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M4 SOPMOD II Story Quotes Live2D

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Character info[edit]

M4 SOPMOD II prefers to be called “SOP-II”, since she finds her full name too long.[1] She is a enthusiastic and motivated T-Doll who loves fighting and being with friends. She is a self-admitted sadist with an irrepressible urge to torture and collect the body parts of her enemies.[2] According to SOP-II herself, this applies not only to Sangvis Ferri units, but to any enemy of her allies, as she is primarily motivated with protecting her friends and punishing “villains” rather than fighting for its own sake.[3] She easily becomes lost in the rush of battle and is prone to rushing too deep in enemy territory, and under some circumstances can enter a berserk rage. M16A1 described her as a “suicidal nut” on par with MG NegevNegevNegev,[4] but also as innocent-minded and emotionally open with her team members outside of battle.[5] Her creator Persica considers her berserk tendencies to be a step in her iterative search for the perfect AI and has no plan to change SOP-II's personality.[6]

Even though she finds it difficult to interact with strangers,[1] SOP-II enjoys being among allies and especially with AR Team. She fears AR Team will be separated and she will remain alone. SOP-II is very loyal to AR M4A1M4A1M4A1, in part due to her prime directive to protect her, and has a great respect for the composed and strategic minds of AR ST AR-15ST AR-15ST AR-15 and AR M16A1M16A1M16A1.[7] M16A1 has imparted much of her wisdom to SOP-II in the past and SOP-II quotes M16A1 often, but AR-15 considers SOP-II to be too loud and dumb for her own good.[8] SOP-II is particularly fond of SMG RO635RO635RO635 as she thinks she has a candid[5] and gentle personality,[9] and finds her cute when she gets angry and drops her role of a serious squad leader.[10] As an original member of AR Team, she can't backup her Neural Cloud, making her “mortal” unlike most other T-Dolls. Despite this, she does not fear death as long as she dies in battle with friends at her side. She tends to feels burdened by the fact that her emotions module can reduce her operational efficiency,[11] but she took M16A1's advice to not consider it a flaw, to act on impulse if the situation permits,[7] and is glad to have the ability to keep her companions close to her heart.[12]

SOP-II's body is the most resilient among AR Team due to its extreme modularity and cross-compatibility, being even able to function with parts from other manufacturers such as Sangvis Ferri. Even with most of her body being destroyed by KCCO, she was able to rebuild most of her body with parts taken from fallen enemies.[13] She also showed interest in trying parts from KCCO units on herself.[3] As the long-distance tracking specialist of AR Team, she also has the longest autonomy before needing to recharge[14] and is skilled at analyzing movement patterns, including identifying targets in crowds by collating multiple video feeds.[15] She once cleared a 10 meters long jump in the rush of combat.[16] As a downside, she has lower processing power and has trouble multiprocessing, giving her sort of a “one-track mind”.[7] She relies on the other AR Team members to come up with combat strategies but is still able to process her situation and select the best strategy from those stored in her own database.[1]

Story Involvement[edit]

Early AR Team[edit]

M4 SOPMOD II is one of the founding members of AR Team in 2061 with AR M16A1M16A1M16A1, AR M4A1M4A1M4A1 and AR ST AR-15ST AR-15ST AR-15.

At first, SOP-II felt out of place in the team due to M4A1 being afraid of her violent behavior and AR-15 hating her lack of professionalism. M16A1 was the only one willing to engage in conversation with her. Her worries disappeared during their first, disastrous team exercise, when all members let their emotions out after the extremely clumsy M4A1 fumbled a tear gas grenade throw that bounced back to their position. This convinced SOP-II that the other members of AR Team were as dysfunctional as her on a deep level.[12]

