide by overcharging her particle cannon. When she asked AR-15 her thoughts, she only replied she would abide by her decision as always. M4 was about to go through with the double suicide before her OGAS took control of her body and stopped her. AR-15 did not question this change at first by fear that M4 would fall into despair again.[67]

To keep from the night blizzard, AR-15 guided M4 to a settlement she spotted during the train chase, but the place was full of technical military personnel showing severe ELID infection. AR-15 confronted OGAS after she showed no hesitation in killing the near-infected, which she thought was uncharacteristic of M4, but OGAS declared she did not need to know anything as long as they shared the objective of protecting M4. OGAS harshly criticized AR-15's treatment of the infected, saying she was not thorough enough when killing them, but AR-15 was too disturbed to be treated aggressively with M4's voice and appearance to respond. However, when a child infected tried to attack M4, AR-15 did not hesitate to kill her, which somewhat reassured OGAS about her. Conversely, AR-15 admitted that OGAS was not emotionless after she made a grave for the child, lamenting that the strong slaughtered the weak instead of protecting them.[68]

After joining back the battlefield the next day, OGAS guided them through Paradeus units, following Angelia's trace. When they were about to be discovered, OGAS asked AR-15 to eliminate one of their units in close combat with a surprise attack so she could use the corpse as a terminal to infiltrate their network.[69] While OGAS investigated, AR-15 had to repel more Paradeus units assaults in hand-to-hand combat, even resisting a Nyto Black until OGAS paralyzed them at the end of the day and M4 won back control over he body, leaving OGAS in the Paradeus network.[11] But OGAS took control of the Paradeus units and used them to hunt M4 and prove she was not strong enough to refuse her yet, and to accept her back to save AR-15.[70] Afterward, M4 and AR-15 found the transport DEFY had used to enter the battlefield and left the area, but were left stranded until Angelia recovered from Collapse radiation poisoning.[71]

Chasing the Pike node[edit]

AR-15 and AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  surrender to Sangvis Ferri forces in the Belgrade Opera House.

When DEFY was deployed in Belgrade, Angelia opted to keep AK-12 and M4A1 with her as her best fighting units to monitor the worsening ELID situation at Belgrade's quarantine walls,[72] and paired AR-15 with AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  to search for Pike node A-51-241. AR-15 first monitored a local military camp emitting Paradeus signals[13] and found nothing unusual, but a jeep leaving the camp caught AN-94's attention. She followed it on instinct,[73] guiding AR-15 with her to the Paradeus base under the Belgrade Fortress,[27] but they were discovered and attacked by Nimogen.[74]

Overwhelmed by the Nyto, 94 asked AR-15 to flee since she had been ordered by 12 to protect her and unlike AR-15, she could backup her Neural Cloud. They separated, but AR-15 actually used her lack of Zener connections to hide from Nimogen and use the explosives meant to destroy the Pike node to collapse part of the underground and flee with 94, considering her critical to the mission and too important to Angelia to be sacrificed.[28] They were soon pinned down again by Nimogen in the Opera House on the surface,[75] but they were interrupted by the Sangvis forces led by M16 who had infiltrated the area. AR-15 tried to kill M16 with her last bullets in the chaos, but they were captured and forced to take the Sangvis forces to the Pike node.[4]

M4A1 arrived to reinforce AR-15 and 94 during the combats to reach the Pike node and they confronted the Nytos. While AR-15 missed her shot on Mercurows, M4 managed to destroy Nimogen's neural inhibitor, neutralizing both Nytos by chain reaction[76] before going after the Sangvis forces who were fleeing the scene on Beak's bike with the seized Pike core.[77] After recovering the core, AR-15 and M4 were reunited with RO and SOP-II and returned to Griffin.[78]

Tallinn and Paldiski[edit]

AR-15 enters the Isomer gestalt mind to save AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .
Remember, AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 . We are not your burden. We are your backing. We aren't afraid of the danger you bring. We're more worried that we won't have your trust.[16]

When the Commander's troops traveled through Tallinn to reach the Paldiski Submarine Base, AR-15 was the only T-Doll with M4 to not have her vision fogged by the Isomer gestalt mind connections due to having sealed her network ports.[79] During their own mission in the city, SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 , inspired by AR-15, used the same method to protect Squad 404 from the connections.[80]

After Persica asked M4 to enter the Isomers' gestalt mind in order to open the city gates, M4 entrusted AR-15 with her neural cloud backdoor access so she could enter and pull her out of the network, since her OGAS could try to influence her actions, while AR-15 had shut her own OGAS. Though this came at the risk of destroying AR-15's neural cloud, she accepted since she had already resolved to stay loyal to M4 even after losing her primary directive.[17] M4 was eventually trapped in the network and her body fell under OGAS' control, but it accepted to let AR-15 use the backdoor to save M4.[62] By doing so, AR-15's weakened OGAS was absorbed and replaced by M4's OGAS.[18] In the network, AR-15 met UMP45, who led her away from OGAS while it focused on the Isomer's memories,[81] and saved M4 just as the Isomers tried to merge with her.[82] With M4 leaving to confront the Isomer leader, AR-15 joined the rest of AR Team to assist the Commander in hijacking the KCCO armored train outside the city[83] and defending it until repairs were completed.[84]