Later, considering M4A1's horror when she tortured Sangvis Ferri units while M16A1 and AR-15 were not bothered by her violence, SOP-II came to believe M4A1 was a normal T-Doll while the other three members, herself included, were freaks. Afraid that her own leader might hate her, she confided in M16A1 who blamed M4A1 and encouraged Sop-II to accept her violent instincts as part of herself, comparing it to puppies running uselessly after trucks. SOP-II did not understand the analogy[17] but M4A1 eventually stopped being shocked by her violence.[2]

AR Team worked under Angelia at some point, who attempted to make them forget her[18] but SOP-II still recognized her when she took part in her rescue mission some years later.[19]

Raid on Safe House 3[edit]

After AR Team raided Sangvis Ferri Safe House 3 sometimes in 2062, they were pinned by Agent and forced to disperse to split the enemy forces tailing them.[20] SOP-II was the second AR Team member to be recovered by the Commander after M4A1. Assuming they operated alone as always, she asked the Commander evacuate because of incoming enemy forces, but was overjoyed to learn that many T-Dolls were on site to defend the area alongside AR Team.[21]

Area S08 assault[edit]

SOP-II asleep on SMG RO635RO635RO635's lap after the battle.

AR Team was present at Griffin and Kryuger's Area S08 HQ when Sangvis Ferri located the based using the Parapluie virus they planted in AR-15 and launched an assault. After AR-15 went missing, AR Team and Squad Negev searched for her in enemy territory, and SOP-II followed M4A1 when she ran after AR-15 into the Parapluie jamming zone. AR-15 easily disabled SOP-II to talk one-on-one with M4A1, lamenting that she was still not properly watching her back despite M16A1's warnings.[22] After waking up, SOP-II joined forces with MG NegevNegevNegev to counter Sangvis Ferri's second assault as vanguards from inside the jamming zone, and she saved AR-15 by killing Alchemist in the back. Despite SOP-II's pleas, AR-15 refused to retreat with the rest of G&K troops, instead giving her the intel she collected about Parapluie and a message for M4A1.[23]

Against Dreamer[edit]

After the Parapluie outbreak, SOP-II was confined in Area S05 along with AR Team and the rest of the T-Dolls involved in the battle for Parapluie screening. She was eager to avenge AR-15's sacrifice, but her restless ramblings on the subject worsened M4A1's anger.[24] When M4A1 in a catatonic state after Elisa tried to access the deepest parts of her neural cloud, SOP-II carried her to the local bunker to protect her as G&K forces launched a counter-assault in the attackers. Sop-II encountered the new AR Team member SMG RO635RO635RO635 after the battle, who managed to coax her to sleep on her lap.[25]

AR Team and Squad Palette were later tasked with reclaiming Area S05 from the ringleader that led the previous assault, Dreamer. SOP-II and SMG Sten MkIISten MkIISten MkII encountered Dreamer's local dummy early in the operation. The ringleader remarked that SOP-II was even more of a freak than Intruder had reported from their battle in Area S09, comparing SOP-II's sadistic tendencies to her own, though Dreamer did not only take pleasure in the physical suffering of her enemies but also their despair, calling both their neural clouds dysfunctional from having cravings machines shouldn't have. She then revealed she had planned AR-15's infection with the jamming strain of Parapluie, then fired the Jupiter shells that prevented AR Team from chasing AR-15, then guided Elisa to M4A1 at Area S05, sending SOP-II in a berserk rage. Sten MkII was too afraid to follow her and reported the events to M16A1 when she reached the area.[26]

HG MakarovMakarovMakarov located SOP-II and M16A1 reached the site of her battle to help her fight Dreamer, and Makarov disabled SOP-II before she could run after the other Dreamer dummies.[27]

AR Team was later shot down by a Jupiter cannon above Area S03 and collaborated with Squad 404 to exit Sangvis Ferri's Jupiter testing fields manned by Gager and Architect.

Raid on Base 0[edit]

SOP-II tells stories from early AR Team to SMG RO635RO635RO635.

After Persica located File No.7 at Sangvis Base 0 from the intel recovered by AR Team at Safe House 3, she deployed the team to extract the file from the local servers. After initial infiltration, RO tasked SOP-II with the download process of File No.7 while she neutralized Sangvis' electronic countermeasures and M16A1 stood guard over the area. Due to her lower processing power being focused on downloading the sizeable file, SOP-II could only perform basic thinking and talking during the operation.[28]

RO and SOP-II were successfully extracted from the base but M16A1 was left behind to carry her own secret mission with Persica. RO and SOP-II were redeployed later to search for M16A1 after they convinced the Commander to obtain permission from Helian. This duo mission enabled RO and SOP-II to deepen their bond as they shared their insecurities and hopes for AR Team. SOP-II also secretly searched for M16A1's equipment case without informing RO, as she feared the Commander or Helian would keep her from recovering what she considered to be M16A1's legacy herself.[7]

When confronted by Judge, SOP-II didn't believe she could be dangerous due to her small size and provoked her, fumbling RO's negotiation attempts.[29] As they ran into Parapluie jamming territory, SOP-II broke their cover when she opened fire on Sangvis sentinels, not knowing they would not have been able to identify them due to RO's fake IFF.[30] Waiting for the Commander to send reinforcements, SOP-II told RO stories of the time she felt out of place in AR Team, and RO concluded M16A1's puppy analogy, saying that SOP-II was “the only puppy capable of catching up to trucks”.[17] With the help of Squad Negev, RO and SOP-II confronted Judge until Dreamer came to fetch her to defend Elisa from the KCCO-G&K joint assault, saying that AR's search for M16A1 would be useless since she had become very different. This worried SOP-II who thought recovering M16A1 would be as simple as killing enough enemies.[9] RO and SOP-II were then recovered by the recently awakened and vengeful M4A1 to participate in the joint assault.[31]

KCCO joint assault[edit]

M4A1 led AR Team as G&K forces tried to keep up with KCCO's advance toward Sangvis Ferri's HQ. KCCO actually led AR Team into a trap to lure Elisa out of her base so she would make contact with M4A1. When M4 ordered SOP-II and RO to retreat and leave her behind, SOP-II refused, invoking her prime directive and saying she preferred to die with three fifth of AR Team at her side than end up being the last member of the team.[32] When M4A1 fell into a coma because of Elisa's intrusion, SOP-II, along with RF Carcano M1891Carcano M1891Carcano M1891, RF Carcano M91∕38Carcano M91∕38Carcano M91∕38 and remote forces from the Commander, defended the local outpost where RO was trying to wake up M4A1 against Sangvis forces. Sensing that SOP-II had been repressing many emotions, the Carcano sisters encouraged her to enjoy what shaped up to be her last fight, and SOP-II asked the Commander to remember her before rushing in battle. Yegor's forces then launched an assault on the outpost, destroying all Sangvis Ferri and G&K T-Dolls, then killing RO to enable complete contact between M4A1 and Elisa in an attempt to create a “Key” to OGAS.[33]

Great Retreat[edit]

SOP-II uses Sangvis Ferri body parts to rebuild herself after Yegor's attack.

Shortly after, M16A1 (boss) forced a communication with SOP-II's severely damaged frame to force her awakening and start her forced reactivation, painfully regaining control over her body[34] with only one arm attached. Following the coordinate given by M16A1 despite her new Sangvis IFF, SOP-II reached an area with many destroyed SF units and used their parts to recover some of her combat capacity, accepting more Sangvis parts on her body than she would be willing to use so she could go save M4A1. She also asked M16A1 if she had defected to the “villains”, drawing a remark about her naive view of the world.