During the Paldiski battle, AR Team was tasked with securing the shore guns near the base to use against the KCCO assailants. Arriving after the military units, M4 seized control of the guns and RO and SOP-II prevented new enemies to enter while AR-15 was tasked with hunting the troops in the complex,[10] successfully pinning them down most of them inside the lower levels[12] until Dandelion summoned subverted Sangvis Ferri units to help them.[85] After using the shore guns against the KCCO armored train,[86] AR Team joined the main Griffin force to prevent the military from invading the base, but were soon ordered to follow and destroy the mech units that broke through the defense.[87] The Commander called off the pursuit after they decided to plant explosives on the base's sea valves to flood it with sea water, though M4 stayed behind to confront M16 and Elisa[88] and ultimately teleported to an unknown location by causing a Reverse Collapse.[89]

Back in S09[edit]

Frankly speaking, I don't trust you in the least. But if M4 thinks you're not an enemy, then I'm going to consider you an aide for the moment. Don't get me wrong, though. I haven't acknowledged you as one of us yet. And you'd better not expect me to treat you the way I treat M4. Not even if you look like her or come from the same neural cloud. To me, M4 is M4, and nobody can take her place. I can endure anything if it means I can find her again.[90]

After the Commander's troops reinvested their Area S09 base, AR Team was deployed with Architect and Dandelion to investigate nearby disturbances and capture Gager.[91] AR-15 and Dandelion stayed at the point of interest to investigate Paradeus activities while the SOP-II, RO635 and Architect went to capture Gager.[92] Using her new opportunity to be alone with AR-15, Dandelion started picking at her mind, accusing her of being too subservient to M4 and to be AR Team's weak point because her sentimentality would cloud her judgement. Doing so, Dandelion wanted to push AR-15 to snap at her and be honest about her feelings on M4's disappearance and their own enmity, but was surprised and pleased when AR-15 declared she was ready to suffer any situation to save M4.[90] They eventually joined back the rest of the team, but failed to capture Gager.[93]

AR-15 supported RO635 when she struggled with her decision to go through neural upgrade, saying she would back her decision whatever it was. She and SOP-II saved RO from drowning after she fell in the ruins of the Paldiski base while trying to recover M16's particle cannon.[94] Before RO decided to take the upgrade, SOP-II became so frightened she would leave AR Team that she searched the base for her while dragging AR-15 with her so she wouldn't try to leave too.[95]


Side Stories[edit]

Prisoner of the Dream Costume Story[edit]

Complaining about how her dress is restricting her at the banquet, AR-15 is jumped by SOP-II in her Devourer of the Feast dress, who cries and begs her not to leave her behind again. AR-15 gets her one of the bottles of whiskey M4 used to buy for M16 to drink her bad memories away, but SOP-II ends up forcing her to down the entire bottle. They suddenly change into their bunny-themed costumes and SOP-II runs away. AR-15 stumbles after her out of the banquet hall but mysteriously ends up in a wide field of flowers.

She is found by M4A1, whom she ask why she changed into a bunny costume, but M4A1 replies that she's in fact wearing the evening dress they chose together. M4 is also after SOP-II, why ran away crying after M4 allegedly told her she was leaving for somewhere far away. AR-15 accepts that she's probably having a drunk hallucination and they go their separate ways to search for SOP-II. AR-15 then meets RO635, who is also wearing her bunny costume and searching for SOP-II. When they hear SOP-II roaring, they run after her and find M16A1 (in her bunny costume too), who says SOP-II rushed to hug her before running away again.

Feeling mischievous, M16 asks AR-15 for a dance. RO goes after SOP-II on her own while M4 go to collect pastries at the banquet for everyone to eat, encouraging AR-15 to have fun with M16. AR-15 relents and dances with M16, first only watching the scenery, but soon focusing on the dance, M16 and M4 watching them. She thinks to herself that she wouldn't mind if this fantasy world went on forever.

Anniversary Scenes[edit]

  • 3rd Anniversary: AR-15 runs into the Commander after they escaped from SOP-II. She bids them a happy anniversary and say they can trust her to protect them from her.
  • 4th Anniversary: AR-15 bids the Commander a happy anniversary, though she can't deliver it with a smile since they have been stuck in a warehouse because of a door that can't open from the inside.

Other medias[edit]

Chibi Dolls Theater[edit]


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