Since she could not connect with M4A1 at neural level II nor move her without damaging her unstable neural cloud, SOP-II left M4A1 untouched in M16A1's instructions, but insisted on taking RO with her, cutting her body open to extract her neural core and preserve RO's memories from her time with M4A1, as well as fight her own feelings of solitude. SOP-II then set out to regroup with the Commander, M16A1 warning her that the old AR Team was now impossible to recreate. Realizing that RO's neural core would quickly be depleted of its internal power supply, SOP-II dedicated all her processing power for a period of time to find a solution,[13] and eventually came up with the idea to find one of G&K's resupply points. Imitating the other members of AR Team, she took the time to establish a plan and avoid running into Sangvis units. The nearest warehouse had been looted by Sangvis units and SOP-II followed their tracks,[35] discovering a group of G&K T-Dolls being attacked by Scarecrow. Facing the difficulty of making decisions on her own,[36] she helped the T-Dolls led by SMG Cx4 StormCx4 StormCx4 Storm, who first thought she was another ringleader due to the mixed IFF produced by her modified body. Having the most combat experience, SOP-II reluctantly accepted to lead the T-Dolls, using the strategies recorded in her database and relying on basic Zener Protocol message exchange rather than command protocols as she didn't have a command module.[1] SOP-II gained newfound respect for M4A1 and RO after experiencing the stress of taking strategic decisions affecting her comrade's lives, as she had to refrain acting on impulse for the sake of her companions.[37]

SOP-II negotiated with Scarecrow, who accepted to give her a Dinergate body containing a power battery to house RO's neural core in exchange for both groups to not interfere with each others.[38] The T-Dolls found the Commander's base deserted, and SOP-II suddenly remembered she had to make contact with RO's core, as she had been too focused on protecting her allies.[37] Eager to share what she learned with RO, SOP-II reactivated her neural cloud. As RO's above-average sized neural core could not fit into the Dinergate, SOP-II was forced to house it in her own body thanks to the space made by missing parts,[39] using her own motherboard to link the Dinergate and RO's neural core and sharing her processing power with her. Faced with incoming KCCO forces, with no response from the Commander and no plan for survival, RO suggested SOP-II tried boosting the T-Dolls' morale by saying the Commander was coming for them, but she could not bear lying to them and instead admitted not knowing what to do. Surprisingly, this tightened the group's bonds as they vowed to face this uncertain future together. The Commander had in fact received RO's radio hailing and sent the newly acquired Heavy Ordnance Corps to push back KCCO's tanks.[40]

Task Force DEFY recovered M4A1 and discovered RO's body, but could not locate SOP-II.[41] When M4A1 asked Angelia for permission to go search for her, she refused and said she would be authorize to act independently only after securing Elisa.[42] The prospect of finding M16A1 and SOP-II's location pushed M4A1 to accept help from her OGAS and meet with Elisa[43][44] despite the potentially disastrous result her death could have on SOP-II due to her prime directive. This led her companions to think this goal was only a facade to her thirst for vengeance.[45][46]

At the new temporary G&K base, SOP-II and RO received a cold welcome from AR HK416HK416HK416 before participating in the defense of Strongpoint 76[47] then the temporary base where SOP-II neutralized the commanding Nyto Black, complaining that hurting her was not satisfying because she showed no reaction.[48] SOP-II and RO, along with HK416, the HOCs and other T-Dolls, volunteered for the mission to recover Angelia and the Commander, both still stranded on the battlefield. Sop-II met AK-12 and AN-94[49] and took the role of a decoy, carrying a captured KCCO doctor disguised as Angelia in an attempt to lead Yegor's troops away from Angelia's hideout[50] before proudly taking part in AR Team's first open engagement against KCCO troops.[51]

MOD story[edit]

After getting back to the new G&K base, SOP-II and RO are told to wait for Persica to summon them to her lab and they head to their new dorm. As she is feeling lonely without the rest of AR Team but is still too excited to go to sleep to clear her cache, SOP-II drags RO, who still doesn't want to be seen by other T-Dolls in her Dinergate form, to explore the base and find the cafe. In the main hall, they cross paths with the HOCs and HG MakarovMakarovMakarov, who asks SOP-II what happened to RO during the mission on behalf of the worried Squad Palette. Since RO refuses to speak, SOP-II says that she saved RO's neural cloud from the field and brought it back to Persica. Makarov seems relieved and leave after commenting on her strange new trophy. SOP-II asks why RO didn't talk to Makarov herself and she explains she especially doesn't want Makarov to see her in this form. She also remarks that SOP-II acted tactfully by not blowing her cover and says her neural cloud might have grown a little. As they are about to resume their search for the cafe, they are summoned by Persica.

As SOP-II enters Persica's lab, she asks why RO is not with her and SOP-II explains she is in the Dinergate with her. Persica realizes Kalina was not messing with her when she told her that before, and she even quicked her out of the lab for this. Persica expresses interest in the connection between SOP-II and ROas it opens new technical options, but SOP-II herself doesn't know the details as she acted out of desperation. While Persica doesn't have any body on hand to transfer RO out of the Dinergate and is worried about making too many transfers after the trauma to RO's neural cloud, RO says she will take any other option. As Persica runs a check-up on the duo, they relate the events of the previous battle. Persica asks SOP-II what lessons she takes from this experience, and she explains that having to command other T-Dolls made her realize how difficult the decision-making of M4 and RO is and ashamed that she only cared about having fun during her missions. As she doesn't want to lose friends and become the last survivor in AR Team, she wantsto work harder to protect her friends. Persica is satisfied with her answer and promise she will give her a complete upgrade.

During the neural clouds separation process, SOP-II and RO are transferred at Level II in Persica's neural cloud database. Persica says that RO will have to stand by in the database without a body until they have a new one for her, and leave them a few minutes to say goodbye since they won't be together for a while after this. But the discussion is interrupted by Ouroboros and Architect, whose neural clouds were transferred from G&K to Persica for analysis. As Persica recalls SOP-II to Level I, RO realizes she is trapped with the murderous ringleaders. SOP-II is worried about RO but Persica reassures that they can't actually hurt each other, and that SOP-II should worry about herself as she brings out many scary instrument to dismantle her body for the upgrade. As she sees Persica's smile, SOP-II thinks to herself that she can be scarier than facing the Military.

After the upgrade, SOP-II goes to the database to visit RO and show her her new body. RO reconstructed their new dorm inside the database and used her electornic warfare capabilities to lock up the ringleaders. RO notices that SOP-II doesn't look very different but still got her Dinergate. SOP-II explains that she asked Persica to not change her appearance since she liked it, and to change the Dinergate into a support accessory since it was a symbol of the time she spent with RO. RO is frustrated by the fact that SOP-II did not take the occasion to ask more from Persica, saying she is strangely both gullible and headstrong, but SOP-II argues that if she changed so much that she could not stay herself, then she would change for her own sake and not others, which would be missing the point. RO is surprised by the uncharacteristically wise words from SOP-II and wonders if the upgrade made her smarter instead of just giving her more ways to torture her enemies. SOP-II admits she does have new creative ideas on the subject. Before leaving, SOP-II informs RO that a team is working on her new body and she prepares to leave Level II. RO asks her if she isn't feeling alone, and SOP-II points to the Dinergate, saying that she's always with her.

Outside the lab, SOP-II encounters SMG Cx4 StormCx4 StormCx4 Storm, who thank her again, but not for saving her. She thanks her for showing her she could do more than running logistics and that she is striving to go father in life, before being called by SMG MP40MP40MP40 for a logistic mission. SOP-II silently thank her back for showing her new ways to help her friends, and starts toward the Commander's office to receive her new assignment. She vows to bring back M16A1 (boss), AR M4A1M4A1M4A1 and AR ST AR-15ST AR-15ST AR-15 and make AR Team whole again.

Belgrade events[edit]

Tallinn and Paldiski[edit]

Return to Area S09[edit]


SOP-II with Task Force Aeneas.
SOP-II and SMG RO635RO635RO635 barely escape the destruction of Avernus.


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